Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers Reviews – Top 3 Recommendations in 2022


In-ear Monitors often referred to as IEMs and are used by musicians and audio engineers to analyse the exact mixing of the music and stage instrumentation. IEMs are not limited to the music industry only, these are also used by the television presenters for making a breaking news announcement and something like that requires vocal instructions.

IEMs are designed in order to provide more comfort to your ear and keeping away all noise out, that means with high noise isolation. IEMs comes in light in mid 1980s and since back then, keeps on evolving and going on.

In-Ear monitors are majorly used when there is live performance going on and the performer requires the mixing of multiple audio sources. And, when there is a group performance, each one among the group can have its own monitor mix as per own preference.

There are monitoring systems that even allows the performers to hear a stereo mix while wearing the IEM in each ear. Also, there could be additional sounds along with the stereo mix like vocals, drums etc.

Nowadays, IEMs are updated and the user can adjust the ambient noise intensity. Since the technology is growing rapidly and all the digital gadgets are going on wireless, the same is with the IEMs too. Today, almost all the performers uses the wireless IEMs.

The wireless IEMs have an offstage transmitter and an onstage receiver and both these transmitter and receiver are carried by the performer during the live performance. The transmitter is for the monitor and the receiver is for the IEM.

The transmitter can either has one stereo mix or two mono mixes. The single transmitter can handle both these cases, i.e. one stereo mix as well as two mono mixes. And, there could be many receivers and all the receivers can receive these mixes.

For the transmitters and the receivers to work requires the VHF or UHF radio frequency. Generally, UHF radio frequency is better than the VHF frequency and hence is more expensive.

Why Drummers use in ear monitors (IEMs)? 

Well! For drummers, it’s actually can be difficult to hear sound when there’s loud drum beats and there works the IEMs for the direct flow of sound to their ears. And, during gigs, the in-ear monitors makes it much easier for the performer to hear his own voice along with the band.

Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers- Top 3 Recommendations

For any of the drummer, it’s almost impossible to perform without In-Ear Monitors. We can say, the In-Ear Monitors are an essential for a drummer. The IEMs are so in trend as there’s no risk of any kind of damage with in-ear monitors.

When it comes to group performance, IEMs can play a very important role and create an atmosphere like heaven. So, many solo performers can perform together and the IEMs can take the performance to the next level.

In-Ear Monitors can be used for any kind of event, be it a music fest or just a normal stage festival. Drummers are literally the heart of the music, the soul of the entire fest.

Types of In-Ear Monitors for Drummers

There are a total of 2 categories that in-ear drummers fall into i.e. Universal or ‘off the shell monitors’ and the other one is the Custom molded in-ear monitors.

  • The first one, i.e. the universal or off the shell kind, as the name is expressing the in-ear monitors that can be used by any, suitable for all, no such specifications or exceptions.
  • The second type of IEM is the Custom molded in-ear monitors that requires the ear size and ear impression. As the title is implying custom, that means designed for a particular person as per the ear size.

In today’s world, the in-ear monitors have become an important part of the music industry and now even if it’s just a small music event or the entire live concert, all the performers uses these IEMs.

Now, let’s move on to the Top 3 In-ear monitors for drummers-

  1. Audio Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones
  2. Clear Concept Audio CCA C10 In-Ear Monitor
  3. Westone UM Pro 10 Single Driver In-Ear Monitors

Audio Tehcnica ATH-E70 In-Ear Studio Monitor


Audio Technica ATH-E70 professional in-ear studio monitor headphones are available on Amazon at a price value of $399 with three variants- ATH-E40, ATH-E50, and ATH-E70 that we gonna talk about.

This IEM comes in amazing black color and black color is loved by all. Also, these in-ear monitor headphones are popular in the market cause of its amazing  sound quality and versatility.

There are many people who are thinking to get themselves a good pair of the in-ear monitors but because of the budget and their perspective that the IEMs are very much expensive they can’t buy.

But to be honest, all these are excuses rather it just requires a good research and googling skills to get yourself the best in-ear monitor and especially, when it comes to the drummers as we all know the drummers are the heart of the rhythm, they really shouldn’t hesitate.

So, If you have already reached here, I’m assuring you’ll get the best in-ear monitor and this will surely end up your search for a good pair of IEMs.

Audio Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-ear studio monitor headphone has three balanced armature drivers that are responsible for the accuracy and quick response and is compatible with any of the frequency range.

So if you’re finally investing in the in-ear monitors, it’ll be good if you look for the comfort and sound quality is the mandate. Honestly, Audio Technica ATH-E70 is the best in providing comfort and is highly recommendable for the long duration music concerts.

This in-ear monitor is launched keeping in mind the maximum isolation so you’ll only focus on the music rather than the background noises. The IEM is highly durable and has detachable cable.

Along with the package, you’ll get a carrying case, silicone ear tips, and a plug-on adapter.

