5 Best Bluetooth Transmitter for TV (2022 Review)


No doubt technology is rapidly growing and evolving with every passing day. Everything is turning wireless today. Surprisingly, now you even can connect your devices to TVs also as everything is going smart. Just like other smart devices, TVs have also gone smart.

So, you can connect your wireless devices to your smart TV as well. Coming on to the Bluetooth transmitter, the device is used to connect your Bluetooth device to TV.

Whenever there’s a connection between any two devices, there will be a sender and a receiver. So, what happens with the Bluetooth transmitter is on the receiving end you will find a receiver that will decode the signal it is receiving from the sender to the audible signal.

Here comes the twist now, there are some of the Bluetooth transmitters that can be used as receivers themselves. All you need is to make the connection between your devices. Like, connect your device with the PC, TV, mobile phone, or tablet. We’ve picked the best Bluetooth transmitters and some of them are this kind of dual-mode only.

Bluetooth Transmitter Requirement-

Majorly, there are two main reasons why do you require the Bluetooth Transmitter. Let’s have a look over.

  • Firstly, It’s very obvious if your TV does not have the in-built Bluetooth Transmitter
  • Secondly, If your Tv is having Bluetooth Transmitter but it cannot support a low latency audio codec.

So, yes, if your TV doesn’t have the Bluetooth Transmitter then it’s very obvious to go with the one.

The second reason is if your TV does have the Bluetooth Transmitter but due to its lifetime or we can say its age, the model, the year, it somehow is not able to provide you the support for the low latency.

So what exactly happens when there is lip-sync issue i.e. the low latency audio codec, you’ll hear the audio after a few seconds. That means there is no lip-sync with the person speaking on Tv and the audio you’re receiving, there’s a delay between the timings.

This issue can irritate you a lot and even frustrated too. But no worries as long as we’re here. We have made a list of the 5 best Bluetooth transmitters with no issues at all. Also, all these Bluetooth transmitters have undergone the quality assurance test and then made their place in the list of these 5 best Bluetooth Transmitters for TV as reviewed in 2022.

Surely, there would be nobody unaware of the wireless connection. Whenever there comes the term ‘wireless’, I’m sure the first thing coming to your mind is Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can wirelessly connect any of the two devices in this world using Bluetooth.

When it comes to the Bluetooth transmitter, to be more precise, there are two other terms that come along- Bluetooth Dongle and Bluetooth audio adapter. So, if your headphone is making the connection with your devices using Bluetooth, Infra Red, or Radio Frequency that means it has a specific transmitter of that particular type.

5 Best Bluetooth Transmitters for TV 

Using this quick guide of the 5 Best Bluetooth Transmitters for TV as reviewed in 2022, you can get some really good transmitters to buy, which can give you optimum performance.

In this list, we have not ranked our transmitters, as everyone has their preferences and budget. The Bluetooth transmitters we have brought are best in the price range and are value for money.

  1. Avantree Oasis Plus
  2. 1 Mii B310
  3. Avantree Orbit
  5. Mpow Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Oasis Plus


Avantree Oasis Plus is available on Amazon at a price value of $114.99 and having both Bluetooth and wired connectivity. The device has Bluetooth 5.0 receiver and it has literally a lot to offer.

The Bluetooth transmitter supports both analog and digital audio output. Also, the Avantree can act as transmitter and receiver at the same time, you’re just one touch away.

There’s no issue when it comes to the low latency audio codec that means no lip sync issue. Avantree Oasis Plus has aptX HD feature. Since the transmitter can work as both the transmitter and the receiver, even in that dual-mode too, this latency audio codec performs fine.

Coming on to the range of the Bluetooth transmitter, it can reach 50m. This transmitter comes with a use-case and that makes it pretty unique from all others in the list of 5 best Bluetooth transmitters as reviewed in 2022. Using this Bluetooth transmitter, you can even connect this transmitter with the speaker, headphones, and your TV of, course.

No doubt, this Bluetooth transmitter is the expensive one on the list but yes, worth it with all its features. Using this link you can get a Bluetooth transmitter as well as the wireless neckband earphone that easily can connect with your TV or mobile phone.

In just one full charge, the Avantree Oasis Plus can give you the power play of 20 hours. There are no compatibility issues and the Bluetooth transmitter is compatible with all the smart TVs. Along with the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Avantree Oasis Plus offers low latency audio codec i.e. no lip-sync issue, has a long-range of 50m, voice guide, touch screen display, and also has both wired and wireless connectivity.

Not only this, the Avantree Oasis Plus can even be connected and performs simultaneously with your TV and soundbar if your TV has only one optical port. The Bluetooth transmitter also has an independent volume control.

With Avantree Oasis Plus you can select either to go with wired or wireless just with the click of the button. No need to get tangle with wires.

The Avantree neckbands coming along with the Bluetooth transmitter provide you full comfort, amazing mic quality, and you can even use them while working out or gymming.

