5 Best Wireless Routers under $100 in 2022


We all want to save money while buying any commodity and get the best out of a limited budget. Talking about routers, nearly everybody wants to get free from that web of wires, strangling on the desks, so they prefer having wireless routers. 

The Internet is nowadays, has to be available on every device like smartphone, security system for homes, laptops, smart television, watches, etc, and if you want to manage all this at once, you should invest in a reliable router. A reliable router doesn’t mean you go and buy an expensive one. Well, it’s an opinion that if you want to have a seamless and fluent experience, you should go for a router that comes with an 802.11AC protocol, this functionality will give you lag-free video streaming, an awesome gaming experience, and high-end security.

Well if your Smart TV is buffering for a long time, and you can get the adrenaline while playing an online game because it keeps lagging. The problem isn’t in your device every time, maybe your wifi has become old enough, that it cannot handle so many devices at once, or can’t cope-up with the speed you want for your work.

If you are a person who does his office work from home and tries to have a meeting and some other works simultaneously and your wifi doesn’t work nicely, you will get fed up with that.  So you need to take care of what router you need to buy, which can complement your work and workload s well. Mostly the older router doesn’t have Dual – Bands, so they didn’t perform well.  These kinds of routers don’t have a reliable transmission to be expected in a distant coverage area.

When coming to the routers for the minimum configuration AC is required. Well, the base variants of routers can come with AC1200. Well, they will be too basic, so we won’t be talking about them. We will take variants from AC1750 – AC1900, and they come in a standard price range of below $100. So here you don’t have a  question of paying more than a fixed budget. We have brought you, some of the most reliable and awesome features routers to fulfill your every internet related need.

Product Comparison Table

Features TP-Link AC1750 NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router, R6700  TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A8) ASUS AC1750 WiFi Router (RT-AC66U B1)  NETGEAR 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router (R6700AX)
Data Transfer Rate 1750 Mbps 1750Mbps 1900 Mbps 1750 Mbps 1750Mbps
Item Weight 0.93 lbs 9.8 lbs 0.91 lbs 1.40 lbs 1.0 lbs
Total Ethernet Ports 4 4 x 1G 5 5 4 x 1G
Frequency Bands Supported Dual-Band Dual-Band, Beamforming+ 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz (Dual Band) Dual-Band Dual-Band, Beamforming+

Our pick for 5 best Wireless Routers under $100 in 2022

When it comes to a standard budget, you will be getting a plethora of routers. Some will be very good, some of them will be average, and some will be not worth it. So you need to choose the one, which can give an optimum experience and can be reliable and durable too. You will not go and buy routers every month right?

Here we have brought you some routers which will not let your money go in vain. These routers will be friendly to your pocket and agile while giving you data. They will handle multiple devices too.

All the routers we have brought here for you are either 4 stars or above on Amazon, which means we have brought you the full proof of them being good. We will not rank the routers because it will be upon you and your preferences to choose one. We just can say that these Routers we have brought for you are the best in the market under this $100 in 2022.

1.TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7)


  • Decent Price
  • Easy installation.
  • No. of LAN Ports 4.
  • Performs well in close range.


  • Mid-long range performance.
  • MU-MIMO not supported.
  • Old USB is 2.0

Here is a budget-friendly wireless router, which comes with dual-band connectivity. It has 4gigabit LAN ports. It performs very well in a close range, but lack mid-long range coverage. The device has a slow file transfer speed that’s because it has a USB 2.0. 

Design and feature-wise, its dimensions are 1.3×9.6×6.4 inches, it has 3 antennas that are non-removable. There are LED lights present in the front as indicators. The indicators are for radio band, internet, USB, LAN, and WPS. The LAN ports are joined to the WAN ports at the back.  There are also WAN ports, USB, power buttons, and a USB port available at the back. 

It comes in black color, with a decent design. It is powered by a 750MHz processor, it can reach a maximum speed of 450Mbps in the 2.4GHz band and 1300Mbps in the 5Ghz band.

Overall, the TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7) is a decent router, which is light on your pocket and gives a mixed and decent performance.

2.NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router, R6700 


  • Strong NAS storage performance
  • Good range
  • Nice design
  • Great 802.11ac speeds


  • The software is not that great

Here comes a router that looks like a part of a spaceship from Star-Wars. The Netgear 6700 is a router, packed with a 1Ghz dual-core processor, specially designed for big homes. It is big in size as well.  It comes under the category of mid-range routers which gives up to 450Mbps under 2.4Ghz frequency and 1300 Mbps under 5 GHz frequency. 

