5 Best Boom Mic Stand for the Money (2022 Reviews)


A microphone stand is something where you can mount your microphone. Its name is already implying what actually it is. So, with the microphone stand, you really need not hold the mic, the stand is enough to do the job. All you need is just to put it on the location and you’re set to go.

The most basic boom mic stand is the straight stand. The base of this straight stand can vary. It could either be something like a dome-shaped round metal or tripod base that actually has the threaded hole to put the microphone into. Most commonly, the straight mic stands comes with a 5/8-27 threaded hole.

Also, with the mic stands you can adjust the position, the height of your microphone as per your height requirement. And, there’s a specific term for adjusting the mic and we call it clutch.

In the straight stands too, you may find various versions like the desk stand and heavy-duty stand. The desk stand is short in height than the normal one while the other one i.e. the heavy-duty stand is used where you require a heavy base and large tubes.

Basically, the heavy-duty stand is the requirement for heavy microphones. The straight mics comes with the tubes and these tubes have chrome plating that makes the mic scratch resistant. Sometimes you can find this chrome plating in matte black too.

As we all know technology is doing wonders. The same scenario is here with the mic stands too. Well! The most recent version of the straight stand features the ‘folding tripod base stand’ while the basic ones do have the round or domed metal base. So, this feature makes the stand even more portable and there’s no need to get worried about carrying it. All you need is to fold the mic stand, put it in your bag, and you’re set to go.

Accessories along with the Boom Mic Stands

When you buy the boom mic stand, there comes various accessories that make the stand even more useful. Also, these accessories are designed to make the user feel more comfortable, putting the mic closer to the user.

Here one of the accessories is the ‘boom arm’ on the top of the stand to move the mic in the horizontal direction. But is it that much required? Well! for an instance, the guitar player can use this boom arm to move the mic directly towards the mouth. Whenever there is a premium stage show, the musicians can use the boom arm to get the mic closer to the sound source.

Another application of the boom arm is when to place the microphone on the drum stand. Boom arms also have versions- fixed length and adjustable lengths.

One of the accessories is the neck tube for flexible placement. It’s made up of steel. Goosenecks also comes in various lengths. Generally, there’s a detachable holder that is actually used to connect the microphone to the stand.

Another way of making the connection is the screw threads. The threads also vary in length from large to small. Let’s have a quick look over these variants of the threads-

  • 5/8″ 27 threads per inch Unified Special thread
  • 1/2″ 12 threads per inch BSW
  • 3/8″ 16 threads per inch BSW
  • 1/4″ 20 threads per inch BSW

Unified Special thread i.e. UNS means the one that is majorly used in the U.S. and the rest of the world too.

The second one is the 1/2″ 12 threads per inch, BSW is the thread that is majorly used in older German and European stands.

Coming on the third length, it’s 3/8″ 16 threads per inch, BSW this thread is quite uncommon in the USA while it’s easily available in the rest of the world and this is the same scenario with the shortest length too, i.e. the 1/4″ 20 threads per inch.

Moving on to the other mic accessories, there are male/female adapters also. Isn’t it weird that there is also that much variation in the mic stands that is male and female? Let me tell you, among all the adapters, there’s 1;4″ 20 threads per inch UNC is the one that is compatible with almost all the mic stands.

The Rare Mic Stand Type: Bottomless Mic Stand

As a matter of fact and something that I love to mention here is one of the rarest types of boom mic stand and i.e. the Bottomless Microphone stand. So, as the name is signifying itself only, it’s the bottomless mic i.e. the mic with no bottom or no base. What happens is, this is something like the performer has to hold this mic throughout the entire performance. Since the mic stand has no base, it can’t be left unheld.

You know there’s a story behind the discovery of this bottomless mic stand. Actually, there was no intention and it was developed accidentally. In one of the live performance, Freddie Mercury the famous singer, he is such a passionate singer and during that specific performance, the singer has grabbed the mic with such a force that it came out of the base stand and till then he continued to sing like that only.

Since back then this bottomless mic stand grabbed the attention and became the rarest kind of mic stand, the bottomless mic stand. Looking at this famous kind of hype of the mic stand, many other popular singers like Robbie Williams, Joey Belladonna, and Chuck Billy started using this bottomless mic stand only.

5 Best Boom Mic Stands for the Money

There’s no doubt that good mic stands do not get the credits at all. Rather all the credit goes either to the mic quality or the performer. But mic stands also deserve to be credited.

But yes, the value of a good mic stand can be well understood by the one who once had a crippy mic stand and then moved to the good one. No doubt, that it’s one of the best things that you are investing in a good mic.

Overall, there are a total of 6 categories of the mic stand-

  • Tripod Stands
  • Tripod Boom Stands
  • Round Base Stands
  • Low-Profile Stands
  • Desktop Stands and
  • Overhead Stands

This is a quick overview of the 5 best boom mic stands as reviewed in 2022. Let’s just move on to the list of the boom mic stands in detail now.

