5 Best Long Range TV Antennas on the Market (2022 reviews)


Here today, we’ll be discussing all about the best long-range antennas on the market as reviewed in 2022. You can easily mount these antennas on your outdoors.

The long-range antennas are the most preferable in today’s time. These antennas will not only provide you the long-range and advanced technology but also come along with many other features that are actually taken into consideration while buying the TV antennas.

You know what, while choosing a TV antenna you really have to adjust with some of the factors according to the situation and the place where you want this antenna to get mounted, like with the capability, the size, and weight.

All the listed TV antennas will surely satisfy you and you literally won’t e regret choosing the one from here as all these have undergone proper quality assurance and then made up their place in the list of the 5 best long-range TV antennas as reviewed in 2022.

So, when you’re all set to install the antenna you need to check the situation like the signal connectivity you getting currently- a powerful signal, a less powerful that means the mid signal (not so powerful, not so weak) or the extremely weak signal; you require a Very High Frequency, i.e. VHF for your antenna or Ultra High Frequency, i.e. UHF, etc.

So, sometimes it goes irritating when there is no connection and it says, ‘there is some problem with the cable’, then another reason could be the satellite bills, and ultimately saving money. To go with the HDTV antenna at a budgeted price would be a good option.

With these long-range TV antennas, not only it’s a money savior but also it has many things to offer you like the weather forecast, sports news, current affairs, and of, course the entertainment in a good video and audio quality. Ultimately, it will be completely a different and amazing experience.

5 Best Long Range Antennas for TV

Also, as we all are aware of how quickly the technology is evolving with every passing day and the same is happening here in the HDTVs industry too like Next Gen TV. So yeah, it would be a wise decision if you invest in OTA antennas.

Let’s just move on to the list of the 5 best long-range antennas for TVs as reviewed in 2022. And, yes all the listed antennas are best in their own way. It’s all about your personal choice, your budget, your requirement, and your convenience what you opt to go with!

  1. RCA ANT751R Yagi HDTV Antenna
  2. Vansky Amplified HDTV Antenna
  3. ClearStream 4V HDTV Antenna
  4. Antennas Direct DB8e
  5. Channel Master CM-3020 Antenna

RCA ANT751R Yagi HDTV Antenna


RCA ANT751R Yagi is the upgraded version of the one that the brand has launched earlier. Basically, it’s the sequel of the original design of the RCA HDTV antenna. The original design was actually no less, be it about its reliability, resistance to weather conditions, durability, or setting it up.

Coming back on to this latest version, there’s a slight difference in terms of design. RCA ANT751R Yagi HDTV antenna offers you the range of 70 miles under standard conditions. The long-range TV antenna is actually made to provide you the best range even from the 15+ miles away.

Its compact design is its main strength. This RCA ANT751R Yagi is known as the best selling and credit goes to its compact design, it’s really small in size that it can even be mounted in the corner areas too where there is less space.

Unlike other directional long-range TV antennas, RCA ANT751R is not amplified at all. But not to worry. It’s absolutely easy to set it up. Once the antenna is unboxed, all you need is just to unfold and lock the dipoles and you’re ready to install your antenna wherever you want it to be mounted.

With an RCA ANT751R Yagi HDTV antenna, you don’t need to be worried about stormy weather conditions. The antenna is made up of aluminum and stainless steel that makes it absolutely strong to fight storms.

Not only this, when the weather is not even good there won’t be any signal issue. You’ll still get your channels without any kind of weather or any other external interruptions. Coming on to the weight of the RCA ANT751R, it’s just 2 pounds only.

Without any second thoughts, this antennas is one of the best antennas and the absolute value for money. Along with all these outstanding features and a first-class review of the RCA ANT751R, the company also offers you a one-year warranty.

Key Features-

  • Without any kind of interruptions or obstacles, no weather issues, you can easily enjoy all the HDTV channels, your favorite shows, favorite movies, and no monthly fees or any kind of subscription. Say bye to your cable bills.
  • In terms of broadcasting, the antenna can offer you 4K, 8K, and 1080 HDTV and ensuring high-quality audio and video.
  • RCA ANT751R ensures you no buffering in the signals and has both Ulta High Frequency and Very High Frequency.
  • If extending the range of the antenna to its maximum then it can go up to 70+ miles.
  • High durability
  • Outstanding build quality making it a good pick even during the bad weather conditions.
  • No need to put in any kind of extra effort, the installation is really quick and easy.

Vansky Amplified HDTV Antenna


You know what? With Vansky Amplified HDTV antenna, you get a kit and it has a lot to give you. Let’s have a quick view of what the kit has to offer you!

  • To control the movement of the antenna you get a motorized rotator that is nothing but a wireless remote.
  • The coaxial cable to make a connection between the antenna and your TV.
  • Interesting is, you can even split the connection into two which means you can even connect your TV antenna with two of the TVs using the in-built splitter.
  • Very High Frequency and Ultra High-Frequency stations.
  • What about the voice? For that too, here’s the solution- the in-built amplifier.

With this Vansky Amplified Antenna comes the range of 150 miles. It’s absolutely easy to set up and hence, no extra efforts required for the installation. To be honest, this antenna has everything that is required or I would say, the points taken into consideration while buying a long-range antenna for TV.