R6700 has the same design as its predecessor R7000, it is also a part of the Nighthawk series. It can also be wall-mounted if there is a problem with space. The R6700 uses the same design and components as the R7000, the difference is that the R7000 comes with a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 as well. 

The R6700 has a sturdy design and is reliable as well. The performance of R6700 is awesome. It has good storage and performance. You will be getting a nice 5Ghz frequency in your home, and will not disappoint you while you work.

Overall, R6700 is not the fastest routers under the category of 802.11ac but will give you excellent speed, storage, and performance. 

3.TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A8)

Key Features

  • Mu-MIMO
  • Beamforming, 
  • Guest Wifi
  • MediaTek TP1900BN 1.2GHz 


  • Easy on pocket
  • Good performance
  • Set up is easy


  • No USB port
  • No repeater mode

One of the latest routers brought to the market by TP-Link. The only AC1900 on our list. It gives the speed of 1300 Mbps on the 5 GHz frequency and 600Mbps on the 2.4Ghz frequency.  Archer A8 looks the same as Archer A7. It has a glossy plastic body, with three removable antennae. On the back, you will get 4 gigabits LAN ports and a WAN port. The WAN port present can supports up to 1000Mbps.

The profit point is, that it comes with MU-MIMO technology, this technology gives better performance when multiple devices are connected to the WIFI. MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User, Multiple Input Multiple Output, it helps connections to have better speed.

Overall, Archer A8 performs well, as it provides a good Wi-Fi speed and nice coverage. Setting it up is also very easy. It is money worth option if you are finding routers with AC1900

4.ASUS AC1750 WiFi Router (RT-AC66U B1) 


  • Great Speed
  • Reliable


  • Runs hot

Asus RT-AC66U is the first wireless router launched by Asus, it was the first one to support 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards. Its other features and components are the same as the previous version, the RT-N66U router. 

Asus RT-AC66U gives the high speed of 5Ghz frequency, the fact is it’s one of the fastest 802.11ac routers present in the market. The router comes with a good range, and its USB supports printers and external storage. 

When launched RT-AC66U, did not perform well, because of firmware, but after some updates, it got fixed in the 2.5Ghz frequency. It also has a cloud storage feature named, AiCloud. This gives users a feature to access their storage remotely. 

Design-wise, it resembles a jewelry box, as it has a sleek and glossy look. The router is easily placeable and can be mounted on the wall. In the front, the router has a line of LED light, which works as indicators. Although it’s not an easy step-up router, you won’t face any problem doing that.

Overall, Asus RT-AC660 is a performance master, it has a great coverage area and great speed. It comes with some loaded features as well. A few downsides of this are, it’s not easy to set-up and it may run hot, temperature also depends upon the weather condition you live in.

5.Tenda AC23 Smart WiFi Router

Key Features

  • 3 core architecture
  • 500Mhz core speed


  • Speed is good
  • Value for money
  • Reliable


  • Gets hot

This router uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards and it has the highest wireless transmission rate in 2.5GHz of 300Mbps, the highest rate of transmission in 5GHz is 1700Mbps, which’s fast. The transmission capacity of Tenda AC23 is stronger. It comes with a 3-core architecture for a low-price. It also has 500Mhz of core and an Ethernet data processor. Its architecture uses a solid material and processes the data in an instant, that’s faster and stable as well.  Both bands i.e, 2.5GHz and 5Ghz are packed with wireless signal amplifiers.

Adding to these features, it also comes with MU-MIMO technology, which helps it to connect more devices at the same time. The Tenda AC23 is easy to install, it’s just a matter of two steps. 

Design-wise it has 7 antennas, it looks like a flat crown, at first sight. It comes in glossy black color, with a prism effect on the top.

Overall, it is one of the best routers present on the list. It comes with loaded features on a minimal budget. If you have an official reason to install Wi-Fi at home this is the one


If you have to buy a decent router on a standard budget you can choose from the options, we have given above. As aforementioned you will be getting an ample amount of options available in the market, under this price range. The choice is upon you and your work preferences, so choose wisely.

Remember one thing, even if you buy a router above $100 you have to compromise in a feature, no device is perfect, so make sure you compromise on the feature you don’t need the most, well that can be looks or wall mounting. 

Do stick to some criteria we mentioned while buying a router. So here we end our list of the 5 best Wireless Routers under $100 in 2022.

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