5 Best Subwoofers under $500 | 2022 Subwoofer Guide


Subwoofers are a new boom in the world of gadgets. A lot of people think that subwoofers are only here to boost up the unwanted bass and creates only annoying sound. Well! This is not completely right but not wrong too, let me tell you How?

The subwoofers falling in the range around $50 are a total mess and yes, generates nothing but the annoying sound. So, It’s not a wise decision to go with the low budgeted subwoofers, it will feel nothing except for some Chinese mobile phone.

So, If you really wanna invest some money in the subwoofers, choose wisely. Also, subwoofers actually exists to produce bass and sub-bass even in the low frequency. While woofers are there to produce bass at high frequencies.

Majorly, the frequency for any subwoofer ranges between 20Hz- 200Hz. There are 2 frequencies and on the basis, the subwoofer categorization

  • When it’s below 100Hz, it’s for the professional live sound and
  • Below 80Hz, it’s for the THX-certified systems

A subwoofer is always used with a loud speaker and in more simple terms, a subwoofer is actually the speaker driver. Subwoofers might be encapsulated into a wooden cabinet along with the woofers.

When it comes to subwoofers, you can have variety in design like bass reflex, some of them comes encapsulated with woofers, some are augment with passive radiator speakers, infinite baffle, transmission line, and many more.

Now, coming on to the type of subwoofers-

Well! There are two types of subwoofers: Passive subwoofers and Active subwoofers.

  • Passive subwoofers comes with a subwoofer driver & enclosure, and also an external amplifier
  • Active subwoofers contains the in-built amplifier

5 Best Subwoofers under $500

To be honest, if you genuinely wants to invest in a good subwoofer then you really have to think it at least $500 and I really think this amount is quite in the mid range and it won’t affect your pocket.

Before moving further, let me just tell you the first home subwoofer was launched in 1960s and since back then, these subwoofers are going on through evolution and setting up another level of bass to your homes.

Later on, subwoofers attains popularity when Sensurround introduced and used in the movies to create earthquake tremors. Keeping its way like this, in 2000s subwoofers entered the nightclubs and concerts finally.

Finally, moving on to the list of the top picks as per our teams’ research and analysis. Here’s it-

  1. Klipsch R-12SW
  2. Yamaha NS-SW300PN
  3. Cerwin Vega XLS-12S
  4. SVS PB-1000
  5. Polk Audio HTS 12 Powered Subwoofer

1.Klipsch R-12SW

Klipsch R-12SW is available on Amazon at a price value of $220.79 in Brushed Black Vinyl color. The 12-inches subwoofer is ranked on the topmost position in the list of best subwoofers under $500.

Its unique color gives it an ultimate unique look, the subwoofer is really good when it comes to its looks. And, if we talk about its specifications, Klipsch R-12SW is even better.

There’s a wireless version of this subwoofer also available and for that you have to pay an extra $100. But both these versions fall in the category of under $500. Klipsch R-12SW produces an output of 400W.

The sound quality and the balance between bass & the treble is pretty amazing. The subwoofer is encapsulated in a wooden cabinet and its exact dimensions are 16″* 14″ * 18.5″ that is not much and hence ensuring high portability.

Klipsch R-12SW weighs only 33 pounds. Also, this is one of the lightest subwoofers.

Let me tell you a trick to get a good subwoofer and that is, you always should look for a subwoofer that offers you a controlled deep and thumbing bass as it’s quite easier to get a subwoofer that can overpower other frequencies but with Klipsch R-12SW, this is not the case.

This subwoofer has a controlled deep and thumbing bass unlike the ones with no control and also, Klipsch R-12SW doesn’t overcome other frequencies and it’s quite tight.

The frequency response of Klipsch R-12SW is very low i.e., 29Hz- 120Hz. Klipsch-R12SW offers you a 5-years woofer warranty and a 2-years amplifier warranty. There are no compatibility issues, the subwoofer works really fine with all kind of genres from rock music to classical to locking & popping to trance and actually, to any kind.

2.Yamaha NS-SW300PN

Yamaha NS-SW300PN is ranked on 2nd and this subwoofer is the most appealing among others in the list. The subwoofer is available on Amazon at a price value of $499.95 in Black.

Yamaha NS-SW300PN is two inches smaller as compared to the top-ranked Klipsch-R12SW i.e. 12-inches. I really don’t think there would be anyone to refuse this subwoofer by just having a look over it.

Honestly, this subwoofer gives you the complete feel of a premium subwoofer. And, actually Yamaha NS-SW300PN is something seems even more expensive than it actually is. You’ll literally fall in love with its looks.

The curve on its edges and its black color is cherry to the cake. The subwoofer weighs only 40lbs. Since it’s light in weight, easy to carry anytime anywhere. Yamaha NS-SW300PN has a 10-inch front firing woofer inside its body.

It’s absolutely easy to control, user friendly, and is well popular for its modern design. On its front top is the power button and volume button, using the button you easily can have the control of the subwoofer in your hand.

These buttons on the top panel of the subwoofer are inclined at an angle of 45-degrees. The exact dimensions of the Yamaha NS-SW300PN is 13″ * 14″ * 16″ inches.

