5 Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming (2022 Reviews)


For all the gamers, I can really understand to what extent a good headphone actually matters as it requires to hear all the gaming beats properly and clearly. To be very honest, the game sound matters the most and all your winning and losing possibility completely depends on that.

So, Yes, you require the micro-level sound quality while gaming that is not here in the standard headphones. We all know gamers are crazy at another level for games. It’s like if they have to choose between the person over gaming, It’s a big NO! A gamer will choose only his game over everything else in this world.

You all must be aware of the game PUBG. It had another level of hype. I highly doubt if there would be a single one who hasn’t even tried it for once. PUBG has made all the gamers its high-end fan. People were crazy for the game on another level. And, at last, when the game banned, it was no less than a heartbreak for all those dedicated gamers.

The game has changed the world of gaming literally. The game was not just visual, but it was audio too. People have made several connections with the game. It has already set high standards for gaming and high expectations for gamers.

Undoubtedly, there could be no better game than PUBG. I mean in terms of graphics, the concept, the sound, everything was just so perfect in the game. Yes, when it was banned, many of the gamers shifted on to Free Fire as that game is much similar to the popular game PUBG.

PUBG was actually legendary and I don’t think there would be any other game in the future also that would gain so much popularity and this kind of fan following. Not just the teenagers but the adults also were so fond of the game.

There were gamers who were gone so sharp in the game that even without letting their enemy, it was a kill. With this much sharpness and accuracy, many of the gamers even had started their channel and start streaming. Streaming on YouTube not only just made them popular but gave them money too.

It was no less than a boom in this entire world. Finally hits the Corona to the world. All other countries decided to ban everything related to China. A complete cut-off with all the Chinese companies. Not only PUBG, but many other applications got ban too. I believe, it was Shein and PUBG that has actually broken up many hearts. Shein was a clothing app and their variety was actually amazing. It was like getting the best collection on the budget.

But then what happened? PUBG made a comeback! But yes, the comeback was not that hyped as the premier release was. However, today also the game has 400,000 players every month.

I think gaming is something that can never be stopped. The PUBG ban was mandate for benefitting this entire world in that situation but did it really change something? No, I guess as the game is in the run again, and is it the gamers are not interested anymore? Again No!

So, It’s pretty clear that gaming headphones have something different than standard headphones. 

The standard headphones are just good for the music only. Not only the gaming headphones but also in the standard headphones too you can have the best from the lot. We have many guides related to headphones for gaming, for PUBG, for audiophiles, you just can have a look over.

Do you ever think why these gaming headphones are more premium than the standard headphones? What extra they contain that these normal headphones do not have! Let’s just have a look over-

So, there are multiple reasons that can make you realize what exactly is the difference between a normal headphone and a gaming headphone. Or I can say, how the gaming headphones are better than the standard headphones.

As I’ve already mentioned sound really plays a vital role when it comes to gaming. No, Actually not only gaming but in the lives too, whenever you’re happy, sad, or whatever your mood is, there’s music that can just refresh your mood in no time. So, Yes, whatever the field is, the sound, the music is actually important.

Let’s just move on to the reasons why the gaming headphones are better than these normal music headphones.

  • Gaming headphones’ mics are designed for streaming too unlike the normal headphones mics that are available for calling only.
  • The sound quality is designed in a way specifically for gaming, unlike the normal headphones that is for good quality music only.
  • It requires the sound to be heard at the micro-level and that’s not possible with the standard headphones at all.
  • With normal headphones, there’s no noise isolation but all these gaming headphones come with noise isolation.
  • In terms of looks and design too, gaming headphones are quite different and look better.
  • Rather than the software manipulation, PUBG headphones are really good in hardware too.

The gamers are so dedicated to gaming accessories that they do not even give it a second thought if it’s something gaming-related. People literally spend thousands on gaming headphones as the importance of a good headphone cannot be understood by any except for a gamer only.

Also, the gaming headphones are designed in a way to take care of your ears too, so there’s no harm even if you’re having long gaming sessions.

5 Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

So, this is something that I feel you all must be aware of before moving on to the list of the best audiophile headphones for gaming. Now, when we’re already done with this, we can finally dive into the list of the 5 best gaming headphones that we’ve come up considering all the factors and taking proper considerations-

  1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Gaming Headset
  2. HyperX Cloud Alpha
  3. Audeze Mobius
  4. HyperX Cloud Orbit S
  5. Corsair HS07 Pro

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Gaming Headset


SteelSeries Arctis Pro gaming headset is available in two colors-Black and White. While testing the headphones, I personally like the White one more. It’s actually better in looks as compared to the black one. Rest, everybody has their own perspective and personal choices.

This headphone is a bit expensive and this is something for those where the money is not an issue, all that matters is the quality and the best gaming experience.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro gaming headset is even used in the IMAX theatres too. So, yes, for sure this is far different from the standard basic ones. This 7.1 surround system headset provides you the crystal clear sound quality that is actually next-level.

Also, the headphone has a noise-canceling mic that cancels all the background noise and there’s no disturbance at all. You can easily focus on what you actually wanna listen to rather than the background noise.

