5 Best Metronome For Guitar, Drummers, Bass & Singer (2022 Reviews)


Whether you are a kid who is all set to play your very first instrument, or you are a professional musician, having a metronome is no less than a mandate for you. These instruments are extremely useful to ensure that you are playing the music with proper pace and is thus, using your practice session wisely. No matter if you are a guitarist, a drummer, a bass musician or a singer, metronomes can be really beneficial for you if you are choosing it right!

You might think that all the metronomes available in the market do the same job, but that’s not it! Some metronomes are useful for specific kinds of musicians, while the other models come with detailed characteristics. So, you would basically need to be sure of your requirement at the very first place, so as to ensure that you are picking up the right deal without leaving any grounds for regret later on. Finding a good metronome can be a daunting task for you, and thus, you need to be aware of the tempos and signature sounds that you want so as to pick up the product accordingly.

Why do you need a Metronome?

With the growing advances in the field of technology, musicians are now becoming lucky enough to choose the best metronome for themselves. You may see to your specifications and thus, choose the device accordingly. Of course, you ought to be careful aboht the few below mentioned parameters, or rather characters of a metronome so that you aren’t giving yourself any ground to regret otherwise!

  • Tempo range

Well, tempo range is basically measured in beats per minute (BPM). In usual sceanrios, the range of click speeds that you can probably dial lies somewhere between 30 BPM to that of 250 BPM. You can even choose to set specific tempo values with the help of a digital metronome. However, if you opt for a mechanical version of the metronome, you will need to avail a set of preset values with the utmost precision. This keeps a traditional term with the Italian musical tempo which is lyrically pleasant!

  • Tap tempo

You may literally choose to set the tempo of the metronome by simply tapping on a pad or a button that is situated on the front area of the device. It interprets the taps’ pace and after it records the BPM value, it keeps on sticking to the same thereafter.

  • Beat variations

See to the tick sound very carefully and you will be able to note the downbeat of each and every bar of your metronome. You will even be able to understand the usage of a physical bell in a mechanical metronome. Nevertheless, the digital variants will employ an alternative pitched sound that is somewhat louder. Well, this will best suit your requirement if you are playing a regular 4/4 time.

However, if you are going for the time signatures such as the 3/4, 12/8 or the 7/4, you might not probably get something that meets your desire. You must realize that the best metronomes would usually come with a wide range of time signatures, and most important the downbeat sound would have been placed appropriately after the sub-beats. Most importantly, the best product will obviously allow you to edit the subdivision patterns and beat variations

  • Tick sounds

When you are playing the metronome, it is quite obvious that you would want to hear whether it eliminates a beep of a tick, and whether or not the sound is irritating, or if it is actually capable of fitting into the environment. No matter whether your genre is classic, or you are more familiar with the unpitched ticks, or maybe you are trying to match it to the sound frequency of your instrument, and that’s something that you must check out while you are choosing a metronome.

Well, these were just a few things to look to, if you are purchasing a metronome. However, other than the aforementioned features, you must also look at a few other things which may affect your purchasing decision as a whole.

Tips to note while purchasing a Metronome

  • Do not break your budget: Finding a metronome within your budget is no less than a blessing. As we all know that musical instruments do not come at a cheaper price. They are usually very expensive and can compel you to break your bank. However, finding a metronome that fits your budget isn’t impossible either.
  • Do your own set of research: Always conduct your own set of research, as you will be able to see so many different kinds of metronomes available in the market. As a result, it becomes really difficult for one to choose any particular model. However, if you are still confused about which model to go for, we would rather suggest you to do a bit of homework on your part so that you get to know which one of them would best suit your requirement.
  • Refer to the customer reviews: A musician who has been practicing on a particular model of a metronome will be the best person to suggest you which one of the models would match your requirement. Thus, if you are purchasing a metronome for the very first time, I will better suggest you to take the decision only after you have read the customer reviews. They will be the best people to guide you about which instrument would be a better choice for you.

Therefore, the idea is to ensure that as you are searching a metronome on the internet, prefer to visit the official website and check out the customer reviews at the first place to have a fair idea about how the product has been working to the others. Accordingly, you can take your decision too!

5 Best Metronomes for Drummers, Bass, Singer, and Guitar

Well, before you dig deep into the 5 best products available in the market, you would at first need to understand the quality enhancement feature that this particular product would offer to you. If you want a few recommendations of metronomes read through the list below:

Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome

This digital standalone metronome is the most versatile deal available in the market. It offers a tempo range of 30 to 250 BPM. It features wide tick selection, along with rhythm coach functions but lacks the feature of PCM drum sounds. This is one of the best models for all the singers and dancers, and such an astounding array of functions that comes up is one of the major reasons why you must go for this product. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, you would still appreciate paying for it due to the amazing features that come alongside. It even comes with an AC adaptor input and weighs just 450 g. It also offers 6.3 mm headphone output and a 6.3 mm memory up/down input.