Also, the subwoofer has the low frequency response i.e., 20Hz- 160Hz and hence it enhances the deep and low bass. The bass response should always be low as the higher response bass response can entirely ruin the vibe of the song itself.

Not only for listening music or for a house party but also the subwoofer performs really good while gaming. No doubt, when it’s about the house party, Yamaha NS-SW300PN has no competition.

The subwoofer offers you the power output of 250W and this is actually more than enough for a medium sized room party. What’s most impressive about this speaker is its sound quality and there’s no distortion of sound even at high volume.

3.Cerwin Vega XLS-12S

Cerwin Vega XLS-12S, this is something in funky look that is especially preferred by boys. The subwoofer is available on Amazon at a price value of $499 and is available in black color. There is only one single color in this subwoofer.

If you wanna have an upgraded version, all you need is just to add $100 more to the value and can get the Cerwin Vega XLS-15S i.e. known as the super massive subwoofer because of its 15-inches woofer inside.

The frequency response of the Cerwin Vega XLS-12S is quite low, i.e. 28Hz- 150Hz. You should buy the subwoofers at a low frequency response else the high frequency can ruin the entire music with its annoying bass.

This subwoofer requires a little more space as compared to others as it’s 20.5 inches deep with height of 18.2 inches and a width of 13.8 inches. So, make sure to have that much space to settle it down there.

It has a decent look in terms of design. Cerwin Vega XLS-12S has a wooden black finish something like satin and it has made using MDF wood. Also, the subwoofer has a metal grill on its front panel and a red ring to give it a funky look.

Cerwin Vega XLS-12S is really good and in terms of sound quality, the subwoofer performance is remarkable and generates the distortion free music with controlled bass even at high volume.

There is no doubt about its performance and sound quality that is super duper amazing but also when it’s about gaming, there is another level feel and vibe due to its deep bass. Though the bass is not as tight as it’s in the Klipsch but that can be neglected when you’re getting so much of features already.

4.SVS PB-1000

SVS PB-1000 is ranked on 4th position and the subwoofer is available at a price value of $499. There are two options you can get with this- the Ported Cabinet and the Sealed Cabinet.

The only color availability is Black Ash. SVS PB-1000 is just 3.5 inches. In this budget, this is literally one of the best subwoofers under $500. SVS PB-1000 is well-known in the world of electronics for a very long time and today also, the speaker has managed to book its place in the top picks as reviewed in 2022.

Be it about its size, sound quality, performance, durability, portability, and reliability, SVS PB-1000 is just WOW! This subwoofer is capable for generating a deep bass at low frequency and that’s what matters the most when it comes to buying a subwoofer.

Not only for the movies but also for gaming or modern action, SVS PB-1000 is no less even after being so old. Many latest versions and new models have been come and go but this is still the same.

Yes, If you want to go with the latest models you can select from others too but there’s a saying Old is Gold. Does it fits here in the world of electronics where technology keeps on changing every single minute, Well! It’s an exceptional case and is actually one of the best to go to your bucket list.

SVS, the brand focuses on quality more than anything else. They can’t compromise with their goodwill as well as the customer satisfaction. Buying it from Amazon will give you a 45-days free trial and a 5-years warranty.

Key Specifications-

  • High Excursion
  • Low frequency response
  • 300W output power
  • 300D DSP amplifier
  • Weighs 46lbs
  • Exact dimensions- 18.9″ * 15″ * 19.4″
  • Distortion free sound even at high volume

5.Polk Audio HTS 12

HTS series has been launched by Polk Audio in 2017, i.e. HTS 10 and HTS 12. The price has been kept so that it won’t affect the pockets and this is the only reason that this subwoofer has gained so much of attention since day 1 of its launch.

The subwoofer is quite good in looks and has an industrial design. Polk Audio HTS 12 has not that kind of latest features but what it actually contains is literally best of all, i.e. its sound quality and that’s what people look for when it comes to the speakers.

Not only the casual Audioholics, this subwoofer is also been in the list of the professionals too. Polk Audio HTS 12 is available on Amazon at a price value of $440.41. There are 3 options available- either to get only the subwoofer or to get a cable along with the subwoofer or to get the in-wall 8″ speaker along with the subwoofer.

The 12-inches subwoofer is highly efficient and effective. In terms of performance, this old-school speaker is no less. Polk Audio comes in black color. And, almost all the speakers are here in black color only.

The HTS 12 is actually the perfect for the house party and also it will perform pretty well even on the terrace. The subwoofer uses the dynamic balance technology to maintain the balance between bass and treble.

It has a 200W output power and 400W is the maximum. Polk Audio HTS 12 is a mind-blowing mixture of its modern looks and wonderful performance.

Key Specifications-

  • Patented Power Port Technology for deeper bass
  • No compatibility issues
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to use and control
  • Easy User Interface

Summing Up

This is all about the 5 best subwoofers under $500. I really hope it will be helpful for you and you get the one for you as per your requirements and preference.

Time to wrap up this quick guide of the top picks of subwoofers. Best of luck to all the Audioholics. Go and get one for you. All these listed subwoofers are gone through the Quality Assurance and then pulled up here in the top picks!

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