5 Best Mini Drone [Popular Small and Nano Quadcopter Drones]


Looking for a new mini drone to buy?

Nano quadcopter and Mini drone are very popular gadgets in the market, either use them for fun or professional reason. They will give you an awesome experience every time you use them. They come in every price range, you can think of.

The best part of having a mini drone or a nano quadcopter is that you don’t have to register it with the FAA. These drones do not exceed even 0.55lbs of the weight limit, FAA has imposed.

Most mini drones are seen as toys, but there are also some nano quadcopter and mini drones which will amaze you with their features and can be used as professional gadgets.

Why choose Mini-drones or Nano Quadcopters?

The few reasons for the popularity of mini-drones is their low price, firstly. Although they are cheap, they come with great features. Some of the mini drones might be quite expensive because they will give extraordinary features relative to their weight.

Second, comes the weight, the Nano Drones are small and can fit in your palm easily, and mini drones are almost equal to the size of your palm. Few in the market are even foldable, allowing them to fit even in your lunch box.

These sleek flyers are best for people who want to experience flying drones on a budget or want to do some professional work without making their bags heavy. They may be tiny from the professional models but could work as a good way to learn how a drone works before you switch to bigger ones.

There are many cool features available in this price range of drones like different flying modes and auto take off. These drones can be a nice gift for kids or adults, fun doesn’t have any age. Well, a thing to remember: if you are buying drones for kids, make sure you buy those that have propeller protection for safety.

In the area of quality, these mini drones have improved a lot, now many of them come with cameras on them, and other cool features i.e. Hover mode and headless mode. These funky features are common in today’s nano quadcopters.

As there are lots of advancements happening in technology regarding drones, they have allowed manufacturers to come up with better and awesome features in a drone. Talking about quality, the camera in these drones have improved as well, the FPV features in these machines has leaped.

Now the drones have started using modular batteries, which made people get rid of those wired pushpins. Many high-end mini drones allow you to use your smartphone as a controller, removing the need to carry a controller, making it even more portable.

Guide for buying a Nano or Mini Drone

You should always consider your budget and flying skills while buying drones, especially if you are a beginner.

  • Size

The size of a mini drone means a lot. Mini drones are small in size which makes them adequate for newbies. Mostly, they are made in such a way that you can learn how to fly a drone, which means even if you crash one, it will work.

The nano drones are made for using indoor, mostly. There is a reason for that, the mini-drones don’t have that much power that it can handle the wind outside, and will become unstable, and if you will stick within a budget, the battery life of your drone will not be good too.

So, if you choose a tiny nano quadcopter, it will be easier to handle, and fewer chances of losing control over them except the bigger nano drones, as they will consume more power.

Make sure to buy a drone to fly it inside of the house. If a question comes up in your mind about what size will be perfect to buy a mini drone, make sure it comes in your palm.

  • Speed

The speed of a drone depends upon the person who will use it. If buying for kids, don’t buy a drone that zaps around, instead go for some slow one. If you are buying it for yourself or any adult, you can go for the best speed and other features too.

Remember, speed is subjective in the case of a nano drone as it will not perform that well outside due to wind. Because of a low-powered motor, it cannot tackle resistance of the wind.

If the thought comes to your mind to fly it in the direction of the wind, then get ready to say goodbye to your little aero-acrobat.

  • Durability

The durability of drones has increased over time. Durability doesn’t only mean sturdiness, it means how well it will work in the long-run. The durability of the drone will depend upon its price. The costlier the drone, the more the durability.

  • Controllability

Controlling a mini drone is tough. The bigger drones have space to have features like, stability and GPS which help them to control their movements. These are missing in smaller drones.

Most drones are so light that even a slight movement can accelerate them in the wrong direction and make them hard to handle.

  • Features

Mini drones don’t come loaded with too many features. They don’t have many astonishing features, but if you find any of the features under a budget, then you are lucky, otherwise, if manufacturers will try to install some features, it will result in a price hike.

Best Mini Drone [Popular Small and Nano Quadcopter Drones]

Now, coming on to the list of 5 Best Mini Drone [Popular Small and Nano Quadcopter Drones].

1. Syma X2


Style – Nano drone||Size – 3 x 3 x 1 inches||Weight – 1 oz|| Max speed – 5 mph|| Max service ceiling – 20 meters|| Battery~100mAh built-in LithiumBattery life 4-5 minutes|| Range20 meters|| CameraNo camera|| Video recording – N/A|| StorageN\A|| Remote controlSimple remote, requires 4x AA batteries|| Flight modes360 degree rolls.

