5 Best Mini Portable Guitar Amp for the Money (2022 Reviews)


Well! here’s something interesting for the Guitarists. Today, we’ve come up with the mini portable guitar amps. I don’t know whether anybody feels like this or not but what I feel is there’s something different about the guitarists. They have a different vibe.

And, when they start to sing along with playing the guitar, it’s something another level. So, whenever you’re out or having just a random jamming session with your friends, then it requires something mini or small in size as it’s easy to carry.

During these times when you wanna go out, the requirement is something lightweight, small, and hence, the one with high portability.

Why Guitar Amp?

A guitar amp is required to boost up the electronic signals from either an electric guitar, a bass guitar, or an acoustic guitar. To give strength to the weak signals works the guitar amp.

In short, we can say, the guitar amp is the booster to the signals or sound. For the weak signals, the guitar amp works really well.

And, with the guitar amps, what matters the most is the portability. The most preferable guitar amps are the ones smaller in size and compact. But does that really mean that with the small size comes less quality? Does that mean you have to compromise with the sound quality? A big NO!

You know there’s a myth that high-volume things provide you more quality. This is not the case at all. Good research is enough to get you the best you’re looking. This guide will surely help you get the best guitar amp with high portability and no compromise with the quality.

Buying Guide for Guitar Amp

Do you know what is the most important thing for a guitarist? It is the constant practice. Not only for the guitarists but this is the key for any of the artists. If you’re not practicing daily, your talent will get rusty for sure and there’s no doubt in it.

And, if you’re a beginner, it’s actually mandatory to practice on a daily basis else you won’t be able to remember the basics. Every time you’ll start with some days gap, you’ll have to go on the basics first.

If your gear is quite heavy, you won’t enjoy practicing daily at all. So, keep this in mind if you are genuinely looking forward to buying yourself new gear, it should be lightweight.

Being a guitarist, one of the most important gears that you should possess is the portable guitar amp. Many of the experts also recommend getting you the best portable guitar amp if you’re really dedicated to your passion.

For the ones who travel a lot, it really becomes hard to choose the one that can assure them high portability. The market is literally flooded with thousands of guitar amps and as we all know, with many choices comes the confusion too. But no worries, we’re here to guide you, and let’s just move on to the important considerations to be taken while buying the guitar amps:


This is the most important key factor to be considered of course, the size. There are many guitar amps that seem similar in portability but vary in size, design, and overall construction.

Just make up your mind and get some points, the suitable size that you want to buy that you feel you can easily carry along whenever and wherever you want to go.

There can be many things that can come to your mind while deciding the size like something that can fit your suitcase while traveling and you don’t need to carry it separately. Some are comfortable carrying an extra case for the amp but some are not. It’s all about one’s opinion and comfort zone.

Also, while considering and checking the size of the guitar amp, there’s one more thing to check along and that’s the construction. What actually happens, the manufacturers can even befool you in terms of construction. While you’ll be busy and focusing on the size only, there are chances the guitar amp lags in construction and that can make your guitar amp flimsy.

Test on the Sound-

The second most important factor to be taken care of is the soundcheck. So, whenever you go shopping for anything, you always take out some of the best choices, right? and then try only those. So, this is the same that is expected when it comes to soundcheck.

All you need to do is go for the soundcheck with the all-picked ones out. And, then compare the sound among others. The factors to be checked during soundcheck are-

  • The Wattage of the guitar amp
  • Check for the sound, if the sound seems realistic or unnatural
  • Check for the high frequency that it can provide
  • The loudness of the amp
  • The number of speaker units it has
  • EQ controls configuration
  • Variety of tonal controls

Testing is something that should not be done in a hurry. Take as much time as you want to. It would be better than regretting later.

The Control Panel-

To configure the overall shaping and to control the tonels, EQ controls come into functionality. The Control Panel features all these EQ controls. There are variations in here too-

Generally, the basic guitar amps have 3 EQ controls only- Volume, Tone, and Drive. While there are upgraded guitar amps too that have more EQ controls like drum patterns, tuners, headphone jacks, aux port, and many other effects.

In these sophisticated guitar amps where you can have a variety of EQ controls. It even varies either for jamming sessions, for silent practicing, for something live, and etc, etc.

The pedalboard has the same functionality. So, if you have one then you can use that only rather than using the guitar amp’s effects.

5 Best Mini Portable Guitar Amp for the Money

This is all about the guitar amps basic overview, the quick guide. Without looking anything further, it’s time to move on to the list of the 5 best mini portable guitar amps for the money as reviewed in 2022.

All these listed guitar amps are hereafter going through the proper quality tests and all the important factors have taken into considerations before making this list.

