7 Best Vocal recording mic Under $100 – $300 | 2022 Vocal mic Guide


Are you a song composer? Are you starting your career in this musical world? Or you are a YouTuber and planning to add a mic in your setup? Or going to start a podcast? Well, you need a good quality mic for that. 

Having a good mic will level up your audio 10 times more, by adding a clear sound to your piece. The need for good quality sound is a must, as you will be taking the first step to impress your audience and add more fans.

All microphones are not similar. Every microphone that is made has different properties and characteristics, which will affect its output quality. For instance, there will be a mic that will capture sound from the surrounding, there will be a mic that will catch the sound of one person at a time, and there will be another which will carry the sound of two at the same time.

Guide to Microphone Buying

First, let’s talk about the properties of a microphone. A microphone has 4 different kinds of properties:

Types of Microphone

There are basically three types of microphones; ribbon, dynamic, and condenser. Among these Dynamic microphones is the most popular one and condenser as are used very often too. 

Ribbon Mic –

The most natural mics you can get, they are used to capture the sound of different subjects, like vehicle, instrument, voice, and even the ambiance of a place. Ribbon mics hear the sound most similar to your voice and are more reliable to record sounds better than other mics.

Dynamic mic –

They are versatile mics, they tend to hold a heavy workload, can record high volumes without being distorted. These types of mic come with the high gain-before-feedback property, which helps it to get the highest level of the audio signal. It uses a thin metal coil for sound detection. The drawback is that they are sensitive to picking sound in the voice of the singer.

Condenser mic –

Condenser microphones produce stronger signals than dynamic microphones. Although they aren’t a smart choice for using them for location in high volume, as they will get distorted. However, if a trained singer will use it, the outcome will be fantastic.

Polar Pattern of Microphone.

Every microphone captures sound in different ways it is basically based on the source of the sound in relation to the microphone and its head. The polar system is a part in which the microphone captures the sound. This polar system will show the region in which the Microphone will detect the sound around it. 

For instance, if you are on a crowded stage singing, do you want your voice to be captured in the mic or the people shouting and cheering around you. In the direction where the mic will be pointed only that noise will come. This is what the difference in the polar system can make.

Polar patterns can be useful in the time of capturing ambiance sound in a small room, which will give your piece a lively feel. 

Response of Microphone

Every microphone differs in the way they respond to different frequencies. There will be one mic which will reduce the frequency and another which will increase it. It totally depends upon the purpose of manufacturing the microphone. There is some microphone which does not change the frequency at all, they are called “flat response” microphone. “Flat Response” microphone is one that is sensitive to all frequencies equally. 

Diaphragm size of Microphone

In the microphone, the sounds are received in the portion called a diaphragm. It is a small plate that moves when the sound hit’s it.  There are three types of diaphragm; small, medium, and large.

The size of the diaphragm will contribute to some properties of the microphone that are:

  • Microphone’s natural noise 
  • The capability of volume handling  
  • Sensitivity to a frequency  
  • Range of frequency  
  • Dynamic Range 


Now let’s move to our buyer’s guide to know what things you can consider before buying a vocal microphone.

Our Buyer’s guide to buying a vocal microphone

As we have already talked about a few aspects before this, it has become really simple to choose the best microphone for yourself. Before jumping on the points, make sure you ask some of the basic questions to yourself, this will help you to narrow your choices, and the most crucial thing, it will make you avoid the thing you don’t have an actual need for.

So, here is everything you need to make your purchase a value for money and the correct choice.

What budget do you have?

The biggest factor to consider when buying not only a mic but anything. 

Just plan what budget you have before going into a store or buying it online. The microphones come in various price ranges, the much price you will pay, the better the quality will be. As in this blog, we have brought you the microphones of price range from $100 – $300.

What will you be recording mostly?

While buying a mic you need to take care of what outcome you want to have to strengthen your performance. Whether you want to use an electric guitar, acoustic instrument, or drum. Well in this case we will focus on vocals only.

Match your singing style to your mic

Not every mic is made for heavy metal screamers, the work they do for jazz singers will not work for them. Unlucky, there is no correct way for recommending a perfect mic for a particular singer. Although we have found some aspects which you can consider:

  • Female voice: a smooth top-end mic, that doesn’t get a whistling tone.
  • Male voice:  Warm lows and mids can get clearly captured.
  • Rapping: Not too sensitive mic as they can capture the syllable perfectly.
  • Screaming or rock style: Mic with good tolerance of high SPL and loud and intense vocals.

What your recording environment will be?

The place where you record your mic piece will majorly affect because the voice tones and eco changes as per the place. An empty room will let your voice capture in eco, a soundproof room will make your voice be clear.

Our pick for the 7 Best Vocal recording mic Under $100 – $300.

Well if you think that a budget of $300 or less is not sufficient to buy an excellent vocal microphone, there are a lot of great microphones that will not tear your pocket and will be in the value for money category.

We haven’t ranked them because it’s totally upon you what you choose according to your preferences and budget, but we have to make sure that every microphone we have brought has the highest rating on Amazon. So let’s just not waste time and drive straight into our list of 7 best vocal recording mic.

Rode Procaster

Key Features:

  • Frequency response is of a wide range
  • The output is balanced with low impedance
  • Metal build


Rode Procaster is a microphone that has taken broadcasting to a next level under this price range. From the outer looks, only you can tell that it’s not a normal type of microphone. It comes with a metal build and a sturdy look, it has an anti-shock mount inside, which protects it from getting damaged, if fallen by mistake. It is a durable and reliable investment.

Well many budget mics have problems with low sound or distortion, but if you are going to use this procaster you will forget what those problems are. There is a pop filter attached to it, which instantly filters out the plosive sounds.

