4 Best Laptops for Revit in 2022 – Compatible Picks


Well! As we all know about the sophisticated Revit software that requires more than an average laptop. Why so? Reason being, this heavy software is very particular about its compatibility and just to get rid of these compatibility errors as well as to avoid the lagging and slow performance, one need to have a high-end laptop.

Here I’ll be telling you all about the Revit and the best suitable laptops to run Revit smoothly. At first, Autodesk Revit is a 3D modelling software. The software is majorly used by the architects, engineers, contractors, and designers all over the world. And thus, requires a laptop with high specification including an ample of RAM, a good SSD storage, and of course, the first class graphics card.

As per our Experts’ analysis and research, here are the Best 5 laptops for Revit. You’ll get the complete specifications that would definitely be helpful for you all who are looking forward to buy a new laptop for Revit. So, based on all our considered factors, the best laptops  for Revit are listed below:

  1. MSI GL65 Leopard
  2. Acer Predator Helios 300
  3. Microsoft Surface Book 2
  4. HP Pavilion Power

Moving onto these Best Laptops for Revit one by one-

1.MSI GL65 Leopard

This is genuinely the best, on top of the list- MSI GL65 Leopard. This machine is the cherry to the cake for the ones believe in Multitasking. So, if you wanna work simultaneously along with Revit, This is it! MSI GL65 is the cosmopolitan gaming laptop and it has the factors that make it the Best for Revit.

In the budget range of $1500, MSI GL65 Leopard is the best Revit 2022 laptop you can go with. Just to let you all know, mentioned above, MSI GL65 Leopard is a popular gaming laptop that doesn’t mean it’s the limitation of the leopard, a big No! The mind-blowing specifications of MSI GL65 Leopard makes it completely the best laptop for Revit 2022.

The first and foremost thing that anybody who’s going to buy a new laptop notices is it’s processor. What made the Leopard the best laptop for Revit is the 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-10750H processor. One of the features of the MSI GL65 Leopard, I would love to mention, is the Turbo Boost! What’s this now? This Turbo Boost switches the Leopard up to 5GHz and it’s completely the best option to go while working with other software along with Revit.

There is no chance of lag or hanging with the Leopard as of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. So, yes, there is absolutely enough 8GB GDDR6 VRAM that ensures GPU resources to efficiently handle multi-layer Revit designs. As of 2020 version of Revit, the software at least requires an 8GB RAM and outstandingly, this laptop not just capable of providing that required RAM, rather it gives you a great amount of 16GB DDR4 RAM. Undoubtedly, making it literally the best laptop for Revit.

So, that clearly implies MSI GL65 Leopard is capable of supporting heavy applications and this 16GB RAM lets you running many other heavy apps in the background. If you are planning to design an exclusively high-end tool, nothing to think about, just go for this MSI GL65 Leopard, the best 2022 laptop for Revit. Not only this, along with the great amount of RAM, this top level laptop also provides you a huge solid state storage of 512GB, which is no doubt, joy of joys!

Since the Leopard is the gaming laptop, definitely its advanced features are an addition to the designers. I really wonder if there would be a Revit user who opt anything else over the MSI GL65 Leopard. Let me mark some of the features here- the 15.6inches Full HD panel that comes with the 1920*1080 resolution with the refresh rate of 144Hz. With the Leopard, you will have many colors to your designs as well as your lives.

Then moving to the Keyboard shortcuts, as a Revit user, the main focus is always on the productivity, and just to make sure of it, you should know the shortcuts. Herein, the Leopard has the anti-ghosting technology to make sure while executing multiple commands, the keystrokes are registered already. Also, one more thing, the gaming keyboard let you customize your board using the available  RGB lighting in it.

Apart from all the merits of the MSI GL65 Leopard, the only drawback you would be facing here is that it’s a bit bulky and the battery backup is not up to the mark as expected.

2.Acer Predator Helios 300

After the best among all, here comes the first runner up in the industry, none other than Acer Predator Helios 300. Not the best, but no less than the best, Predator Helios 300 is in the line and in the best laptops for Revit 2022. As per the official Revit website, they have categorized the best laptops for Revit into three- budget laptops for Revit, mid-range laptops for Revit, and the higher range laptops for Revit. As we have put the Acer Predator Helios 300 on second in the list, considered as one of the best laptops for Revit 2022.

Being on the second, Acer Predator is in the higher range category. With the matte finish and an amazing 15.6-inch full HD display, the Predator is completely compatible with the bright outdoor conditions too. We can even view the screen from the odd angles that is a mandate when it comes to designing and especially for the Revit user.

