5 Bang For Your Buck Headphones (2022 Review)


Are you looking for a headphone that can be value for money? A headphone that can come at a decent price range and can give optimum satisfaction? It’s really hard to choose from tons of options available in the market. Especially when everyone claims to be better than others. 

It is worldwide known that how the audio sector industry is growing bigger and bigger, and as they are growing they are launching new varieties of headphones almost every month. That’s obvious that not every headphone will be in budget and have massive performance.

Every manufacturing company tries to coax you and make us buy their product but in all of these noises you need to be a bit smart and find a headphone with great performance, sound, features, and it can justify the price you pay for it.

Many times it happens that many among you get fooled while purchasing headphones or any product because you run for brand names. We are not saying that every big brand doesn’t give quality to their product, for instance, Sony is a big brand and having untouchable goodwill and name in the entertainment industry, which doesn’t mean it every headphone will be awesome, some of it will lack behind the products of Bose or any other in this price range only.

If you don’t want that kind of customer, make sure you go through this article nicely, and see what variety of headphones in a different price range you can get. But before starting with lost let’s look at a quick buying guide for headphones, which will make you understand some technical terms better. 

Buying Guide For Headphones

By this guide, you will be able to know about some factors you can determine while buying a headphone and gain some knowledge about what you can do have at the right price point. 

Headphone Type

Your hearing experience truly Is affected by, what type of headphone you use, the type means ow the headphone cover will be like on your headphone, whether it will be on your rears, in, over, or classical earplugs.


These are the most popular kind of headphones as well as the smallest, they are mainly referred to as earplugs or buds. Which is technically not their actual name, they are In-ear monitors. 

As you may have got the idea by its name In-ear, it goes inside your ear close your eardrum which helps to isolate the voice and improve the sound quality.


The most popular option for a go-through headphone also called supra-aural headphones. These are easily portable than over ears and you can carry them on a day out, gym, or a commute. 

They are small in size and which makes the weight lighter and comes with an eye-catching look too.


Whenever you think about headphones these are the one that comes in your mind first, they are, what we call typical headphones. They are the biggest in size among all and heaviest.

They are called Over-ear because they cover your whole ears as they have big earcups. They are also called circumaural headphones. 


The sound you hear on your headphones is the responsibility of your headphone. They are made of voice coils, magnets, and a diaphragm. If you want better sound quality, then look for a bigger driver.


The prime factor you should consider if you like to hear loud music, the sensitivity tell about how loud your headphone will make the sound. Nowadays a generic headphone will give a sensitivity of more than 95dB. If you are getting a headphone that is giving you less sensitivity than this range, don’t pick it.


The amount of power your headphones require to work is called impedance. The minimum impedance a headphone take is 16ohms.

Frequency Response

The frequency response is the amount of frequency range your headphone can produce.  In simpler words, the range between the lowest and the highest frequency is what determines the bass and treble of your headphone. 

Range and Battery life

An important aspect you can consider is the range, the range tells about at what maximum distance can your headphones work from your device. The battery life is also something you need to look for because you definitely do not want to put your headphone on charging every couple of hours. 

Design and Comfort

What is the reason for spending money on something which you don’t feel comfortable while wearing? So you need to take care of this too.

Noise Cancellation

It’s a new trend in the audio industry, noise cancellation refers to the capability of reducing the sound of the ambiance you are in.  This feature also helps you not to increase the sound unnecessarily and damage your ear-drums.

As we have not discussed the few aspects of buying a headphone now, it’s time to jump straight on our product list.

Our Picks For The 5 Bang For Your Buck Year Phones

Bang for your Buck headphones means buying a headphone that can justify every single penny you spend on it. There are lots and lots of options available in the market under every price range, which makes choosing one between them quite tough.

We have made a list of few headphones which are best under a specific price range. We have included a price category in which you can see price division from $80-$1000. People think that the more you have, the easier it gets to choose a headphone, but in real life, it’s the opposite.    

Best Headphone Under $1000

1.Audeze LCD-2


  • Best-in-class bass
  • Sturdy built
  • Comfortable
  • Good sound quality


  • Big and Heavy
  • A protective case isn’t available

This LCD-2s is an aggressive yet pleasant headphone. In the box, you will get an unbalanced 1.9m 1/4 inches dual-pin mini XLR cable, a warranty card, and a user guide. It also comes with a carry case which looks professional. It offers pro-level protection, in case if you drop it.

Talking about the build, the internal cavity where your ears will be covered is quite thick and you have no space for wiggling your ears, which is good as it has nice coverage so it will reduce the outer sound and will give you an awsome hearing experience.

Externally, the build feels sturdy and reliable. Its earcups are designed with Shedua Wood rings. Shedua is a soft African wood that is most preferable for musical instruments because of its lightweight and flexible properties. Its brown color really complements the dark aesthetics of the headphone. It has a black leather and steel suspension headband with a metal grillwork which is also black in color giving it an aggressive look.

Coming on quality of sound and features, like most of the high-end headphones, LCD 2 comes with a kHz extension which is far beyond than human hear range, which gives the potential to breathe effortlessly. By connecting it to a good quality DAC/AMP you can squeeze out every bit of performance at 70ohms. 

