5 Best Dash Cams for Truck and Uber Drivers (2022 Reviews)


The dashcam that is often referred to as dashboard camera, car digital video recorder, or event data recorder also, is used to record videos while you’re traveling. All you need is just to put the dashcam on the holder and you’re set to go.

Since we all know technology is literally evolving every single day and doing wonders. So, there are dashcams that can even record the interior of the car and can literally rotate up to 360 degrees and record smoothly everything that you want to cover.

Also, there are EDRs that are used to record acceleration/deceleration force, speed, steering, GPS, and many more. The front camera can be set to 130, 170 degrees, or even more as per your convenience, and just attach it either to your rear mirror or dashboard, or anywhere you feel like.

The rear camera will be used either in the rear window of, course or to the registration plate. This camera has an RCA video output. Coming on to the resolution of the video, well! the standard resolution is 1080p i.e. 1920×1080 for all the dashcams. To be more precise, it’s either 1080p, 1296p, 1440p, or even higher for the front camera, and for the back camera it’s 720p.

All the dashcams come with night vision and have an f/1.8 aperture. Now, finally, when it comes to driving, these dashcams can work as an eye-witness in case of an accident.

The dashcams work pretty well when you’re parking your car using the 360 degrees parking monitor.

On the basis of the view targeted, there are two categories-

  • Exterior Views- This is used only when you’re required to record the front view or back view, basically, the exterior view as the name is already implying in itself
  • Interior or Inside Viewing- Well! This is used when to record the interior view of the car like acceleration g-force, GPS, speed, etc. Also, it’s referred to as a taxicam and Uber/Lyft cam.

Some of the taxicams can either connect to your rear-view mirror using the rubber rings so, they can be used in place of the rear cameras. There are many dashcams that come with in-built rechargeable batteries but that doesn’t even require if connected to the car battery.

This is all about the basics of the dashcams that you should all know when buying a dashcam. Let’s just dive into the list of the best dashcams for truck and uber drivers as reviewed in 2022.

5 Best Dashcams for Truck and Uber Drivers

So here we’ve listed the best of the dah cameras with interior facing and exterior facing for truck and uber drivers.

For any rideshare drivers, a dashcam with inside viewing is a must so we’ve considered all other important things as well to prepare this list of the best 5 dashcams for truck and uber drivers.

Safety is the primary concern these days. So, these inside viewing dashcams are preferred over the external view dashcams. There is one more kind of dashcam and that is the dual dash cam setup.

What happens with the dual dash cam setup is you get 2 cameras and 2 sets of wires. These 2 cameras are put in a way that one with facing in and one with facing out. The only bothering part is, it will be expensive.

Without wasting any further time, let’s just switch to the list of the best 5 dashcams for truck and uber drivers. Here, we’ve dual-lens dashcams able to record both the external view and the inside viewing and giving you a hassle-free experience.

  1. Vantrue N4 Uber Dash Cam
  2. Vantrue N2 Pro
  3. Rexing V3 Dual Dashcam
  4. TOGUARD Uber Dual Dashcam
  5. Roav DashCam Duo

    1. Vantrue N4 Uber Dash Cam

Vantrue N4 is the top-ranked dual dash cam, this 2-in-1 dashcam is most preferred by truck and uber drivers and is the best when it comes to safety concerns. The dashcam can record both the external view and inside viewing; and also, it has a rear camera.

Vantrue dashcam is pretty good in looks and the dashcam is available on Amazon at a price value of $260. It features the LCD display type with 2.45 inches screen size.

This dashcam has 3 channels- 155° front camera, 165° inside camera, and a 160° rear camera. N4 can easily record the inside views, the external views, at 1440P +1080P + 1080P at 30fps, all thanks to its dual dashcam functionality.

You’re safe even on the roads with this N4 dual dashcam as it has the dual-recording mode that records both inside and outside the car clearly. Using the front camera, it can record to 4K and to be more exact, 1920x1080P 30fps inside view.

All three channels of the dashcam can easily record the HD videos that too simultaneously. The most impressive and appealing factor of the N4 dual dashcam is its Sony STARVIS image sensors that are popular among all for their best day crisp and night video recordings.

You can easily control the audio recording using the button. So, yes the controls of the N4 Uber dashcam are quite easy. On the main camera unit, you find the microphone located on it that works really well and record each and every sound clearly.

At first, when you unbox and start the dashcam you need to make some settings according to you and it will be a one-time investment only. The dashcam has a 2.45 inches LCD screen.

Just like all other dashcams that offer you the parking mode features, the N4 Uber dashcam allows you to even capture the face of the car prowler along with the ordinary parking features.

With the N4 Uber dashcam, when you parking your car i.e. when the parking mode is ON, it senses the motion and automatically records. Not only this, the Ventrue N4 dashcam has also the impact detection that actually capable to detect if someone ran into your car and records that as well.


  • Parking mode features along with the ability to capture the face of the car prowler
  • Impact detection along with recording
  • Sony STARVIS image sensor
  • Night vision mode
  • Heat resistant
  • Ensure high reliability
  • 3 cameras


  • No wifi

2.Vantrue N2 Pro

Another product from Vantrue again, Vantrue N2 Pro on the second rank in the list of the 5 best dashcams for truck and uber drivers as reviewed in 2022. This dashcam features a rugged look with amazing features.

