4 Best Bone Conduction Headphones under $100 (2022 Reviews)


Are you a die-hard music lover and looking for the best headphones and that too in the budget? Well! No worries, we’re here to help you find the best bone conduction headphone in your budget only. Honestly, we have done almost half of the work picking up the best headphones that can literally produce vibrations in your bones.

It’s actually another level of experience to feel vibrations in your cheek and jawbones. So what exactly happens with the bone conduction headphones, the sound waves pass to your inner ear via the outer and middle ear and ultimately producing the conductive current using your bones.

This can sound a bit complex but as we all know technology is doing wonders and evolving with the speed that anything can happen today. Coming to the application of the bone conduction headphones, this kind of headphones are majorly taken by the ones suffering hearing problems, during scuba diving, military communications, and even during cycling and running.

Finding the bone conduction headphone or any kind of headphone is easy as well as tough at the same time because as the price of headphones is getting dropped by the passing time, the quantity of headphones in a specific price range is increasing, and because of that wide variety of headphones, it’s becoming tough for one to choose, which one to buy.

Headphones are trending these days and neckbands are so common as we all know every other person you can see is wearing a neckband. Electronic music is going viral in today’s world. I really don’t think there would be a single person who can survive without music or without a good headphone.

A good headphone can seriously be something that can make your life easy. Bone conduction headphones are becoming the next big thing in the audio industry. People have already started shifting to these bone conduction headphones.

Currently, the market is flooded with thousands of bone conduction headphones that can create too much confusion while choosing a good bone conduction headphone and also when there’s already a price limitation.

In recent years, there was no craze for bone conduction headphones at all rather the aforementioned reason of electronic music as the price is getting low and the quality is good, users finally started switching on to these bone conduction headphones.

Before moving on to the quick guide of the best 5 bone conduction headphones under $50, let’s have a look over the other aspects to consider while buying the bone conduction headphones-

Have a look at how the bone conduction headphones actually work?

People are already aware of the functionality and features of the standard headphones and yes, also know a bit about these bone conduction headphones too. Still, I don’t think nobody knows it deeply, the mechanism of how sound is reaching your inner ear using this bone conduction headphone.

To make it clear, let’s understand this by taking the context of how sound actually travels to your inner ear. So, there will be a total of 2 scenarios-

  • Sound Travel via Bone
  • Sound Travel via Air

Sound Travel via Air

We have all read about Sound in Physics. And, that time we used to taught sound travel in the air. Let me remind you of the procedure once again, the sound waves reach your outer area through the air only. From the outer area, it moves on to the middle ear and then finally to your cochlea i.e. the inner part of your ear.

And, at last right from the cochlea, the sound wave is then transformed to some signal kinda thing, and then finally that signal is passed to your brain. This is how it works and sound reaches your ear via air.

Coming on to the Sound Travel via Bone, so while the sound is traveling through your ear and reaching to the cochlea, you can simultaneously hear it and that time your bones are contracting.

So, this was about how sound actually reaches your ear, the path it follows. But when it comes to the bone conduction headphone, the path is completely different. This is actually not what these headphones follow. Let me tell you again, the bone conduction headphones pass the sound waves that is nothing but the vibrations to your temporal bone.

As a matter of fact, it’s the temporal bone that surrounds your cochlea. Here, these sound signals trigger the cochlear fluid to come into action to transfer the sound waves to the auditory cortex and this is exactly the place or the point when you hear the sound.

The main advantage of these bone conduction headphones is that it’s actually the life savior for those who have completely lost their hearing capability. What exactly happens here is when somebody is suffering from hearing loss, the person is not able to get cochlear implants because of the damage of, course.

And, when there’s not cochlear implant, Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) comes into action. In this BAHA, it embeds the magnet under your skin. An external microphone will be there to receive sound and further to pass it to that embedded magnet. This magnet will be the transmitter to transmit the vibrations to the inner ear via the skull.

Our Picks for 4 Best Bone Conduction Headphones under $100

A budget of $100 is moderate, as you can get some really good studio headphones to buy, which can give you optimum performance. In this list, we have not ranked our headphones, as everyone has their preferences and budget. The headphones we have brought are best in the price range and are value for money.

  1. Aftershokz OpenMove
  2. Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphone
  3. Oaxis myFirst Headphone BC
  4. Aftershokz Titanium

Aftershokz OpenMove


Aftershokz OpenMove is available on Amazon at a price value of $79.95 and that too in 4 colors- Slate Grey, Himalayan Pink, Elevation Blue, and Alpine White. All the colors are pretty nice and you can opt for anything.

Getting Aftershokz in this price range is like anything. Aftershokz is the only company that has achieved the human hearing frequency range of 20Hz- 20kHz.

