5 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $1000 (2021 REVIEWS)


A bookshelf loudspeaker, also known as a bookshelf speaker is a compact loudspeaker that is purposed to be used for consumer-grade applications. It is either used as a part of a shelf stereo pair or a home theater. The size of a bookshelf loudspeaker is compact and is to be placed on a raised surface. It is to enhance the sound quality of a computer system, a laptop, or any other electronic device which is used to listen or play something. For those who are sound addicts, may it be in any game, a movie, or music, all that is intended is a vibrant environment where their heart rate skyrockets with each beat of the sound! Thus When it comes to being an audiophile, a bookshelf loudspeaker is something that is one’s top preference. One might want the roar of a gun to shake their ears while playing while for some, a piece of high bass music that can leave them quirked and funky may be a delight. For others who want their heart to be relieved by the soothing music, a high sound that can help them become deaf to the contemptuous blabber of other people may prove to be heaven. Although the sound quality of personal computers (PCs) and laptops have improved tremendously, yet they lack somewhere when it comes to getting a satisfactory performance. Here, a bookshelf speaker comes to the rescue with its high sound performance and promised satisfaction. Place your bookshelf speaker alongside your Personal computer or laptop and you’re all set to make your heart beat faster with the sonorous sounds. 

So then are you all set to get one? But wait! One big question arises here: which bookshelf speaker to go with? Isn’t it a big confusion? But let us tell you that from our side, it’s a no as we have already designed for you a well-researched article on the best options available in the market in the bookshelf speaker segment. 

After a lot of research, we have collated some of the best bookshelf speakers to fit into your budget while simultaneously leaving you astonished over their performance. All the details about the individual products are provided further in the article with their features, covering the pros and cons of each. So all you have to do is take a look and make the best choice or you. 

To date, the following are the best

5 bookshelf speakers available for you under $1000




Individual details along with the price range are further provided.


The edifier R1280T Book-Shelf Speaker comes with a combination of retro look and high-quality audio features. The grand look of the speakers can give a new touch to the place where you wish to keep it. The speaker comes in the color of wooden brown and pitch black. It features a 4-inch bass driver. The speakers produce a high-end clear sound that is capable of converting your room into a mini-theater. For those who are audiophiles, this speaker can be a dream due to its affordable price and high performance. So all the features sum up to make it a high-powered bookshelf speaker. Being available at a very affordable price while simultaneously delivering these features is something that sets the product apart from its competitors. The price range of the product is given below. 


Price range: $100 – $110


Product Specifications

Following are the detailed specifications of the product about its power output, distortion, and various other parameters:

Total power output: 21W x 2

SNR: ≥85dBA

Input sensitivity: 750mV ± 50mV

Distortion: ≤0.05%

Subwoofer / bass unit: 4 inch (106mm), 6Ω

Tweeter unit: Φ13mm silk dome tweeter, 4Ω



  • Control is at the fingertip as the speaker comes with a wireless remote and you can use this for volume adjustment or for muting it. So you don’t need to get to the speaker to change the volume. What you need is just it is remote with you with which you can adjust the volume at your comfort.
  • It also contains bass and treble control which are located on the side of the main speaker. The Edifier R1280T comes with a built-in tone control at the side of the active speaker.
  • R1280T uses the dual RCA inputs with which you connect to multiple audio devices. It can also be connected to your PC or laptop and mobile phone. So keep calm and enjoy your favorite musical track.
  • The presence of a 4-inch bass driver and 13 mm silk dome tweeter enables the speaker to have the capability to produce studio-quality sound right at your home. The magnificent sound of the speaker vibrates the room wherever it is kept.



  • Some of the cons of the edifier R1280T include a lack of clarity when it comes to high sound. So when it is played at a high volume, the voice cracks in between.
  • Another drawback is that the bass is lacking in terms of depth. So for the ones who want their heart to be gripped by the high bass cannot go with this one.



The MB42X starts with the solid credentials of the MB42: a compact ported enclosure housing a balanced woven carbon fiber woofer delivering enhanced transient and impactful bass, and a high-performance silk dome tweeter for smooth treble and accurate imaging. Additionally, the MB42X utilizes a highly optimized 9-element crossover with a full 18dB/octave* alignment and compensation network. Since the woofer quality is up to the mark considering the price at which the speaker is available, getting this as your home theatre system might be a good purchase. More features of the product and an overview of various pros and cons are elaborated further to enable you to make a balanced decision. The price range of this Bookshelf speaker is also given.


Price range: $120 – $130



  • It takes very little budget and space. Getting such a product within a low price range is a really good opportunity keeping in mind the features it has to offer. Also, the space that they consume to be kept is not too much.
  • It is decently styled having classic contours and an updated design. So it looks classy wherever it is kept. Having a good look while offering some of the most sought features, this is a complete product.
  • It has a great usage scenario with enhanced tonal balances and clarity that makes it a great fit.
  • It has a high-performance silk dome tweeter for smooth treble and accurate imaging.



  • The extremes of the frequency spectrum sound great but smear a little as the frequency moves to the middle. 
  • Sound is warm, with clear highs and lows, and a fairly flat response across the spectrum.
  • They also have trouble with large rooms which means they are not suitable for music production and can be used only in the areas which are smaller in the area if satisfactory performance is to be required. 