Honestly, if we look over the specifications and the price of this laptop, this is really the best laptop for Revit in terms of budget. There is not so much of difference between Acer Predator Helios 300 and MSI GL65 Leopard, but this one is budget friendly. Moreover, the battery backup is more of the Acer Predator as of to the Leopard, i.e. 6 hours.

The processor of the Predator is the same as of the Leopard and as we know, it’s the processor that is the one thing the users are possessive of. For all the Revit users, there is no scope of compromising. The Predator has its 16GB RAM internally that can be extended to 32 GB. The graphics card of the laptop is capable of supporting 6GB of VRAM that is not bad as well. I must say, it’s a great deal in $1100.

The Acer Predator comes with the 144Hz that can be decreased to 60 Hz as per your requirement. And, as we all know that how popular the Predator series for its looks and stunning build. Except for the keyboard tray and the below side of the Acer Predator Helios 300 that is made up of the metal, the entire body of this laptop for Revit is of plastic.

This laptop ensures durability but not portability. When it comes to portability, the first thing that comes to our mind is the weight. Low weight ensures easy mobility but Acer Predator Helios 300 is quite bulky and this is the only major drawback of this laptop for Revit. And, coming to its battery backup, it’s good until and unless you are not gaming but if gaming, it’s not recommendable.

To all the buyers, you all are recommended to start having a habit of being plugged-in. The last but not the least, Helios 300 has one USB 3.0 and one 3.1 Type C port.

3.Microsoft Surface Book 2

So, all we have gone through as of now, are the two gaming laptops for Revit. But now, apart from that gaming platform, we can also look for the professional laptops for Revit as well. And, yes, this Microsoft Surface Book 2 is one of them and is placed on the third. Just want you to know, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is known for  its best battery life. It can go up to 17 hours.

This Surface Book 2 is the comeback for the Microsoft. And, from that very moment Microsoft Surface Book 2 has entered the market, the laptop is considered as the best one for Revit. Microsoft is ruling over the market because of its sleek design that makes it absolute travel friendly and this new launch is also the same, no disappointments!

Microsoft is the ruler of the laptop industry and now it’s literally been ages. This is the best laptop for Revit as of the battery backup that can last up to 17 hours. Surface Book 2 features the latest 8th generation i7 processor with 16GB RAM. 

There is no need to get worried about the lagging with such a high 16GB RAM, no chance. Not only this, the display of the laptop is completely detachable ensures high portability. Surface 2 comes up with the aluminum body.

There are 2 models available in Microsoft Surface 2: one with a 13.5-inch display while the other one with a 15-inch display. The 13-inch display model has GTX 1050 and the 15-inch display model has GTX 1060. With a resolution of 3000*2000, Microsoft Surface 2 is less than 2KGs makes it literally the high-end laptop to go with for Revit.

4.HP Pavilion Power

The low budget HP Pavilion Power has a 15.6-inches full HD IPS display and comes with the Intel Core i7-7700HQ 8th generation processor. HP Pavilion Power features 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU. There are 2 models of the HP Pavilion Power varying as per the storage configurations- 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD.

The IPS display of the HP Pavilion Power is responsible for the amazing pictures with details. In this list of the best laptops for Revit reviewed 2022, HP Pavilion Power is the only one with the touch-screen functionality. 

To make it clear, also according to the display functionality, there are 3 categories of the HP Pavilion Power- a touch-screen, no touch-screen, and a 4k UHD display. For a smooth workflow on Revit, HP Pavilion Power is the best laptop for Revit and that too in budget. 

Ram is quite low i.e. just 8GB. So, if you want to perform other tasks while working with Revit, this is not the considered option to go with. Actually, 8GB is just enough if you do not require multitasking, it will go good to work with Revit only. If you’re focused about Revit only and there are no other tasks, this is the best in budget. 

It’s 2022 but still also HP Pavilion Power is lacking the Optical Drive and this is again the drawback with this laptop. The rest everything is okay. Without going out of your budget and getting a laptop that can work pretty fine with such a heavy software like Revit, HP Pavilion is the one. Also, the audio quality of the laptop is not that good but yes, that can be neglected.

Just a reminder, do not go with the RAM less than 8GB. Though 4GB RAM can also work with Revit but it’s a big NO. You can opt any laptop with full HD and the processor should be higher than i3. Make sure the laptop has an efficient and advance cooling.

If considering enough RAM, Graphics card, and the processor it be expensive to choose the one with good specifications but if you go with a low budget then after some time you’ll have to invest again so it will be better to invest in the first move only.
So, here’s the time to wrap up this guide. We have literally invested so much of time to analyze each and every little detail to prepare this list of the 4 best laptops for Revit reviewed in 2022.  I just hope you had a happy and fruitful reading!

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