5 Best Mechanical Pencils in 2022 [For Drawing, Artist, Writers & Engineers]


If you are an artist, a writer, an engineer, you will be aware of the importance of precision in your work. Standard wooden pencils do their work nicely, but they aren’t for everyday usage. If you want to carry a pencil for wear and tear of daily usage, switch to feature-packed mechanical pencils. They are easy to refill according to the leads they prefer, mechanical pencils are durable and adequate for day-to-day usage for school and office.

Mechanical pencils are mostly likable because of their precision to fanciful creativity. They are erasable and sharp, no need to carry a sharpener and generate a mess of wooden scrap at the place you work. They have a comfortable grip, which feels sturdy and fits well between your fingers, making them more popular among professionals and school kids.

When you talk about the use of mechanical pencil in drawing, we all know how much of a difference it can create in your drawing piece. When you use a wooden pencil there may be a problem with making a stencil because it gets blunt after you use it for a while, the broad outlines can make your drawing piece look messy. This is where mechanical pencil comes as a savior if you buy the right size of the lead you can master your art.

Well, we have talked about, how can mechanical pencils be your new work friend, but let us learn about ‘what should you look for while buying a mechanical pencil.’

Right Size of the Lead

When it comes to choosing the right lead for your work, it is obvious you will go for the most convenient one, which you can use as a sharp and a blunt tip too. There are 4 common sizes of leads for a mechanical pencil.

Even if you are confused, what size of lead to buy for your work, you should know that 0.5mm and 0.7mm are the most versatile for both drawing and writing. If you are a school or a college student, you should go for this size of leads for your mechanical pencil.

The aforementioned 4 types are:

  • 3 mm – used for thin detailing in drawing and writings.
  • 5 mm – Most popular among the public, because of its versatility and smoothness.
  • 7 mm – Commonly used for a bit of bold writing and non-detailed drawings.
  • 9 mm – Made for making your sketches look awesome and for newsprint to make the lead rip through.

There is also a pencil lead sized 1.0mm, which is very rare, and were mostly used in pre- 1950 parker pencils. Except for these sizes, there are leads like 1.18mm, 1.30mm, 1.40mm, 2.00mm, 3.15mm, and 5.6mm, some of them were used in past, some are used till now, but we over here are taking in mind precision and easily erasable ones, so we will not consider every single one of them.

Need to have a Comfortable Grip

If you are a student or a professional and most of your work depends upon using a mechanical pencil, you should switch from your budget-priced pencil to a bit expensive one. As you will find a more comfortable grip in them, which will not create pain in fingers and hands while using them, and your hands and fingers will be thankful to you.

Tips which suits your need

The issue comes up when mechanical pencils have different kinds of tips i.e. Fixed and Retractable.

The fixed tips tend to be sturdier and stable, gives better detail to work. On the other hand, if you are carrying a retractable tip, you will have ease of carrying them and not hurt your legs.

Mechanism type

Mechanical pencils can be sub-categorized into 2 basic types:

Screw based pencils: In this type, you can advance the lead of the pencil by twisting a screw, which will make a slider down the barrel of a mechanical pencil. It was common in the early twentieth century. Most of these pencils can push back the lead inside the pencil.

Ratchet based pencils: A variant of clutch pencil, in which pencil is held by two or three jaws inside a ring of the tip. The button on the end of the body of the pencil controls the jaw. When you push the button, the jaw is opened and the lead slides outside a little bit. After you remove your finger or thumb from the button, the jaws get contracted and it holds the lead again, which doesn’t let the lead slip inside again.

Best Mechanical Pencils in 2022 [For Drawing, Artist, Writers & Engineers]

Now let’s come on the list of the 5 best Mechanical Pencils in 2022 [For Drawing, Artist, Writers & Engineers].

1. Rotring 600 (0.5 mechanical pencils)

Coming at the price of $33, this is overall excellence. It comes in a sober, black, and triangular cardstock box. Having a Rotring stamp on it. The pencil comes with a black finish, with a curling grip which is super fine. The pencil doesn’t feel harsh or too masculine. It is a well-balanced pencil. The less-expensive version of this pencil comes at the price of $18, featuring a plastic body and a metal grip and cap as well.

You can change the hardness of the pencil by clicking the button on the end from anything between HB, B, 2B, 2H, etc, which clearly makes it an awesome pencil.

The lesser version of Rotring 600 doesn’t come with a retractable tip, so keep that in mind. There is an eraser under the button so, this makes it more fabulous.

2. Sheaffer Prelude

If you want a pencil to make a class statement this one is for you. The Sheaffer Prelude features a black matte finish and 22KT gold plate trim. The lead of 0.7mm holds up your work smoothly, even if you give extra pressure on it.

An elegant and professional pencil that will look classy and will rival every pencil or even pen on your desk. If you want to gift it for graduation, or a job promotion nothing is better than this mechanical pencil out there.

Coming at the price of $55 may sound a bit expensive, but this pencil justifies its price.

3. WSD Sketch Up


When we talk about sketching not only the details matter but grabbing attraction and giving an impression also matters. Here is a sketch master WSD Sketch Up. It has a larger lead and makes free-flowing of the drawing. This is a clutch-type of pencil, approximately similar to a mechanical pencil, but have a few key difference.

Rather than pushing the lead in front, this pencil lets you adjust the lead as much you want. As the lead is larger(5.6mm) it gives an advantage to the designer or an artist for using it for sketching. It comes with a sharpener at the top end, which can make you choose the precision on your own.

It comes at a price of $ 26.07, which makes it a good choice to have.

4. Pilot Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencil

An ergometric pencil at $35, that puts you in comfort first. If you have a job of long writing hours, this is made for you. This will help you to deal with the fatigue caused by writing for a long. Dr. Grip mechanical pencils launched in1995 provides superior comfort while writing and reduce pain caused by writing.

It is a quality mechanical pencil that will give you a smooth experience and relieve you from writing pain as well. It has a shaking mechanism which is easy to use as well.

5. Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Premium

Are you an architect, drafter, or artist? With this, there will be no problem for you to find the best thickness of the pencil you want. This Pental Graph Gear 1000 is a valuable set for your imagination. It comes with various leads size of 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm. It features color-coded pencils, lead, and replaceable erasers.

It has a 4mm tip which allows you to work well even if you put extra pressure on it. The tip retracts and prevents the lead from breaking. The grip is made of metal and covered with soft latex-free pads for a comfortable and handy grip.

Coming at an affordable price of $22 -$50, this one is a good choice for you.

Summing up:

Here is the list of the 5 best Mechanical Pencils in 2022 [For Drawing, Artist, Writers & Engineers]. We got the pencils you want for your work or your educational purpose, at an affordable price range and with excellent durability. You just need to choose the right one for you based on your needs.

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