3.PreSonus Eris E3.5 2-Way Active Speakers

Eris active studio monitors from PreSonus deliver the goods through a combination of well-designed Kevlar low-frequency transducers, low-mass silk-dome tweeters, responsive Class AB amplification, and professional acoustic-adjustment controls. But this is just the start; the real magic happens when the sound hits your ears. Plus, Eris is lightweight, compact, and looks as professional as they sound so you can feel comfortable adding them to your studio.


Price range:  $160 – $175



  • Midrange and High-Frequency controls are designed to address situations when mixing in spaces with highly reflective surfaces or acoustic treatment, and Low Cutoff helps coordinate the bass output of your Eris monitor system when used with Subwoofers like the Temblor T10. 
  • It can create accurate mixes that sound good on other playback systems.
  • It has an easy-to-understand manual with it for its most effective use.
  • Its woofers deliver a cleaner overall sound.



  • If you use the unbalanced RCA jacks, the sound is better when also using an audio interface.
  • To get a heavier bass sound, you need to add a subwoofer. Thus while the cost of the bookshelf speaker is not so high, the cost of adding subwoofers to it (in case anyone wants enhanced sound performance), might be an unwanted expenditure.



4.JBL Professional NANO K3-3″ Full-range Powered Monitor Pair

Nano K3 is a pair of primary-secondary powered monitor speakers designed for professional studios, music class, or home recording monitoring and supports Bluetooth pairing with smart audio devices. Nano K3 integrates the design philosophy of JBL 4200 Series, the most loved studio monitor by professional musicians in the late 1980s, and carefully positions its tweeter and woofer for aligned acoustic centers of low, mid, and high frequencies. Image Control Waveguide technology from the flagship M2 master reference monitor is employed, to bring greater depth and subtle details to an even broader sweet spot. Nano K3 is embedded with a Bluetooth modular and supports wireless connection with smart audio devices. An integral M8 threaded nut in the bottom allows quick mounting on a standard microphone stand. These features enable one to get the best sound played on this Bookshelf speaker. Have a look at its features and various pros and cons. Further, the price range is mentioned to decide whether it is of that much utility to you or not.


Price range: $140 – $165



  • Aligned acoustic centers by careful positioning of the LF and HF transducers
  • Image Control Waveguide for greater depth and subtle details of the high-frequency range
  • Class AB power amplifier for high accuracy and low distortion
  • Power switch and volume control on the front panel



  • It has both the connection facilities- wired and wireless. So it can be used in both ways. In case anyone doesn’t have an aux ready with him/her, connecting to the speaker would not be a problem due to the presence of wireless connection facilities.
  • As JBL is known for its super impactful products, this speaker also offers legendary JBL sound quality and accuracy for audio production
  • It has a flexible positioning with up to 12° backward tilt which is an added advantage.
  • The speaker has a power switch and volume control on the front panel (left monitor). This offers simplicity in usage. 



  • The volume pot makes the signal stronger on one side at very low volumes. Thus it lacks in terms of even distribution of sound quality. 
  • The tracking between sections is not too good. This is another point where it lags behind its competitors.
  • It has a comparatively smaller knob.  Also, the product is very light so it might get moved while turning the knob. Thus it lacks stability being small in size. It is just the size of a palm.



5.Mission LX-2 5″ Woofer 100W 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker – Black Wood

LX Series speakers are smart, practical, and affordable, sporting a sharp, classic but modern look in keeping with Mission’s customary design focus. Above all, they communicate music with engaging energy and detail, bringing performances to life with all the vibrancy and finesse one expects of Mission speakers. A comparative view of its positive and negative points is given further so that you can decide whether pros overshadow the cons. The price range at which it is available has also been mentioned.


Price range: $250 –  $275 



Mission’s Ethos has always focused upon bringing audiophile performance down to an affordable level, and the LX Series exemplifies this. With the aid of sophisticated modeling tools and software, Mission has always been in a high position whenever it has come to maximizing the performance of the series using the most modern technology available. Whichever Mission LX speaker you select, you’ll want to explore your whole music collection all over again and that’s the charisma that it creates to let you enjoy the music in its best form.




  • It has fast and packs deep bass so it is a delight for those who are fond of high bass.
  • One more plus point of this speaker is that it doesn’t lose precision or authority. Thus the sound quality is great and satisfactory. 
  • It offers versatility and flexible positioning, thus can be fitted at a place that is convenient to keep. Thereby meaning, there is not a storage problem that has to be faced with this Bookshelf speaker.
  • It is easy to drive with much lesser complexities. Moreover, it has an unfussy incompatible component which makes it shine out amongst its competitors. 



  • Look a little like Missions of old, most obviously with the use of the brand’s traditional tweeter below the mid/bass configuration. So when it comes to having a good appearance, it lags behind the products of its competitors which come with a wide range of features while simultaneously having an appealing look. 
  • This Bookshelf speaker possesses a degree of rigidity that is hard to get from larger enclosures. So overall the physical part of this speaker might be an off part.



This article has been inscribed after considering all the relevant factors and is a really helpful guide for those who are planning to purchase a bookshelf speaker. Covering all the merits and demerits of each product, we have made sure to help you get the best bookshelf speaker. Go through the article and get yourself the best bookshelf speaker that can be your perfect music partner. 


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