10 Best Headphones for Rock Music Under $25 – $1000 (updated 2022)


Well, 1000 bucks for a pair of headphones is already a good start to your headphone shopping!

So, what’s so special about rock music, and since you are already on this page, what are the best headphones to have the ultimate rock music experience anytime, anywhere.

Rock, short for Rock n Roll, emerged in the 1950s and soon took over as the arguable face of music for the next half a century! It is defined as a form of music with a really strong beat. Contemporaries like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson ruled the world with this music along with some bands like The Beatles.

Enough about the music already, lets jump on to the reason you are here and get you a great pair of headphones! The headphones are the best way to experience music on the go. The magic of just your likings in your ears and not the worldly noise is surreal.

But, there are many types of headphone technologies around the world; we have in-ears, on- ears, over-ears, then there are features like Bluetooth, NFC play, noise-canceling, etcetera. One has to go with headphones as per one’s convenience, budget, and use only. They could be for the go purpose, or a studio set up with heavy hi-fi machinery. There are also options from open backs, that may leak sound, and closed backs with no leakage. Then there is the choice between wired or wireless headphones, also headphones are to be selected based on which genre of music you’re particularly interested in. One could buy headphones for calling purposes only or for gaming purposes or for dwelling into their favorite genres for hours on the go.

Our top picks for headphones in this range:

Now once you make up your mind and choose an option from each of the choices above… Leave the rest on us and just dive into the pool of information we provide on our top 10 headphone picks for rock music as of Jan 2022.

1.Sony WH- 1000XM4

Things working for:

  • Noise-canceling
  • 30 hr battery life
  • Built-in mic and other controls
  • Detail rich sound
  • Bluetooth
  • Lightweight and comfy
  • Sense of timing best in the business

Some things against:

  • No waterproofing IP rating
  • No aptX support


Priced currently at $325  buy here

If cricket has the great Imran Khan, headphones have the Sony WH- 1000MX4 as the mighty all-season all-rounder. Extremely comfy and lightweight, with Bluetooth technology and more than amazing sound, the pair is a steal at this unbelievable pricing.

Next-gen to the Sony WH- 1000XM3s, these give an unprecedented performance. The low frequencies hit with unbelievable precision. They offer some new pretty useful features like Speak to chat allowing one to hold a conversation without even touching the headphones.

    2.Apple Airpods Max

Things working for –

  • Bluetooth
  • Active noise canceling
  • USB-C charging
  • Built-in mic and other controls
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Amazing cinematic spatial audio

Some of the things against:

  • 20 hr battery backup
  • Audio cable not included
  • Majority features: apple only
  • Near- pointless case

              Priced currently at $549 buy here

Apple once again has gone through the roof for the pricing of its new product. The unexpected price on this, and how Apple has been able to defend this and justify this, is the main ordeal.

Though the headphones, quite expectantly, work perfectly with Apple devices such as iPhones, iPods, and macs, the same cannot be said for their connection with other devices. Most of the features go for a toss, and the device just isn’t the same. (they do connect with any device using standard Bluetooth 5.0, sans the features.)

Now coming to the already established apple users, these are the best headphones money can buy to pair with their Apple devices- and not by a small margin. Their best in class noise-canceling sets them above every other headphone pair in the world. The crispiness in the sound, the detail, and the spaciousness elevate them from any competition from mid-range headphones.

3.Sony WH- 1000XM3

 Things working for:

  • Over-ear, Bluetooth headphones
  • Best Noise-canceling in the market
  • 30 hr battery life
  • All-round natural sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable.

  Things against it:

  • Takes time to get hold of Touch controls
  • The touch feels fiddly at times

                                           Priced currently at $254 buy here

The headphones which announced the arrival and supremacy of Sony as a noise-canceling headphone manufacturer were the Sony WH- 1000XM3. They came at a time when the Bose Bowers & Wilkins PX, and QuietComfort 35 II’s were ruling the market, and the 1000- XM3 beat them both to reach the top of such charts.

They boast of a super comfy style and fit, one that you may easily nod off with while the device is on your ears. It has state of the art features such as an Atm Pressure optimizer, to maximize noise-canceling efficiency at even higher altitude.