Vantrue N2 Pro is available on Amazon at a price value of $170. Earlier, the launching price of the dashcam was $205 and now you can save $35 i.e. the discounted price of 17%.

The screen size of the Vantrue N2 Pro is 1

Roav DashCam Duo.5 inches. The exact dimensions of this dashcam is 5.28x 3.8x 4.45 inches. Just like the previously listed dashcam, Vantrue N2 Pro is also a dual dashcam with a dual-lens 1080P car camera.

Not only for the truck and uber drivers, but the Vantrue N2 Pro is also an ideal dashcam for lyft drivers, and other drivers too in terms of safety and of, course its amazing features.

The dashcam uses the Sony sensor that enables it to capture the road front at 170° and the cabin view at 140°. It also features the Infrared Night Vision that is helpful to record so clearly even when it’s completely dark inside as well as outside.

The 24hours motion parking mode lets the dashcam record while parking when it senses the motion. Apart from all, it also has a time-lapse feature and an in-built microphone.

Also, you get the loop recording that automatically adds the newly captured video to the old one, basically overwrites it. Along with the package, you’ll get a suction cup mount, USB cables, charger, camera units, and literature.

While setting up the Ventrue N2 Pro, you need to have your won MicroSD card, and once inserted, you’re all set to go. The dashcam has an internal storage of 64GB that is more than enough.


  • Heat resistant
  • Cold-resistant
  • Auto LCD off timer
  • Comes with a built-in microphone
  • OV4689 sensor enhances the picture quality


  • No Wifi

3.Rexing V3 Dual Dashcam

Rexing V3 dual dashcam is available on Amazon in 3 colors- V3, V3 Basic: WIthout GPS, and 2020 Version3. The dual dashcam offers you full HD high-resolution video recording. Both the camera views i.e. inside and external can record videos at 1080p @30fps.

Also, there are ultra-wide-angle lenses for capturing crystal clear surroundings in high-definition. Coming on to other features, Rexing V3 has infrared night vision video recording functionality that can record the videos even when it’s fully dark either inside the cabin or external surroundings.

Unlike the two topmost listed dashcams, Rexing V3 dual dashcam has Wifi to offer and you can view, save, and even share the recordings that you captured using the dashcam quite easily.

In terms of security features, Rexing V3 has the parking mode feature that automatically starts recording whenever it senses motion. Also, the dashcam has a loop recording and gravity sensor that is helpful when your storage gets full so it starts overwriting the old recordings with the new ones.

The gravity sensor senses the collision if there is any and at that very moment it records and locks the captured video and this video will never get overwritten.


  • Wifi and GPS
  • 2-in-1 camera setup to easily record internal and external view simultaneously
  • Parking mode


  • Sometimes create an issue while getting connected using the iOS or Android app

4.TOGUARD Uber Dual Dashcam

This is the cheapest dashcam as of now in the list of the 5 best dashcams for truck and uber drivers. Well! TOGUARD uber dual dashcam is available on Amazon at $99.99, this is something that can be bought by all as it’s absolutely budget-friendly.

The exact dimension of the TOGUARD dual dashcam is 3.54x 3.23x 1.54 inches. This is available in black color and it quite smaller in size. TOGUARD has a dual 1080P camera and both these cameras are using the Sony Exmore IMX323 sensor to record both external and inside views efficiently.

Also, when there is an accident or anything like that where you need some evidence, its 2160p UHD video capturing can capture the moment quite clearly and with a crisp.

The cameras can easily rotate up to 360° as per your requirement and convenience. Also, it has two wide-angle lenses that are rotatable up to 170°. In terms of security, the TOGUARD dashcam has 24 hours parking monitor that can easily detect if someone ran into your car and also motion detection.


  • 1080P HD video capturing
  • The wide-angle lenses can rotate both front and back easily
  • Parking mode
  • Motion detection


  • No WIfi and GPS

5.Roav DashCam Duo

Roav dashcam duo is a product from the one and only famous in the world of electronics, ANKER. The dashcam is available on Amazon at just $88. For those who are looking up for something in the budget, Roav and TOGUARD dual dashcam that is listed on the 4th position are the ones you can go with.

The exact dimensions of the ROAV- 4.06x 1.22x 1.42 inches and comes with the 1080P video capturing resolution. This dashcam uses its 1080P high-definition video capturing feature to record the roads and the interiors with its 155° front camera and 110° interior camera.

The dashcam features the dual 323 sony sensors and high-end F 1.8 lenses in the night, basically, the night vision features of ROAV. In this range, ROAV also offering you the GPS so that you can easily track, that is not available even in the expensive dashcams.

When it comes to safety concerns, all these listed dashcams have the parking mode and this actually keeps your vehicle safe, keeping eye on like a watchdog.


  • GPS to track your journey
  • Parking Mode
  • Gravity sensor
  • Emergency Recording


  • No Wifi

Summing Up

All these listed dashcams are undergone through the proper quality tests and then come here in the best 5 dashcams for trucks and uber drivers. Some ask if the dashcams can be used by the uber and lyft drivers?

Yes! Both the Uber drivers and the Lyft drivers are free to use these dashcams to enhance the journey and of, course improving safety as well. I just hope this quick guide will be fruitful for you and you get what you’re looking up for.

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