It has 3 EQ setting modes-

  • Standard Mode- for general casual listening
  • Vocal Booster Mode- This mode is used for podcasts and audiobooks
  • Earplug Mode- To be set while using the free foam earplugs


  • It has the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Aftershokz offers you IP55 dust resistance
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight weighs only 29grams
  • One full charge will give you a power time of 6 hours
  • 33ft. amazing signal range


  • Can easily connect with multiple devices
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • You might feel uncomfortable when using it for long

Tayogo Bone Conduction


Tayogo Bone Conduction headphone is just available only in $30. Tayogo is ideal for sports fitness. There are a total of 3 color options- Red, Grey, and Blue. This is the best for the ones with hearing incapabilities. With Tyogo, the sound waves directly travel from your bone to the inner ear.


  • Water-resistant
  • Offers you high flexibility
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 for stronger and faster connection
  • No compatible issues, the headphone is entirely compatible with Android as well as iOS


  • Connectivity range of 30ft.
  • One full charge will provide you the powerplay of 6 hours
  • Value for Money
  • Comfortable for long hour listening session


  • It’s not that loud even at full volume can’t overcome the traffic sound

Oaxis myFirst Headphone BC


This Oaxis myFirst headphone BC is specially designed for kids. There are 3 color choices available- Blue, Pink, and White. It is a wired over-ear headphone with a 3.5mm jack.


  • Wired connection
  • 85dB volume-limit
  • Ideal for child’s hearing
  • Comfortable for long hearing sessions for your kids to enjoy music


  • Appealing design
  • Wired connectivity- no need to get it charged every few hours
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Durable


  • Not suitable when it’s noise around

Aftershokz Titanium


Aftershokz Titanium is available on Amazon at a price value of $79.95 in 7 colors- Black, grey, Green, Pink, Red, Canyon Red, and Ocean Blue. You can choose among many. All the colors are quite appealing. The wireless open-ear headphone has Bluetooth V4.1 connectivity.

Like all other listed bone conduction headphones, this headphone also has the power play of 6 hours in one full charge. In terms of affordability, getting such high-end features in this range is something to be grabbed to your bucket.


  • Music travel to your ears via cheekbone
  • 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lightweight and flexible, hence are ideal for long-wearing sessions
  • Fully comfortable


  • No compatibility issues- compatible with PC, MAC, Android, iOS
  • Sweatproof
  • Dust resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Can easily connect with multiple devices
  • Good for the ones with their heads smaller in size


  • Doesn’t use the advanced 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity rather it has 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity

Important Considerations

Here are some of the important aspects that are needed to be taken into consideration while buying the best bone conduction headphones. So, here’s it

a) Design and Comfort- 

Frankly telling you all these bone conduction headphones are similar when it comes to design and comfort. How? The bone conduction headphones are the neckband that can easily wear on your neck with two earpieces to be put up in your ears.

In terms of comfort too when it comes to the neckband, there is no such difference honestly. It doesn’t even matter as all the neckbands will gonna provide you the same comfort. Rather it depends on the build material.

At last, I would only like to mention, the silicone designs are more comfortable than ordinary plastic designs.

b) Durability-

To be honest the build material and of, course the quality matters the most be it any little thing in this world. And, this is where comes the durability. Durability actually means how long something will last and yes it completely depends on the construction quality.

c) Wired or Wireless-

These days, everything is turning wireless and people are actually preferring the same. Also, if you’re doing something or running or whatever, a wire could be a total mess and hell irritating.

With the wired ones, you will need to set it again and again. So, if you’re also thinking to go with the wireless bone conduction headphone then always check for the battery life and connectivity as it’s all what matters when it’s about wireless things.

The only drawback with wireless headphones is the need to charge them frequently. Rest everything is all fine. Most of the people are satisfied with the ones offering the 4 hours playback time.

d) Sound Quality-

Obviously, when it comes to something related to music, sound quality is the first and foremost factor to be taken into consideration. As I have already told you that the bone conduction headphones are entirely different from the standard ones and the path is also not the same as in the over-ear or in-ear headphones.

The human hearing frequency range is 20Hz- 20kHz and this is something that cannot be achieved by any of the sound company but as we all know exceptions are always there and here too, with the bone conduction headphones it’s possible and is done by the Aftershokz.

The sound quality that Aftershokz has to offer you is next level. You won’t be regret choosing the brand at all. Rather, you’ll be like the fixed consumer of the Aftershokz. With the bone conduction headphones, you’ll not get that bass and treble as in the standard headphones.

e) Sound Leakage-

There’s a myth that everybody thinks there’s no sound leakage with the bone conduction headphones. But to be honest, this is not the case at all. There’s also sound leakage as there are no headphones with truly produced sound.

To be more precise we can say the sound leakage is quite less as compared to the open-back headphones. So, yes if someone is around you, they can hear what you’re listening to, and definitely, this proves that the bone conduction headphones also leak sound.

This is all about the best 5 bone conduction headphones as per our Experts’ team. All the listed headphones are undergone the proper quality test and all the considerations have taken while buying the best bone conduction headphones. I just hope this quick guide will help you make the right choice.

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