5 Best Bluetooth Headphones/Headset with Boom Mic | 2021 Guide


Privacy has become a must these days. People usually love to listen to their favourite tunes and music in private. They always use music to overcome their boredom and loneliness while travelling alone. Music helps in refreshing mood and feel energetic while doing work out. Therefore, Headphones have become a common accessory to use nowadays. They are being used widely for gaming and music.

However, finding a good headphone for you is not as easy as you think. You need to look for many features for a quality headphone. Here are given a few features which you must check while looking for a good Headphone:

Sound Quality

The first thing which you might look for, while purchasing a headphone, is excellent sound quality. While playing a video-game, can you hear even the small sound to have the best experience of the game? Can you hear each word clearly while listening to a podcast or talking to someone on call?

You must have great pleasure each time you listen to your favourite music or tunes. Do you get a thrilling sonic experience on every beat? Do look for these things next time you buy a headphone.


There are commonly two kinds of wireless headphones in the market, one with wireless transmission through invisible infra-red waves, and the other with Bluetooth wireless transmission. The infra-red wave system transmission is confined to one room only. They suffer through poor sound quality when not in line-of-site of reception.

While the Bluetooth headphones are almost noiseless and offer a good sound quality when in range, they can be used with devices such as laptops, tablets, mobiles, and other portable devices supporting Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 is most widely used. It provides an updated, better-performing digital wireless transmission scheme than the previous ones.

Noise Cancellation

Most people overlook this and go for headsets that do not offer noise-cancellation as they are a little cheaper. Noise-cancellation headphones are best for gaming and travelling. They help to isolate you from the surrounding noise and don’t allow you to hear ambient noise.

They use tiny microphones within the earpieces to sense the ambient noise around you via an active (battery-powered) electronic circuit that amplifies, inverts, and then adds the signal back to the music signal to “cancel” the acoustic ambient noise. Some of the best noise-canceling headphones use digital signal processing (DSP) to create better isolation performance.

But it has a little disadvantage too. You may not be aware of what’s happening around you. This has led to an increase in the number of accidents involving pedestrians who use noise-cancellation headsets.


Most wireless headphones usually have a built-in mic that allows you to answer your phone calls and listen to your favorite music. But some users prefer a boom mic over a built-in mic.

A boom mic is a mic attached to the end of a boom of the headphone. It allows you to set your desired mic position and gives better performance over a built-in mic. Boom mic finds its wide application in gaming and telecommunication, where clear capture and transmission of your voice is required.


You must have experienced that cheaper headsets break easily leaving you with no other option than to buy a new one. You must look for a headphone with an attractive body design and higher durability. So that it won’t break easily from falling from a table or bed or while packing it with other stuff in a backpack.


Another essential feature which you must look for is comfort. Some headsets look very attractive and offer the best experience in terms of sound quality but do not offer comfort to your ears because of their design or weight. They must be light in weight so that you must not feel their presence. 

There are a variety of Headphones/Headsets available in the market which offer these features. Here we have brought you 5 best Headphones/ Headsets among them to give the best experience of music as well as gaming.

Our picks for the 5 Best Bluetooth Headphones/Headset with Boom Mic.

Features Logitech H800 Plantronics Audio 995 Logitech H820e Yamay Stereo Bluetooth Headset EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 670 
Price $95.50 Not Available $158.99 $39.99 $272.59
Wireless Range 12 m 12 m 100 m 10 m 10 m
Battery Life 6 hours 7 hours 10 hours 12 hours 18 hours
Key feature Great Digital Stereo Sound with an extremely comfortable design USB Charging Cable, Wireless Stereo Headset, Multimedia Headset With Noise Canceling Microphone DECT Wireless, Bi-directional ECM mic, Adjustable + padded headband Super Lightweight & Comfortable, Pro for Handling Calls, Wide Compatible & Multipoint Connection Independent chat and game audio controls, Low-latency wireless connection, Dual connectivity


1.Logitech H800


The Logitech H800 is one of the most popular and talked about headphones. It is an on-ear type headphone with a soft fabric padding. It contains a boom mic and offers a 120-degree rotation of the mic.

It offers a non-obstructive experience as the mic slides out when you want to use it and can be hidden behind the headband.

It offers four buttons on its right side which are Play/Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute. No button is given on \the left side.

It has storage space too for a nano-receiver that allows you to use this Bluetooth headset with PC(via nano-receiver) and with Mobile/Tablets via Bluetooth pairing. A toggle is also included for Power Off, Bluetooth Connectivity, and Nano Receiver Connectivity.

A micro-USB port for charging and a toggle button for fast forward and fast backward is provided at the bottom of the ear cans.

The company claims to give you a six-hour-long battery backup and 40 ft or 12 m wireless range when connected via nano receiver to the PC or Bluetooth connectivity via Smartphones/Tablets.

2.Plantronics Audio 995


Plantronics Audio 995 is a Bluetooth adapter USB headphone that comes with a boom mic. It offers decent sound quality and comes with a noise-canceling mic powered by 40 mm drivers.