Let’s consider a situation where there are too many towers, no shortage of towers at all and still also, you aren’t able to get the proper connection that is required. Why so? Well! It’s because there are too many towers and when there is an antenna that cannot rotate 360° and hence it cannot connect to the towers.

With this Vansky Amplified Antenna, you get a motorized movement controller, and hence your antenna can move in all directions, i.e. to 360 degrees, and can connect with any of the preferable available towers. When there is no option to move to 360° it becomes really difficult for the antenna to get connected with the towers in opposite direction.

Another benefit of going with this Vansky Amplified Antenna is its in-built spliiter. So, if you want your antenna to get connected with 2 or more TVs, you will need a splitter for that but Vansky is already providing you its in-built antenna.

Also, there is already a preamplifier and thus no need to get worried for the signal weakening issue too.

Key Features-

  • Vansky is available on Amazon at a price value of $37.
  • The maximum range of the antenna is 792000 feet.
  • Dual TV outputs- can easily connect your antenna with 2 TVS at once, thanks to its in-built splitter.
  • It comes with a wireless remote controller that is basically used to control the movement of the antenna so that it can easily get connected to the available towers in any of the directions.
  • Along with the package, you’ll get the power supply adapter and a coax cable of around 32.8 ft.

ClearStream 4V HDTV Antenna


ClearStream 4V HDTV Antenna is available on Amazon at a price value of $98.95. There are 4 options available when it comes to the range- 35+ Miles, 70+ Miles, Antenna + Mount, and Antenna + Mount + Amplifier.

ClearStream is claimed to provide you the best performance among all other TV antennas in this 70+ miles category. This antenna is really a good to go option if you’re living literally on the edge somewhere in the mountains where there are no towers you can connect so far.

On the hilly and edgy areas, you migh have noticed the antennas large in size, high-gain but you know what when there’s storm or something like that the antennas stop working in these situations.

So, for those stormy situations, you need the antennas that are both compact as well as aesthetic and yes, ClearStream falls in the category. The brand assures you full compatibility even in the stormy weather condition.

Key Features-

  • The maximum range it can reach is up to 70 feet.
  • ClearStream is considered as one of the best no matter what. Be it bad weather or anything else.
  • Unlike other atennas, ClearStream is multidirectional rather than unidirectional.

Antennas Direct DB8e


Antennas Direct DB8e is available in aluminum color. There are multiple options in terms of range-

  • 45 Miles
  • 60 Miles
  • 70 Miles
  • 70 Miles w/30″ Mount
  • 70 Miles w/ 4-Port TV Amplifier
  • 70 Miles w/ HDTV Preamplifier
  • 70 Miles w/ Preamplifier System and
  • 70 Miles w/ VHF Kit

This antenna is known to be the best in providing literally the long range of 1.dBi and honestly, this is the high on this list. So, no matter if you’re living somewhere on the edge, somewhere where there are no transmitters so far, then this is the one for you.

Just particularly for this edge thing, surely, there would be many more in the market but as we all know, ‘the more the options, the more the confusion’. So, just trust this guide and we assure you we’ve listed the best among all after proper quality assurance and testing.

Key Features-

  • This Direct DB8e has flexible panels that is not there in many of the antennas and these panels are for the wide coverage.
  • The antenna is popular for providing you the Ultra High Frequency station.
  • It comes with the dipole element that actually separates the UHF and VHF signals all along.
  • High Flexibility.

Channel Master CM-3020 Antenna


Channel Master CM-3020 Antenna is available on Amazon at a price value of $179. This antenna has two variations in terms of size and style and then these two variations have further subdivisions.

  • Size- 45 Miles, 60 Miles, and 100 Miles
  • Style- CM-3020, CM-3016, CM-3018

We’re talking here about the long range reception that is 100 Miles. The antenna has an amplifier and it comes with an increased height that means Channel Master CM-3020 can be installed at a height higher than the standard height.

CM-3020 is highly compatible with all the channels, be it Low frequency, High frequency, Very High Frequency i.e. VHF, or Ultra High Frequency i.e. UHF. Also, the antenna is not oriented to a particular type of broadcaster.

Channel Master CM-3020 ensures your high reliability and first-class performance. It has 8.6dB with VHF and 9.5dB with UHF. This antenna is compatible with all the broadcasters including CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, PBS, Telemundo, Univision, and more like this.

The brand is well popular in the industry and is known for the trust and the goodwill they’ve maintained so far.

Key Features-

  • CM-3020 supports ATSC 3.0 and 4K broadcasting too.
  • It’s easy to install and set up. No extra efforts are required for setting it up.
  • It comes with the U-bolt mounting that makes the connection between the antenna and the pole or mast.
  • Along with the package, you’ll get an installation guide and you can follow the steps written to set it up.

The most asked question when it comes to the antennas-

Q- Do you need a Preamplifier?

A- To be honest, yes, it actually requires a preamplifier while buying the antenna for your TV. Preamplifiers are here in the antennas to reduce the noise. What actually happens is, the preamplifiers strengthens the signal the antenna is receiving via applying the electric current to the coaxial cable.

Final Words-

All these listed antennas are the best in them. All the important factors are taken into consideration while preparing this quick guide. I just hope our research would be proven to be fruitful and useful and help you making the right choice!

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