5 Best Drones Under $300 [Updated 2022] Camera Quads


Hello Everyone! This is another guide that can get you the list of the best drones under $300. Whosoever thought to buy a new camera drone, the first thought that strikes the mind is the budget. 

Personally, what I think is one shouldn’t spend more than $500 on the camera drones. Actually, It’s all about to explore and research, the more you explore the quality you can get. You even can get the best camera drones under $300 or even in $200 also. 

We have 2 more guides where you can go and check the best camera drones under $500 and under $200. So, yes, you can get the best camera drones at the highest of $500. To those who are starting their hobby with the drones, you’re at the right place and also you can refer the drones under $200.

We assure you’ll get the best camera drone under $300. The experienced pilots can invest as per their choice but this guide is actually the best for the intermediate and the newbies. As in the end, who definitely end up crashing your drone for sure. 

For the moment we can assume and can expect less chances of crashing from the experienced ones. Also, one more thing I would like to clear here is that it’s actually a myth, ‘the more you spend, the high the quality’. It’s a big NO. I mean it’s all about how you explore.

Here’s the list of the best drones under $300. Let’s dive into the ride and get a brief of all the drones mentioned in the list updated 2022.

  1. Contixo F24 Pro
  2. Parrot Bebop 2
  3. Holy Stone HS100G
  4. UPair One Plus Drone
  5. Walkera Rodeo 150

1.Contixo F24 Pro


Contixo F24 Pro is the value for the money and is actually the drone is considered as one of the best drones under $300. Contixo is quite travel friendly. With this FPV quadcopter you’ll also get a backpack. Contixo is the best travel partner in this range.

The maximum range of F24 Pro is 2000meters i.e. 1 mile. Contixo F24 Pro has a slight learning curve that can be a bit difficult to get tackled by the beginners but yes at the same time, if you’re intelligent enough you can definitely go with this latest model only.

For those who doesn’t want to go with the learning curve, the best alternate options  are Contixo F18 and F20 as they both have the GPS assisted hovering. On the other hand, if you’re already an intermediate level pilot, I’m telling you gonna love the features, the stability, the performance. 

This quadcopter is the best drone under $300 and is the most preferable by the travelers. Contixo F24 Pro is really very smooth, easy to carry, easy to control & operate. It has literally everything and all the latest features that one can look for. The drone has 4 powerful brushless motors of 1806 1800KV.


  • The biggest advantage is such a masterpiece is falling under $300
  • In the package you’ll also get a backpack
  • Includes GPS and Follow me mode
  • A great flight time of up to 30 minutes


  • FPV distance is very less, 600meters only
  • Customer reviews are not good for wifi setup

In this budget, genuinely it’s the best. Contixo F24 Pro offers you the camera resolution of 2976*1680P. This is enough for beautiful aerial shots. You can also capture the live videos beautifully. With the package, apart from the backpack you’ll also get the phone holder to place your phone. 

If we talk about its cons, the wifi setup that can be neglected. I mean how could it be difficult to setup when you have everything written on a manual. Strange though!

2.Parrot Bebop 2

If you’re one of those who are more conscious about the looks actually, then this is it. Yes, Parrot bebop 2 is the one with the high-end looks. This drone is one of the most amazing camera drones listed under $300.

Actually, this is the expensive one but currently you can grab this handsome drone under $300 in the offer price. But you won’t get the accessories that you usually get in the original price. In this offer price, you’ll have to use your own phone as you wont get the remote control. Hence, the quadcopter is listed in the best drones under $300.

Parrot Bebop 2 is popular in the market because of its absolute performance. Since the drone offers you stable hover making it an ideal for the beginners. This is the most favorable for the beginners, there is no worry of losing controls and also the stability is quite high that it can bear the windy weather well.


  • 3-axis digital stabilization system
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Per battery, the flight time is 25 minutes
  • Can fly as far as 300meters
  • Outstanding control range
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing features and especially the looks


  • In-App purchase

One thing I would like to mention is Parrot Bebop 2 can speed up to  60Km/h i.e. 38mph and it’s not recommended for the beginners at all. All the newbies are suggested to fly the drone at a low speed. 

Parrot Bebop 2 uses dual core processor with quad core GPU, GPS, and Flight Plan. Actually, Flight Plan is something you need to purchase as it’s not free with the drone and this is the only drawback with Parrot Bebop 2. Rest all is amazing. So, if you can afford this Flight Plan, Parrot Bebop 2 is the thing.

3.Holy Stone HS100G

Holy Stone HS100G is one of the largest drone listed in the best drones under $300. This is the best for the intermediate as well as the ones who already have gained expertise in flying drones. 

Holy Stone is just $250. The incredibility that Holy Stone offers to its users can’t be ignored. Also, in terms of stability too, Holy Stone HS100G is no less. It’s not an indoor drone, Holy Stone HS100G is an outdoor drone. Majorly used to capture the sports events and actually most of the times it has been seen being used to shoot marathons too.