A tiny drone that can fit in your palm. This flier is simple and doesn’t come with too many loaded features. Priced at $20.00 it’s adequate if you want it to gift a kid. It’s not too fast, which means it cannot harm them. It comes with the only feature of a 360-degree role.

With a battery life of 4-5 minutes, that’s all you can expect with this mini drone. With a range of 20 meters, this machine is suited to be used indoors.

This drone is appropriate for kids as it’s fun and easy to use. This little aircraft is good to have first-hand pilot experience.

2. Syma X5C

Here’s another one from Syma, but this one comes with some good features. A fairly stable, and easy to handle drone. Syma X5C comes at a price of $45.00. This drone is one of the best choices if you want to learn flying drones, which has some good features.

This drone comes with two-speed modes, first, the normal which is stable and has a nice fly time and control. The second is the fast mode which is a bit un-controllable but if you take care, manageable and you can easily manage it.

It’s made from flexible plastic which makes it durable, this is a good option if you want to learn, how not to crash your quadcopter!

3. Eachine E010


Style – Nano drone|| Size – 3.74 x 3.74 x 1.96 inches|| Weight – 1.76 ounces (50 grams) || Max speed – Slow, medium, fast about 11 mph || Max service ceiling – 150 feet || Battery150mAh built-in lithium || Battery life – 5 minutes || Range150 feet || Camera – No camera || Video recording – N/A || Storage – N/A|| Remote control – Simple remote, requires 1x AA battery || Flight modes – Headless Simple RTH, 360 rolls

Eachine is known for making toy-class quadcopters. E010 has a price tag of $23.00 which makes it definitely within a budget if you are a beginner. It’s adequate for kids as well as adults if you don’t have experience of flying a drone before.

This little flyer comes in 3 speed modes: slow and normal for indoors, and fast if you have a clear day with no wind or minimal wind speed. The advantage of this drone is that it comes with a hefty propeller guard, which makes it durable in the long run.

It does not have a camera, which not is appreciated if you think to have in this budget. The flying time is a bit low, as we have drones with more fly time on our list.

Feature-wise, it gives you nice features at this price range.

4. UVify OOri


Style – Mini Racing drone || Size – 90mm x 90mm x 30mm || Weight73 grams || Max speed50 mph || Max service ceiling – 500 ft || Max ascend/descend speeds- n/A || Battery660 mAH || Battery lifeMax 5 minutes || Range500 ft max, 200 ft to be safe || Camera5.8GHz fpv camera || Video recording – Record video livestream from third-party 5.8GHz receiver || Storage – None  || Remote control –  Full control with built-in color display

Approx 2 hours battery life || Flight modes – Beginner (ATTI,) Acro, Power || Hover accuracy- Optiflow vision sensor offers basic hover, but no official hover mode available || PackagesNormal or Power Bundle with extra batteries and charging station.

Here’s a mini racer from the house of UVify, who have a nice experience in drone racing. UVify OOri at a price range of $195, is quite expensive for a mini drone, but it’s

Loaded with cool features and best in our list.

This little racer has a max speed of 50mph, which is definitely not less for the size of this drone. Having a stabilizer, which most of the mini-drones lack, the controller has a battery life of 2 hours which is next to awesome.

The battery life of the drone is only 5 minutes. It has a camera which can click pictures and record videos as well.

OOri is an agile, fast, sturdy, and durable drone, and in this a little costlier but it’s worth it.

5. Hubsan H502S Desire

One of the best toy-class drones produced by Hubsan, which included GPS. Because of GPS, this drone comes with a follow-me feature. The base variant comes with a brush motor, you can opt for the higher variant but for beginner’s purposes, this will be adequate.

The brush motor makes it a bit off-trend but is stable and easy to control, it has a camera for video recording and clicking pictures, which may not have excellent quality, but can perform well in this price range.

It hovers quite well and because of the FPV feature at 720p, makes the flight experience fun. At a price range of $100, it is a nice deal.

Summing Up

Here, we have brought you the list of 5 Best Mini Drone [Popular Small and Nano Quadcopter Drones], we included mostly toy – class drones, because spending money on nano drone of the expensive range will be a waste, because you will not get too much feature in it as compared to a mid-sized drone.

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