If you are a music lover and want a headphone that can give Accurate, Warm, and smooth sound, this headphone is something you can consider. For squeezing the maximum out of it you can connect it with a DAC/AMP for headphones.

Best Headphone Under $700

2.HIFIMAN Ananda   


  • Comfortable
  • Two cables (detachable)
  • Superb Audio performance


  • Bit audio leakage
  • No inline remote or mic in the cable.

Here comes a performance beast. It has a planet diver of magnets with an open design, which provides a super amazing hearing experience. 

Talking about the build and range, when you open the box it feels premium. Aananda is a great-looking and sleek, ear-shaped circular ear-cup. It has grey grillers that look premium and eye-catching just like Maseratis. 

It has ear-cups big enough so that they don’t touch your ears and make it more comfortable for long usage, even though there is a little space, you won’t get the outside sound as it has a good noise cancellation too. The headband also fits very well and feels secure as it won’t fall off easily, it grabs your head quite well.

Inside the ear cups have magnetic drivers, they are effective as well as lightweight. This headphone is ideal for mobile phones too. If you don’t know about the magnetic driver, let us keep it simple and straightforward that magnetic drivers are more efficient and stable than the standard driver. They result in more detailed, accurate sound when triggered.

If you are looking for a headphone that is best in the segment of $700, this is the one you can run for. This headphone will worth every single penny you spend on it.


Best Headphone Under $500 

3.Bose QuietComfort 35  


  • Clear sound 
  • Super Noise cancelation
  • Durable battery
  • Quick pairing


  • Active EQ can be better
  • Neutral design

Bose brought noise cancellation for the first time, with Quiet Comfort 35, these headphones are an impressively crazy option to choose. It comes with a hazel free pairing so you can confine your smart assistant to your smart speaker and smartphone, which make this headphone one of the best in the market, even after several years of being launched.

Talking about the design, the headphone comes with a monotonous look, of oval-shaped ear cups with a black body, it might not be the most attractive headphone you can buy, but it is comfortable to wear. The headband connected to the ear cups is well padded, which makes it cushioning and comfortable to stay on your head for long. It has a 2.5mm jack on its left earcup and on the right side, there is a power slider, volume button, charging port which is USB.

The sound is lovely and crisp, although there is a downside that it does not support AptX. It has a broad soundstage, and if you attach it with a recording of high-quality it gives an immersive sound. The bass is slightly boosted up which holds the loudness at some low tones but it will not affect your hearing at all. 

Bose QuietComfort 35 is a real headphone that justifies its name, as it is Quiet and has awesome noise cancellation, it has a comfortable feel when you wear it, even for a long time span.

Best Headphone Under $200

4.Sennheiser HD 599  



  • Good sound
  • Sturdy 
  • Lightweight 


  • Plastic body
  • Mid-tone could have been better

Sennheiser HD 599 comes with a generic Sennheiser box, a long and short cable, and an adapter. It is one of the best mid-budget headphones which can give optimum satisfaction to the user, and it carries the awesome legacy of Sennheiser as well.

Coming on build and design, it has a comfortable headband with good padding, that hugs your head well. It is made of plastic yet it feels solid, it is an over-ear headphone, whose ear pads are comfortable to replace as well.  It is more flexible than other models in this price range.

It has a 3.5mm jack on the left side and has a twist to lock function. Talking about the sound quality It is smooth and easy, you may have listened to good-sounding headphones but this one is beyond them. The feel you will get while listening to HD 599 can be explained in three keywords; smooth, warm, and engaging.

If you are thinking to buy a headphone under this budget of $200 this one is an awesome choice, as it will be value for money and a performer at the same time. It is perfect for watching movies and for listening to music.

Best Headphone Under $80

5.Sennheiser HDR 120  


  • Smooth sound
  • Long connectivity range
  • Comfortable


  • Low treble
  • Neutral design 

Sennheiser HDR 120 is truly a plug-and-play device, the interesting thing is that Sennheiser suggests that you should charge your device for 24 hours before using it. Sennheiser has been making professional headphones for a decade and this one truly carries its legacy, and this HDR 120 is the best cheapest headphone you can get. 

Coming on design and build, it comes in black color as, like most of the headphones, it doesn’t have that wow factor in its design The headband has a leather-like material with a good cushioning on it, it holds your head nicely. 

This HDR 120 as like most Sennheiser has an in-built amplifier, which handles bass and performance nicely. The mid-range is not boosted, and the audio feels non-fatiguing and smooth. It gives minimal isolation for noise too. The connectivity range is really awesome.

HDR 120 uses FM stereo having a standard analog modulation on 900Mhz. The more you will go far from the connected device the more noise. It has good noise isolation and gives a good experience of using it.

If you have a budget of less than $80, you don’t have any reason for not buying it, it is best in this price segment.


These are our top picks for bang for your buck headphones. These are in every price range, we have taken care of our readers and contemplated the budget they might have to buy certain headphones, so we came up with this blog. 

Remember we are not saying that there aren’t headphones that may seem to be more good on paper, but all of these are tested and then reviewed for the correct information, which we can provide to our reader. Ending this, here are the 5 Best Bang for your Buck headphones (2022 review).

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