There’s a smart RGB on the outer edge of the headphone that makes this gaming headphone even more classy and impressive. Along with this SteelSeries Arctis Pro gaming headset, you will get the gaming DAC too that will be used to control that RGB thing.


  • For the connectivity thing, it offers you a USB connector, optical connector, and a 3.5mm jack
  • However, this 3.5mm jack cannot be used during surround sound
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Noise-canceling mic


  • Bit pricy
  • And, paying this much won’t get you strong wires

HyperX Cloud Alpha


HyperX is one of the famous brands when it comes to gaming. And, if you ever have seen or heard about a gaming tournament, you surely have heard about this HyperX brand too. And, especially this HyperX Cloud Alpha headphone.

HyperX Cloud Alpha is the go-to choice for all professional gamers. This headphone has no compatibility issues at all. The Cloud Alpha is compatible with all your devices including any of the mobiles, Xbox, or PCs. So, with any of your devices, these gaming headphones gonna offer you the best gaming experience you ever had.

Coming on its durability, HyperX Cloud Alpha provides you high0end durability as the headphones are made up of high-quality aluminum. Just like the above-mentioned headphone, HyperX Cloud Alpha features the noise-canceling mic that is here to cancel all the background noise and you can easily focus on the gaming sound only.

With HyperX Cloud Alpha comes crystal-clear communication. Along with this, it’s easy to use, all you need is just to plug it in and you’re ready to go. Also, if you want to switch to the music player you can just unplug it.


  • Detachable cable and hence can be replaced easily
  • TeamSpeak
  • 50mm dual-chamber drivers
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Noise-isolation


  • Bit bulky

Audeze Mobius


Audeze Mobius Premium 3D gaming headset is available on Amazon at a price value of $399. The gaming headset comes with both Bluetooth and Wired connectivity. The device weighs only 2.05 pounds and you can easily control the volume using the control buttons available.

Audeze Mobius is considered to be the first immersive 3D gaming headphones on the market. However, this gaming headset couldn’t have gathered that popularity as compared to other listed brands.

As a matter of fact, it’s the Audeze Mobius Premium 3D gaming headset that has awarded by IGN as the best headphone of the year. You know the appealing feature of this headset is, while playing PUBG or any other game if you want to reload the weapon, you just need to tilt your head and it’s done.

But how it’s possible? Just on a tilt of your head, you can get your weapon reloaded. Well! Its credit goes to the built-in gyroscope. These things really makes your gaming experience to another level.


  • Uses wave NX technology and 7.1 surround sound, gives you 3D sound
  • 100mm planar magnetic driver
  • Detachable mic
  • Noise-cancelation
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity


  • Bit pricy

HyperX Cloud Orbit S


HyperX, once again is on the list of the best gaming headphones as reviewed in 2022. HyperX Cloud Orbit S is known in the market for offering 3D sound. There are no compatibility issues, you can easily connect HyperX Cloud Orbit S to your PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, and Mobiles.

It has no Bluetooth connectivity, HyperX Cloud Orbit S supports only wired connection. If you want to add the audiophile-quality to your gaming experience, then this is the one.

Hyper X Cloud Orbit S features 100mm planar drivers to enhance the overall performance. This headphone also uses the wave NX technology just like the previously mentioned headphone.

It has an amazing build quality and it’s actually the first-class headphone when it comes to providing comfort. There are many headphones in the market that can be uncomfortable during long gaming sessions but we have prepared this list keeping all these things in mind. All these listed gaming headphones are absolutely comfortable.


  • 3D audio
  • Wave NX technology
  • 100mm planar magnetic drivers
  • 7.1 surround system
  • Build-quality
  • Detachable mic
  • Noise-cancelation


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Corsair HS07 Pro


Corsair HS07 Pro is available on Amazon in Black and SE colors. Also, when it comes to the style, the headset has 2 kinds- V1 and v2 Pro. This gaming headset also provides you 7.1 surround sound support.

With Corsair HS07 you get a low latency wireless 2.5Hz band. Many headphones don’t support this low latency band and the gamers have to only play with the high -frequency that can even turn their complete winning chances to the losing end.

Corsair HS07 features the noise-cancellation functionality that completely cancels the background noise and you can easily focus on the gaming sound only. One of the two available ear cups has an audio control where you can adjust the audio or can even mute the sound without any interference to your entire gaming.

The gaming headset features the 50mm driver to offer you the frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz. However, this is something that you can see in all other headphones. The exceptional feature is the wireless connectivity and the headset gives you the playtime of 16 hours in one full charge.


  • Playtime of 16 hours’
  • 2.5Hz band for low latency
  • Frequency Response- 20Hz- 20KHz
  • Wireless
  • Build Quality
  • Noise isolation


  • No such cons

Summing Up

So we have gone through the list of the best 5 audiophile headphones for gaming Almost all these listed headphones can even be used for media consumption too. Therein, also you will get another level best experience for sure.

All these headphones are best on their own. If one of them is best in that thing then the other would have something better than that so there’s nothing perfect in this world, not even the technology. It all depends on your requirement and preference.

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