  1. On-Stage MS7201B Microphone Stand
  2. Atlas Sound MS-10C Round Base Mic Stand
  3. Ultimate Support PRO-T-SHORT-F Pro Mic Stand
  4. HERCULES MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand
  5. Konig & Meyer 25400 Boom Mic Stand

1.On-Stage MS7201B Microphone Stand

On-Stage MS7201B microphone stand is available on Amazon at a price value of $25 and offers you 3 color choices- Black, Chrome, and White. This is considered as one of the most popular as well as the favorite among the consumers.

The microphone stand comes with a round base featuring the sand-cast rubber padding that is therein to reduce the floor vibrations and also, makes it a good companion while traveling.

With this on-stage microphone stand MS7201B, you can even adjust the height making use of its diecast zinc clutch from 33-60 inches and 5/8-27 inches. The mic has an amazing black finish if you’re choosing the black color of it.

This on-stage MS7201B microphone stand is one of the most innovative mics stands in the microphones industry. Also, the mic stand is dustproof and moisture-proof.

Key Features-

  • Stable round base
  • You can adjust the height using that diecast zinc clutch
  • Comes with a powder-coated tube

2.Atlas Sound MS-10C Round Base Mic Stand

Atlas Sound MS-10C round base mic stand is available on Amazon at a price value of $54. This mic is available only in Chrome color. The overall rating of the Atlas Sound MS-10C round base mic stand is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The mic stand weighs 9.02 pounds. Atlas Sound MS-10C round base stand’s exact dimension- 10 x 35 x 10 inches. As its title is already implying, the mic stand is the round base so yes, there’s no doubt left for its sturdiness.

Atlas Sound MS-10 mic stand is actually kind of rough and tough. So, the lifetime that this mic gonna provide you is actually remarkable. It’s actually like a one-time investment.

There’s no doubt that this mic is actually expensive as compared to that listed above but then it has a high feature set too. The mic comes with the diecast clutch and hence the height can be adjusted as per your requirement and convenience, it actually varies between 35 to 64 inches.

There are no compatibility issues and the mic stand can work smoothly with almost all the microphones. It offers you good value for the money.

Key Features-

  • Height can be adjusted easily
  • Sturdy
  • Rough and Tough
  • Chrome plated
  • Quality in Affordability

3.Ultimate Support PRO-T-SHORT-F Pro Mic Stand

Ultimate Support Pro-T-Short-F pro mic is available on Amazon at a price value of $70. There are variations when it comes to buying this ultimate support pro mic stand like-

  • If you want to go with the Fixed Boom, Tripod Base or
  • Fix Boom, Round Base or
  • Straight, Tripod Base

There are options to select for the size too like if you wanna opt for a short size or a tall size. The build quality of this boom mic stand is remarkable. This is something that every musician should have. However, many of the great artists even recommend using this mic.

The clutch available in the mic stand is absolutely secure and even can be replaced just like all other components of the mic stand.

Key Features-

  • The mic stand offers you the durable construction
  • Heavy-duty
  • It comes with a secure clutch and using that you can adjust the height of the mic as per your requirement and convenience
  • Ultimate Support Pro-T-Short-F Pro mic stand features the patented universal mic attachment
  • The mic weighs only 1 pound

4HERCULES MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

HERCULES MS533B hideaway boom microphone stand is available on Amazon at a price value of $63. Let’s have a look over the dimensions of the boom mic-

  • The height of the boom mic stand is 1070-2400mm
  • Coming on to the weight of the HERCULES MS533B: 2.6Kgs
  • The Base Radius of the boom mic stand is 340mm and
  • the boom length is 780mm

You can instantly attach the microphone, all you need is just push up or down the lever and set the Quik-N-EZ adaptor with the mic stand. Also, you can leave the adaptor unattached to the mic so that you can mount it to the boom mic stand next time speedily.

There’s something special about this HERCULES MS533B hideaway boom mic stand and that’s its 2-in-1 Boom clamp that makes you set the height and adjust the angle, both at the same time. It can easily be done just by loosening the knob.

Key Features-

  • Easy attachment and detachment
  • The height of the mic can be adjusted between 42-94 inches
  • You can adjust both the height and the angle simultaneously just by loosening the knob

5.Konig & Meyer 25400 Boom Mic Stand

Konig & Meyer 25400 boom mic stand is available on Amazon at a price value of $39 only. This boom mic stand comes only in Black color and is entirely made up of steel.

The leg construction of this K&M boom mic stand is somewhat like U-profile legs snap into the socket. The boom mic stand is pretty much light in weight and hence can be carried easily anytime and anywhere. The weight of the boom mic stand will be over around 4 pounds and this is considered the best for mobile musicians.

With many of the boom mic stands you can face the problem of cannot roam over the stage or go down in the crowd and interact with your audience as they’re quite heavy and comes with a restrictive base but this is not the scenario at all.

Key Features-

  • Light in weight
  • Base tube caps
  • Clutch for height adjustment
  • Boom arm non-detachable


This is all about the best 5 boom mic stands as reviewed in 2022. All these listed mic stands have undergone the proper quality assurance tests. Not only this, our team has researched a lot about many of the mics and even we personally used them for a while to check the overall quality.

Also, all these mics are within budget. We’ve not put even a single boom mic stand that you might feel is expensive. So, you can easily get any of these mic stands without affecting your pocket!

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