The device is mainly made for gaming, online chatting, and listening to music

There are no buttons featured on the right side and the left ear pad contains 4 buttons:

  1. Volume Up
  2. Volume Down
  3. Play/Pause
  4. SkipTrack.

One major concern is that the device does not have Bluetooth. It means you cannot use it with your smartphone or tablet; for that, you need to connect the headset to the micro-USB port on your smartphone or tablet to listen to music. However, it comes with a Bluetooth adapter to overcome the problem.

The device offers an amazing performance within a range of 40 ft from the connected device. Beyond this range, you will hear distorted noise and the sound quality suffers badly.

The Plantronics Audio 995 provides this unique feature of Lift-Mic-To-Mute, but this unique feature also becomes a problem for you. Whenever not using the microphone such as in the case of listening to music or in any other case, still you will be required to keep the mic down, which looks irritating. Keeping a stick near your mouth even when it’s not in use is not liked by the user at all.

The headset is meant to be used for listening to music and voice chat only, You will not get a great experience while watching a movie over this device. So, you must be careful while choosing this headset as you have to compromise with the sound quality while watching the movies.

The company offers great sound quality along with a decent wireless range to use throughout your home for a decent price.

3.Logitech H820e

The Logitech H820e might be the most expensive Bluetooth wireless headphones with a boom mic on our list. The headphone is majorly known for business purposes as it offers a wireless range up to 100m.

This headphone comes with dual as well as mono earpad as per user’s convenience and uses.

This device is majorly used in building for business use. People who are always on their phone talking to other people (such as in customer executive departments of telecom companies) find it best suitable for their job. 

The headphone comes with an enterprise-quality DECT spectrum wireless connectivity that helps your voice and sound signals not to interfere with other wireless networks.

The device is an on-ear type headphone with a slight swivel. It comes with a noise-canceling boom mic, which helps in background noise suppression. This gives the person on the other side of the call, a crystal clear voice without any noise and background disturbances. This feature is very useful in business communications.

It is compatible with Smartphones and Tablets and can be paired and connected easily. PC connectivity is not as straightforward as in the case of mobiles and tablets. The company provides a charging cradle that acts as a wireless connector to your PC.

The charging cradle is connected to the PC via a USB cable. However, the cradle requires an AC connection to charge itself.

The Logitech H820e costs about $150.

4.Yamay Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Another popular and prominent Bluetooth headset that will surely stand on your expectations is Yamay Stereo Bluetooth Headset. While looking for a Bluetooth headphone, if you search on Amazom.com with ‘Bluetooth Headphones with boom Mic’, you will surely see this headset among them most of the time.

The outer side of the earpad is equipped with buttons to control the music. These control buttons include Play/Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Pre/Next song.

It also features a Call Answer/Call End button and Redial button. These buttons are not really appreciated by users as they find these buttons of cheap quality.

The boom mic looks very generic and cheap but can cancel out 4 times more noise than any other generic boom mic as claimed by the company.

The Headphone offers a range of 30 ft or nearly 10 m noise-free wireless transmission. After this range, the sound starts getting distorted as you go far from the connected device.

It features Bluetooth 2.1 technology so that the headset can be easily paired with any smartphone and tablet.

The on-ear design sits comfortably on your ears. The design is simple which makes the device super lightweight and provides you more comfort. It is supported by the 3.7-volt Lithium-Ion non-removable battery providing you 12-hour long battery support on a full charge and 250 hours of standby time.

The headphone is a decent model seeing the price and brand. It stands on most of the expectations from a device of this range. It performs well while used for voice chat but doesn’t offer much when it comes to listening to music.

5.EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 670

When talking about headphones, Sennheiser can not be left behind, Sennheiser is a well-known brand for its premium audio hardware. However, Sennheiser Communications, coming to an end and a new company, called EPOS, taking the helm.

The GSP 670 is now marketed as EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 670, sold by EPOS.

The Bluetooth technology provides connectivity with PCS, TAblet, and Smartphones. An included 2.4 GHz wireless adapter is also available in the device to maintain a steady and uninterrupted Bluetooth connection for over a range of 32.8 ft or 10 m.

The Neodymium Magnet Drivers provide you with an excellent sound digital experience and let you enjoy your favourite music without any disturbance or noise.

This headphone comes with a USB charging port at the bottom of the earpad. The extended battery life can support 18 hours of non-stop entertainment on a single charge.

On the bottom of another earpiece, the buttons are given to control your favourite music. These buttons include a stylish rolling button for controlling volume. The other buttons are for Play/Pause, Prev/Next Song.

It comes with Flip-To-Mute-Mic functionality. The additional feature allows you to talk to another person in between your call without muting your mic. The noise-canceling mic cuts-out your breathing and suppresses background noise to provide a crystal clear sound to the person on the other side of the call.

The device provides soft, noise-isolating leatherette earpads and adjustable headband sliders to give the best comfort. The headband comes with a double-axis metal hinge system to reduce pressure and provide optimal comfort for long gaming sessions.

The headset is compatible with devices like PCs with Windows 10, PlayStation 4, and Mobile Phones. The device does not support connectivity with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Wrap Up

Every headphone comes with its own set of pros and cons. A single headphone is not perfect for everyone. That’s why it is important to consider your requirements before moving forward with a selection. Create a list of features you want and the kind of work you’ll be using the headphones for. Then, look at the options and choose the one that fits your need and your budget. 

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