Key Features-

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Long-range of 164ft / 50m
  • Supports both wireless and wired connectivity
  • 3 Audio outputs- RCA, AUX, and optical
  • 2 transmission modes- TX and RX
  • For low latency audio codec, it has aptX, aptX LL, and aptX HD
  • Touch screen display interface
  • Supports Bypass mode
  • Easy to set it up
  • User friendly
  • The neckbands coming along has a battery backup of 20 hours i.e. gives the playtime of 20 hours in one full charge

1 Mii B310


1 Mii B310 is available on Amazon at the price value of $59.99 is known for providing the long-range. The impressive factor about this Bluetooth transmitter is its in-built battery so if there’s no power supply, no need to get worried as the transmitter already has the in-built battery that helps the transmitter to work fine even when there’s no power supply.

You can recharge this in-built battery and one full charge gives you the playtime of 18 hours in TX mode and 20 hours in RX mode. It takes around 4.5 hours to get it fully charged.

The Bluetooth transmitter features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for a better quality connection and ultimately boosts up the sound. 1 Mii B310 is the most bought Bluetooth transmitter cause of its crystal quality sound and most importantly it’s absolutely budget-friendly.

With 1 Mii B310, if you’re thinking that you really need to be a techie to operate it or to set it up, this is not the case at all. All you need is just a button, plug it in, and you’re set to go.

Key Features-

  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • Comes with aptX low latency audio codec to handle that lip-sync thing
  • Assure high quality
  • It has B03 that makes it suitable to get connected with 2 Bluetooth headphones simultaneously
  • High-end build quality

Avantree Orbit


Avantree Orbit is so good in looks. The Bluetooth transmitter is available on Amazon at a price value of $99.99 in gray color. It weighs only 226 grams.

Avantree Orbit comes with the low latency audio codec that means there is no lip-sync issue at all and you can enjoy the music videos flawlessly, it’s in proper sync with your TV. Supports aptX technology.

It has two internal antennas which help the Bluetooth transmitter to be in a good range and provides you multi-room coverage. So no matter where you’re sitting your connection will be stable throughout.

All the available connections are shown on the LCD display and all you need is just to get connected with the one you want to. Also, it will show your device connectivity status, active codec, and if your connection is valid or not.

Key Features-

  • Provides you up to 164′ range coverage in open and 50-70′ indoors. However, this range might get affected if there’s some external interference.
  • Avantree Orbit comes with an LCD display where you can easily see all the available connections and can easily get connected to yours.
  • No compatibility issues. The Bluetooth transmitter is compatible with Netflix, Prime, ALT Balaji, and other streaming mediums.
  • Supports aptX LL



The ELEGIANT BTI-066 is available on Amazon at a price value of $56 and is considered to be one of the affordable Bluetooth transmitters on the list. The transmitter comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology for faster data transmission speed and stronger connectivity.

There are two modes with the ELEGIANT BTI-066

  • TX Mode for connecting your Bluetooth transmitter to your TVs, computers, iPods, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones
  • RX Mode is used to connect your transmitter to other non-bluetooth devices. You can easily make your ordinary room converted to the extra ordinary home theatre

You can easily connect to two devices simultaneously. Also, this ELEGIANT BTI-066 can be used as both transmitter and receiver. The transmitter has an LED display to indicate the status as well as the battery life.

Key Features-

  •  Using this link, you’ll get a headphone along that is absolutely comfortable and even good for long hearing sessions.
  • It comes with the LED indicators to display the status, the content, the battery level, and other related info.
  • The headphones have a playtime of 16-hours.

Mpow Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter


Mpow is available on Amazon at a price value of $40. The Bluetooth transmitter comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensuring the long range stronger and quicker connection.

The receiver can receive up to the range of 50m/164ft. Mpow is a 3-in-1 adapter and the entire audio quality is in HD from Qualcomm aptX HD. It supports Qualcomm aptX low latency audio codec that means there are no lip-sync issues at all and you can easily enjoy the audio without any buffer.

Also, Mpow has high-quality CSR8675 chip, again for stability and faster connectivity. You can either watch movies with this Bluetooth transmitter using your projector.

There are no compromise with the quality of sound and also, the transmitter acts as both receiver and the transmitter at the same time. There are no issues on any of the mode either it’s transmitter end or the receiver end. Hence, you can have low ends, mid details, and high pitches quite clearly.

Key Features-

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Using the CSR chip, Mpow Bluetooth transmitter assures you crystal clear high quality sound
  • The long range of 50m/164 ft. The range might can be affected due to the external factors
  • Easy to install and setting it up
  • No extra efforts required to learn the controls
  • Extremely easy to operate

Summing Up

At last let’s just have a quick look over the factors that should be prioritized while buying the Bluetooth transmitters-

  • Audio Codec and that should be at least aptX;
  • Audio Out, Based on the audio output of your TV you need to choose the suitable one;
  • Range also matters and varies from 10m to 50m;
  • Audio Sharing that is often called Dual Link. The dual link varies for two-persons like for the first one if it is supporting the aptX HD codec then for the other one it may be SBC;
  • The Bypass Mode that helps the audio connection to get passed from the transmitter to the speakers.

All these listed Bluetooth transmitters are really goon in themselves and now it all depends on your choice what you wanna go with as per your requirements and preferences. Also, the Bluetooth transmitters have undergone proper quality assurance tests and all the important points are taken into consideration.

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