As it’s comparatively large than the others, HS100G requires FAA registration. the specifications are actually impressive that once you gone through, you couldn’t find a single reason to drop this. The maximum flight time of HS100G is 15minutes per battery.


  • Follow Me mode
  • Include FPV
  • 5G wifi
  • Amazing FOV, Field of View
  • GPS Auto Return to setting accurate position
  • Safe Home Return


  • Requires FAA registration in the US cause of its large size
  • HS720 is more updated

The maximum control range that Holy Stone HS100G has to offer is 500meters. This drone is loved by the pilots who really likes long-range flights. The battery of the drone is of 7.4V 2500mAh.

Talking about the camera of the HS100G, it’s also amazing. The shots are pretty nice and clear shoot from the 720p resolution with 120° Field of View that is responsible for a wider angle. Not only this, you can even adjust the camera to 90° for capturing views from different angles. 

Holy Stone HS100G has an On-button Takeoff and landing, low battery auto-return feature, headless mode, and 3D VR compatibility. Along with this, HS100G also has Follow Me mode, enabling the mode the drone will start following you wherever you move, your smartphone actually. 

4.UPair One Plus Drone


This is the one that can be taken by any of the beginners, intermediate pilots, or the experts. As we all know DJI is quite expensive and is not affordable by all. UPair One Plus drone can be the alternative to the DJI Phantom series. 

The camera and the looks of the UPair One Plus drone gives you the exact feel as the DJI. In this budget, getting the DJI’s vibe is just wow. With an amazing hardware, UPair One Plus is an excellent aircraft that you can get. 

Since the drone is recommendable to all level of pilots, it’s really easy to control & operate. The setup also is quite easy as compared to others. On a serious note, this is the one to be a part of your bucket list when you’re giving the first try to fly a drone.

You can have an inexpensive stunning aerial photography in such a low budget under $300. The camera can be adjusted as per your view preferences. With 0 latency, UPair One Plus is the best drone to go with. 


  • Flight time up to 19 minutes per battery
  • 12MP camera with 2.7K video
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to setup
  • Live video
  • Exclusive Hardware
  • Outstanding Control Range


  • No cons actually

It is able to avoid beginner crashes and thus can actually help you be one of the best drone pilots. UPair one Plus has an outstanding hover ability. With this drone, the entire time of the flight you’ll feel as if you’re flying an high-end drone, not for a single moment you’ll feel as if it’s a low-level drone.

Moreover, there are literally no cons of the UPair One Plus drone. And, still if you want some, go to Amazon and you can find there some negative reviews. But to be serious, there is nothing to highlight in the negative comments for UPair One Plus. This is literally the best drone under $300. 

5.Walkera Rodeo 150


Walkera, the most famous brand in the drone industry and now has come up with its new drone Rodeo 150. Walker Rodeo 150 is designed with an aim of providing an improved  experience especially to the beginners, basically a beginner friendly drone. 

It’s quite easy to use, easy to control, and easy to operate. However, Rodeo 150 doesn’t require assembling it, it’s ready to fly the moment it arrives. If you are absolutely new and you want to set up things without using much of your brains, then go for this Walkera Rodeo 150.

No need to customize FPV racer mode with Walkera Rodeo 15. The main feature that makes Walkera Rodeo 150 the most selling drone in the market is its performance. I really wonder how can a drone perform as it’s a high-end drone in just this mid range. I wont mind saying Walkera Rodeo 150 is the best drone under $300 to be picked. 


  • It’s the best one to go with and have a good start to your hobby
  • Beginners friendly
  • 600TVL camera
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable of course
  • DEVO transmitter


  • The package doesn’t contains FPV monitor and Goggles

The battery of the Walker Rodeo 150 is of 7.4V 850mAh 30C 2S Lipo. It provides its users the maximum flight time of 8 minutes per battery. Honestly, if I compared Rodeo’s flight time to all other best drones in this list under $300, this is actually the least time that I’ve come through and hence, the drone is sitting on the 5th position. 

Although the listing of the best drones under $300 is not the position wise but yeah, I’m putting this Walkera Rodeo on the last position only. Rodeo 150 has a 600TVL camera that is pretty good to keep your eyes focused on the racing track.

For watching the real-time videos, one needs FPV monitor or FPV Goggles that are not provided by the Walkera in the package. Rodeo has no fancy features except for that it has the WK-WS-17-002 brushless motors and that’s must in any race quad and ESCs.

Summing Up

So, this is all about the best drones under $300. To have some more options, we also have 2 more guides covering the best drones under $500 and the best camera drones under $200  reviewed in 2022. As I already said, for each and everything in this world you must be a good explorer. The more you explore the best you get. So, you really can explore here only.

I think we’ve provided you enough information and surely that’s enough for you to go and have the one best drone either under $200, under $300, or under $500. All you need is just to go and have a quick look over all 3 guides. We’ve made an absolute guide and as per your preference and requirements, just select the one that you feel is the best drone for you. Hope you had a good time reading this!

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