It has a polar pattern that is tight and the frequency response is custom-fit, which leads it to provide the best quality audio output. This microphone is best for audio recording, podcasts, voice-overs. This is a microphone which assures you that it’s a hard piece of machinery. 


Aston Origin Microphones

Key Features

  • Condenser microphone
  • Smooth, warm sound output.
  • Amplification can be controlled
  • 20Hz-20kHz frequency response



Aston Origin’s fame lies within its cardioid condenser, which uses a gold evaporated capsule of 1 inch. Specially designed to capture vocals live, this mic does its work well. 

This mic justifies simplicity as the name of the game when the concern is the design. But moreover, the output audio you will get is simple, which is truly awesome because it is close to natural. It too comes with a pop filter and we have told you about its use.

Radio shows and podcast hosts will know its importance once they will start using it. It is also very reliable if you use it in the studio as well.It eliminates unwanted sounds from the background by boasting a certain degree of off-axis.

If you are looking for the best condenser mic in the range of vocal mics this is the one for you.


Shure SM85


  • Handling noise is reduced
  • Reliable and rigid build
  • The primary audio source is isolated by cardioid pickup pattern
  • Brightened midrange



Shure has been a popular name for awesome-quality microphones since 1966. The frequency is really good. This mic is specially designed for recording live or in-studio, the SM58 produces a good mid-range with bass. The filter is of spherical shape, which reduces breathing noises, the metal case is die-casted and it also has a shock mount system which helps it to stay fixed even if it gets drops.

Despite being a cheap microphone it gives you optimum satisfaction with the output audio quality.  The Shure SM58 totally bridges the gaps between budget and a quality microphone.

The Shure SM85 produces a studio-level audio quality at a nominal price, that even if you are new to this field you can afford it easily.


HyperX QuadCast

  • 4 different patterns for polar pickup patterns.
  • Pop filter inside
  • Rugged shock mount and anti-vibration
  • Compatible with Mac and PC



The HyperX QuadCast is one of the best USB condenser microphones and in this range of fantastic features. This is a USB mic, it makes it easy to use, as well as simple to the plugin, this will aid you to bypass the whole interface until you get ready to step up on XLR.

You can use HyperX QuadCast in a wide variety of apps and software. Many streamers on Twitch use this mic, hence making it popular for streaming. This mic is popular for podcasters, because of its different polar pattern that can be used in an interview or a round table conference, etc.

It has some built-in controlling features which will make the output audio fly like a breeze.  You can control the sensitivity by rotating the dial. The mic has an amount to which it can be mounted on a regular stand. 

HyperX is a great vocal microphone, as it is versatile, value for money, and a performer. It is a consistent performer.

Shure BETA 58A


  • Polar pattern
  • Bass roll-of with good mid-range
  • Dynamic microphone with good output
  • Mount adapter for stand



Another in our list after Shure sm58. Shure Beta 58 is a dynamic super-cardioid mic that really pickups the original and natural sound.

it has a tailor-made frequency response feature to suit vocals, especially with the bright and mid-range voice. It’s a super-cardioid pattern that shows that your vocals are getting charged with a crystal clear quality.

It has a strong and reliable build quality and has an upgraded system of pneumatic sound Mount.

It has a reliable and strong build quality and it will continue to deliver fantastic vocals even after a long time of usage.

The advantages that this may come with a microphone mounting adaptor so that you can leave it on a stand on a standard mic stand which also makes it handy and it won’t get off easily from it until and unless you unscrew it.

If you are looking for a premium-looking Mike which has fantastic audio quality and an eye-catching look at the same time this one is definitely for you.


AKG Pro Audio Lyra

Key Features: 

  • Audio jack of 3.5mm
  • Comes with a mute button
  • Volume dial.



AKG Lyra is a great-value microphone. Although it is a USB mic it doesn’t sound like one it is way better than it. It comes with her little stand which gives it a proper hold on your desk. 

It comes with a volume dial which is one of the very useful features while recording.it also comes with a mute button which will be helpful if you will take an interview and get disturbed in between it.

If you are someone who wants a premium quality audio microphone without having different types of kit to use in it this one is for you. If you run an interview show or a podcast or you are planning to stream on twitch, this microphone will be the choice you will be going for if you have a tight budget too.

Now coming on overall performance AKG Lyra isn’t the best but it gives a tough competition to other opponents in this price range. 

One of the drawbacks of this microphone is that the gain dial is placed at the back of the mic which makes it a bit awkward to adjust while recording audio. accept this floor this microphone is definitely a deal-breaker. 


Blue Yeti Nano

Key Features:

  • Good audio quality
  • omnidirectional polar patterns capsules.
  • Low-latency monitoring jack



Blue keeps bringing out a number of variations in the recipe of its microphone. This getting I know which has a USB type c mount comes in at a very nominal price. 

Although it has few pull apart images it still offers various patterns and omnidirectional patterns from which one can record sound in different ways, whether it is an interview or round table conference everything is covered with this mic.

This mike even having a cheap price is a performer the only thing is lack as it doesn’t have a control knob, the gain can only be adjusted through software.

Even being from a cheap budget price range, Yeti Nano offers Digital signal processing with Crystal and clear output audios. If you are a newbie or a beginner and don’t want to spend too much money on a mic then you can definitely go for it, it will be worth your money.



So, here was our blog for 7 Best Vocal recording mic Under $100 – $300, we hope that you have found your type of microphone, which you are ready to buy. Well, there are many other microphones by other companies and these companies like Rode, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, etc. We have mentioned as well, you can check them out too, but before that make sure you check our Buying Guide too.

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