  1. Marshall MS2 Micro
  2. Blackstar Fly 3
  3. Danelectro Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier
  4. Vox Mini5
  5. Roland MICRO Cube GX

1.Marshall MS2 Micro

This Marshall MS2 Micro is available on Amazon at a price value of $90. There are three color options that you can choose between- Black, Red, and Black with Grill Cloth.

This guitar amp is no less than something grand. Well! yeah, the black one looks so royal and classy. It’s actually so very much good in looks that once you went through the overall specifications along with the physical appearance, you won’t be able to resist buying this guitar amp.

Also, another most impressive factor about this guitar amp is that it’s pretty much within budget. Marshall MS2 is quite smaller in size and hence easy to carry anytime and anywhere. The exact dimension of the guitar amp is 2.4 x 4.3 inches.

On the front-facing, the Marshall MS2 has control features including volume control, tone control, overdrive switches, and the input port.


  • Highly portable
  • Operated through battery
  • Comes with the headphone jack
  • Amazing sound quality
  • On the back of the guitar amp, you’ll find the clips that can be attached to your pants


  • Doesn’t works well with bass guitars
  • Not suitable when the frequency is low

2.Blackstar Fly 3

Blackstar Fly 3 is available for just $70. There are a total of 3 color choices- Black, Green, and Cream but currently only Black color is available.

Coming on to the variations that you can choose among while ordering this Blackstar Fly 3 guitar amp-

  • Accessories Bundle
  • Only Amp
  • Amp, Extension Cabinet, and Power Supply
  • Extension Cabinet and
  • Bluetooth Amp

So, these are the choices available and while ordering your guitar amp you can choose among these variations like what you actually want along with the guitar amp or only the amp.

Blackstar Fly 3 is actually smaller in size but the sound quality it has can literally put your party on fire. The guitar amp is quite light in weight and comes with a 3-watt amplifier.

On the front panel of the Blackstar Fly 3, you’ll get the gain control, equalizers, overdrive switch, headphone ports, input port, MP3, delay switch, and volume control.

On the back panel of the guitar amp, there’s battery storage and a DC power supply port. Blackstar Fly 3 requires 6 AA batteries to get started with it.


  • Works well with all the styles
  • You can even have a jamming session or a party kind atmosphere
  • Highly portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • User friendly


  • You can feel constantly a humming sound

3.Danelectro Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

This one is the best in looks. The Danelectro electric guitar mini amplifier is available on Amazon at a price value of only $35. This is the cheapest guitar amp available on the list of the 5 best guitar amps as reviewed in 2022.

What attracts the most is its Aqua color. I can assure you if you’re one of those who are more focused on looks, then this is the one. Danelectro electric guitar mini amplifier has everything like it’s in the budget, then have good looks, and have remarkable sound quality.

With the Danelectro electric guitar mini amplifier, you’ll feel something like a vintage thing. As its name is already implying that the guitar amp is quite smaller in size but that doesn’t really mean you have to compromise with the quality, not at all!


  • On the front panel, you’ll get the control panel including the volume, tone, input port, and overdrive controls
  • On the back of the guitar amp, it has a belt clip and the battery storage
  • On the side, the guitar amp has the headphone jack
  • The sound quality is amazing
  • Most important- friendly


  • No sound effects except for the overdrive

4.Vox Mini5

The expensive so far on this list of the 5 best guitar amps for the money as reviewed in 2022. This Vox Mini is available on Amazon at a price value of $190. There are 2 color choices- Black and Ivory.

Vox Mini is ideal for jamming as well as practicing. Also, one more thing about this guitar amp is that it’s good for a newbie, for the one at the intermediate level, and for an expert too. You gonna love this purchase for sure.

To get started with the Vox Mini5, you’ll require 6 AA batteries and an AC adapter. On the front panel, you’ll have the control features that include the amp effects, gain control, volume control, and tone control.


  • Comes with the rhythm kit that contains 99 patterns and beats for different kind of genres
  • You can even adjust the speed of the guitar amp
  • Travel friendly
  • Loud


  • Large in size comparatively

5.Roland MICRO Cube GX

Roland MICRO Cube GX is available on Amazon at a price value of $165. This is the second most expensive guitar amp on this list of the 5 best guitar amps for the money. But let me tell you, all these guitar amps provide you surely a value for the money.

On the front panel of the guitar amp, you’ll have the control features that include the chromatic tuner, power button, tone control, volume control, gain control, and master control.


  • Highly portable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for home practicing as well as studios
  • One full charge will give you the power playtime of around 25 hours
  • With Roland MICRO Cube, you need to download the app if you’re using it with the Apple devices


  • No such cons

Summing Up

I think if you’re passionate and dedicated to being a musician then this guitar amp is a must. These are the 5 best guitar amps as reviewed in 2022 and surely gonna offer you value for money. All these guitar amps here listed herein keeping in mind all the important considerations so you can just go and purchase any of them without giving it any second thoughts.

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