Now coming to its sound quality, with the help of its analog amplification the pair boasts immensely of spatial sound, The amount of details just gets better with even better dynamics. 

4. Klipsch T5M Wired

Things working for:

  • in-ear, w/o Bluetooth headphones
  • low/ no Noise canceling.
  • Even tonal balance
  • Detailed dynamic sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable fit in-ear.

  Things against it:

  • No volume controls
  • Vulnerable to cable noise

                                           Priced currently at $145 buy here

You make a list of the most comfortable pair of headphones out there, and the one pair which stands out in every such list is the Klipsch T5M wired headphones. The oval silicone chips are very comfortable, and the 5 mm dynamic drivers offer powerful and punchy audios perfectly suited for rock music. The dynamic quality perfectly showcases the variety of subtleties that aren’t expected with a headphone of such low range money- wise.

The cable is different from others as it has the company’s trademarks embedded specks of copper in it. Having sweat and water-resistance could be used on a rough day or during stringent workouts. Though, not on the same lines as the ones above and below this particular model, these are a must-try if looking for a low budget ear headphones.

5. Sony WF- 1000XM3

Things working for:

  • In-ear, Bluetooth headphones
  • average Noise-canceling
  • 24 hr battery life (with case)
  • All-round natural sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable snug fit.

  Things against it:

  • No volume/ touch controls
  • No aptX HD support

                               Priced currently at $179 buy here

A monster in the market, when it comes to true wireless in-ear headphones. On the lines and continuing the generations of Sony WF- 1000x, which took the market by a storm, these next-gen headphones have a completely new Bluetooth chip with a noise-canceling processor. Claims are that it offers a 40 % improvement than the previous version. It also comes with sharper music sync, which is not a small thing.

The noise-canceling is effective to the length, that without even stating playing something, they can cancel out more noise.

They are really expressive, detailed, and crisply synchronized. The in-ear grip is super impactful, to the point that the company claims it as one of your best cycling and running partners. They have great subtlety in spades and amusingly impressive pacing. Proceedings are given a fantastic sense of musicality and balance.

6. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Things working for:

  • In-ear, Bluetooth headphones
  • 45 hr battery life (with charging case), 9 hrs otherwise
  • Insightful and detailed natural sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Supports both android and ios

Things against it:

  • Adjusting to fit, takes time
  • Really poor style

                                           Priced currently at $90 buy here

The Melomania was a lifesaver for the buyer, as well as the Cambridge audios co. the buyer got such amazing headphones at a cheap bargain price and the company saved its business. The headphones offer an expansive, cohesive, and beautifully synchronized sound quality. The intuitive, playful sound stage, that the earphones offer, are seldom found in the Bluetooth buds range.

The battery life is another point of pride the company has to talk about, with 9hrs continuous without stop play and 45 hrs play with charging case, the earphones outdo a lot of competitors in the market, if not all. They are perfect if you are away from charging points at a stretch.

The design, as mentioned above, is not something to fall for. Some may also find the headphones somewhat fiddly, but the budget with the features is what sets them apart. Also, if given an option, many intellectuals wouldn’t even think twice about the headphones’ built design if they know the features and pricing of those features.

7. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

Things working for:

  • Over-ear, Bluetooth headphones
  • Effective noise canceling
  • Convenient features on the headphone
  • All-round natural sound quality
  • Extremely energetic music presentation

Things against it:

  • 17 hr battery life
  • The buttons take time to be figured out.

                              Priced currently at $399 buy here

The Sennheiser Momentum 3 headphones have had the only flaw of severed battery life of a miserly 17 hrs. Apart from this, everything but the headphones is roaring!! The overly thick earpads make the headphones extremely comfortable, but not at the expense of sound quality. The extremely thick ear pads work on the noise-canceling front as well, which works well, when there isn’t enough charge left on the headphones. The bountiful features on both the ear cups are quite handy and easy to use once learned.

Despite being rich and full-bodied, they do not fail to maintain crystal clear sound, especially when in the midrange. Consequently, it rewards all kinds of users owing to its impeccable tonal balance and the right depth of bass.