Clear Concept Audio CCA C10 In-Ear Monitor


The second name in the list of the best 3 in-ear monitors for drummers is the CLear Concept Audio CCA C10, the hybrid in-ear monitor is really inexpensive and you can just grab this in-ear monitor only in $40.99.

If you’re quite budget conscious drummer, then this is the one. As I already told you that it just requires a good research to get a good pair of in-eCCA C10 ar monitor that won’t affect your pocket at all. So, budget and all are just excuses.

CCA C10 in-ear monitor offers you 5 color options- C10 Black, C10 Cyan, C10 Purple, C10 Pro Black, and C10 Pro Purple. All these colors ae really amazing. For the vibrant personalities, H HIFIHEAR has provided you vibrant purple and that too in two variants.

The in-ear monitor features the active noise-cancellation feature that will neglect all the background and surrounding noise and you’ll only hear the good sound quality. Clear Concept Audio CCA C10 has 10 drivers hybrid technology.

The in-ear monitor comes with 1Dynamic & 4 Balanced Armature that is responsible for producing pretty high notes maintaining the mids and the bass. CCA C10 is one of the popular choices cause of its high resolution, high-end sound quality without skipping a single vocal.

You’ll really have a wonderful experience using this budget friendly CCA C10 in-ear monitor. Each beat, every single vocal will be so live that you’ll completely lost in music.

The in-ear monitor is highly durable, affordable, and portable. It is made up of Zinc Alloy Shell combined with the Resin.

Westone UM Pro 10 Single Driver In-Ear Monitors


Westone UM Pro 10 Single Driver In-Ear Monitor is our third recommendation for the best in-ear monitor for drummers as reviewed in 2022. This in-ear monitor is in the mid range, neither too high nor too low. Actually, Westone UM Pro is falling in between both the above listed in-ear monitors.

The In-ear monitor is known for its high performance and features the active noise isolation that means all the surrounding noise will be isolated and all you’ll listen up is the music.

Westone UM Pro 10 Single Driver in-ear monitor is available on Amazon at a price value of $115.80. This mid-budgeted in-ear monitor for drummers comes in the appealing orange color.

The in-ear monitor has a single balanced-armature driver that is responsible for producing the high quality sound with more detail and clarity that you’ll get fond of. Once you’ll buy this in-ear monitor, I assure you’ll be the permanent consumer of Westone.

UM Pro 10 is especially designed to bring out the professional like performance. It features the twisted MMCX audio cable that is full of strength, flexibility, and has extremely low resistance. This in-ear monitor has a 3.5mm stereo plug to connect to the device.

Talking about its technical specifications, the armature driver present in the Westone UM Pro 10 single driver in-ear monitor comes with the 114dB @ 1mW sensitivity, the frequency response of 20Hz-16kHz, and 19ohms impedance @1kHz.

Along with the package, you’ll be getting a pair of Westone UM Pro 10 in-ear monitor obviously, the twisted audio cable, 5 pairs if silicone eartips, 5 pairs of foam eartips, monitor vault, and cleaning tool.


Do IEMs worth it?

Of, course Yes! Whenever there is a concert going on, IEMs makes it better for you to hear and its noise isolation plays a critical role in keeping aside all the background noise out of your ear and all you’ll listen up to the music only.

Benefits of In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)-

1.  You can hear Yourself

The performer can actually hear himself along with the music around. When there is a loud music going on during the live concerts, it might be a problem for the performer where he has to ask to turn him up as he can’t hear himself.

Using the IEMs, there is not the problem of not being able to hear yourself, there will be enough volume as much as you need to hear your voice as well as the band.

2. Better for your Hearing

Whenever you use any of the in-ear headphones or anything like that there is always a risk of damaging your ears but with IEMs, there is nothing like that. Also, with the in-ear monitor comes the noise isolation for keeping away all the sound out from your ear.

3. IEMs are helpful in Reducing Vocal Strain

Undoubtedly, IEMs are helpful in reducing the vocal strain as the performer can easily listen to himself and he need not to raise its pitch high. To be more clear, when you can’t hear yourself, you think you need to raise you volume high that ultimately can damage your vocal.

4. Control over Sound

While performing on stage, we have full control over sound as we can hear ourselves pretty easily that ultimately lead to full control over sound. With the IEMs inserted in, you can easily increase or decrease volume as per your convenience and atmosphere via bodypack.

With the stereo mixes, you can hear the sound in both your ears using the IEMs obviously and comes with the whilst system with MixMode that helps you to set the instruments heard in which ear like the vocals in one and the other music beats on the other.

Lastly, I would like to say, this is all about the top 3 recommendations of the in-ear studio monitors for the drummers as reviewed in 2022. All these are the best in their own way.

The list has been prepared keeping all the prior considerations in mind, be it about the budget, the sound quality, the resistance, the impedance, the durability, the flexibility, or the portability. The main thing is the budget and that too is also considered. Now, it all depends on you what you go with!

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