  • 4 non-abrasive metronome sounds
  • 5 pin MIDI input
  • 50 pattern memories

The built-in microphone, alongside the speed and accuracy, that this particular product features is something that you won’t mind paying for! Considering the overall features or specifications, this is gonna be a wide choice for any musician.

Korg MA2-BLBK Pocket Digital Metronome

It is one of the most popular compact digital metronomes with quite a good number of features, and is thus, doing really well in the market. This digital standalone metronome is of 100 ✕ 60 ✕ 16mm dimension and has a tempo range of 30 to 252 BPM. After going through quite a good number of customer reviews, we got to know that this particular model of metronome has proved to be stable and reliable for the users. Also, the people who have been using this metronome says that it is affordable too! Thus, if you are a noob and is planning to purchase a deal for the first time probably, you need not invest too much, rather you can easily go for this so as to avoid breaking the bank. Nevertheless, this model is portable too, which means that you can easily choose to carry it along with yourself wherever you go!


  • It comes with a 3.5 mm headphone output
  • Offers a 400 hours battery life
  • Available in a two-tone blue/black or black/red

This is one of the best-selling metronomes available in the market, and the best part is that it comes at a really affordable price. People who have been using it so far seem to be really satisfied with it.

KLIQ MetroPitch Metronome

If you are looking for a compact digital metronome at a reliable price, this KLIQ MetroPitch Metronome with a built-in tuner is by far one of the best deals in the market. It features a tempo range of 30 to 250 BPM and comes with a 6.3 mm instrument input, 6.3 mm output, 3.5 mm headphone output. This product is packed with so many features, and comes in a dimension of 109 x 61 x 15 mm with a large rotary dial for tempo setting. You can use the jog wheel to adjust the tempo setting. Besides, the large-sized LED display of this metronome is something that you would love to opt for!


  • It comes with a wide range of tempo functions and beat variations
  • The tuner features a good range of tuning modes
  • Comes with a three-year guarantee
  • It offers a pitch calibration for different kinds of instruments
  • 40 hours of playtime with a pair of AAA batteries

This portable digital metronome comes in the following variations – metallic black, blue, gold or red. Thus, you may choose any of these colors based on your personal preference although each one looks pretty elegant!

Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome

Wanna go for a digital wearable? Then, this one is for you. The Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome is one of the most purchased products that we see at present. Although it doesn’t have a tuner, it comes with a tap tempo, and the tempo range that this particular product feature is 20 to 400 BPM. It comes with a 9V battery or mains, along with a 6.3 mm footswitch input, 3.5 mm headphone output, 6.3 mm line output, and an AC adaptor input. Nonetheless, the great features that this metronome comes with, is one of the best reasons why drummers do love this model so much.


  • It features the MIDI Input for external sequencers
  • The features are great, particularly for the live drummers
  • It is s perfectly loud in terms of sound and is mains powered

It is loud in sound and features a large backlit display. Besides, the big start-stop button and 6 different rotary knobs, and 2 click tones are some of the best things that this metronome is known for!

Seiko SQ50V Quartz Metronome

If you have a deep interest for the retro-styled metronome, nothing can match the quality of sound that this Seiko SQ50V Quartz Metronome promises to deliver! This quartz metronome offers a tempo range of 40 to 208 BPM, and comes with a 3.5 mm headphone connectivity which is great to go for! Also, this metronome is extremely lightweight and weighs only 140 grams, and features a dimension of 67 x 32 x 95 mm, which means that it is extremely lightweight and compact. Thus, you may choose to carry it anywhere along with yourself even while you are on the go. It features a 39-position thumbwheel selector at the front and hence, features an ergonomic design with a traditional Italian musical tempo.


  • It is visually very appealing
  • The ergonomic style of the metronome gives it a simplistic outlook
  • It is provided with a flip-out kickstand so that you can rest the metronome and sit back enjoying your favorite tunes on it
  • It comprises a simple tone generator producing A or Bb pitched sounds

This metronome is one of the best deals if you have an inclination towards getting a metronome that comes with a unique retro design. Nonetheless, the features of this device is worth all the appreciation.

Bottom line

All the above-mentioned metronomes in the list are some of the best deals available in the music market. It works amazing for the singers, drummers, and even the string players. We have reviewed the products really well, and only after we have been certain of it considering the customer reviews and ratings, we have specified them over here. Of course, it depends a lot on the music players, his or her personal preference, and requirements that do matter the most!


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