A lot of other options may be available and they might dent your pockets a little less, but these are the industry leaders that ooze pure class, rhythm, and perfection in beats. So go ahead and have your pick at price or class.

8. Bowers and Wilkins PX7

Things working for:                                        

  • Over-ear, Bluetooth headphones
  • great Noise-canceling, though not the best in the market
  • 30 hr battery life
  • Lively, insightful natural sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable and sophisticated design.

  Things against it:

  • Rigid earbuds, don’t fold inwards
  • The touch feels fiddly at times

                               Priced currently at $399 buy here

The one-two punch of Qualcomm’s AptX HD Bluetooth technology aides with B&W’s largest PX series drivers helps in making these headphones an absolute beast. That means low latency wireless transmission at the hi-res quality of up to 24-bit/48kHz levels, so long as your source material backs that up.

The sound, resultant of the above stated, is highly solid, detailed, and tonally balanced. But this all is PX patent stuff, it is hardwired into their manufacturing, what is brilliant is the rhythmic precision along with it. The PX7 has a perfect dynamic expression with clearer, more detailed sound than its predecessors, this lets the headphone discover new scales and heights that haven’t been touched before.

Though a little cheaper appeal looks and price-wise, then compared to the original PX, the headphones offer elevated levels of comfort and up to date feature set. Both these things encourage buyers to go for the headphones.

9. Grado GS1000e

Things working for:

  • On-ear, wired headphones
  • Precise timing
  • Transparent across frequencies
  • All-round natural sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable.

 Things against it:

  • Wireless is a top option in this day and age
  • Petite design

                               Priced currently at $995 buy here

The Grado, touching our range’s upper ceiling is the next on our list. It comes with handcrafted mahogany earpieces. The vocals are rich, full-bodied with excellent dynamics and an ultra-smooth top end. They have a solid and sturdy built and open-backed perfect sound quality. Everything from their tonal balance to their transparency across frequencies to their timing and dynamic ability is class-leading.

The energy is amazing, each beat is rhythmic and accurately placed, but despite all this, they are always balanced, and playing hard rock or an easy morning soothing on it, hardly makes a difference to the sound quality.

The sound is always detailed and dynamic along with a naturally cohesive presentation.

10. Beyerdynamic Amiron

Things working for:

  • Over-ear, wired headphones
  • The best bass details
  • Handles treble well
  • All-round clear and organized natural sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable.

Things against it:

  • Wireless is a top option in this day and age
  • No noise canceling

   Priced currently at $599 buy here

Comfort is the almost patency of Beyerdynamic’s Amiron headphones. The earcup and headband on this little thing of beauty are made of Alcantara microfibers (which have a texture similar to suede) and micro velour, which is even more luxurious than it sounds. This results in a pair of headphones, as bulky to the sight as anything you’ve seen but fitting like a hairband. You can wear them at hours on end and you won’t even notice which is amazing.

Comfort is one thing, and the sound is the other. They beautifully cover the whole frequency range in their working stride. It has pretty clear midrange vocals, precise timing, and the mere simplicity with heaviest and messiest of songs are handled is amazing.

They’re open-ended, and therefore there is no such thing as privacy with them. They leak and sound like a sieve. But the overall ability of the pair, to handle any and every kind of song with ease is just amazing to the feel.

Now that you know about the top 10 headphones for rock music, as much as we do, there are some things that one should be particularly looking for while looking to buy a new pair of headphones. Of course, first, there are those personal choices, listed at the start of this piece. Get through the options in each choice list and choose wisely, according to your needs. Round up a fair budget, marking your needs and a stable, trustworthy brand. Then there is this list, to look up when the choices are made and the budget decided. There are also various articles, along with ours on how to look for the best headphones according to your needs!

About our review process

We have a rigorous and meticulous reviewing process. This includes (if necessary), extensive testing by wearing the headphones for a long time every day. At this time, the evaluators assess the comfort & fit, audio quality & ease of use. We judge the sound by playing some of the best sample tracks of every possible music genre.

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