5 Best Modem for Gaming (2022 Reviews)


A modem is a device that is required to get connected to the Internet. The modem is used for the network signals, its main function is to modulate and demodulate those signals while using the Internet.

The modulation and demodulation are just encoding and decoding. So what exactly happens is the modulator converts the wave signals i.e. the part of encoding the digital information and the demodulator decodes the information.

The ultimate aim of using the modem is to produce the output audio signal that is encoded to its best and decoded at the same time with the same reliability.

The modem is actually used to transmit the analog signals and there are no such compatibility issues using the modem. The device is compatible and can work well with almost all the transmitting signals. The performance is remarkable no matter if you’re using the light-emitting diodes or a radio. It will produce the same frequency output only.

The most common application of a modem is to transform the digital data to an electrical signal (modulation) over the telephone and then demodulates the signal on the other side of the receiver to get you the digital output.

With the modems also, comes the variations that decide the overall performance. If you have a low-level modem, you gonna face latency issues while playing games.

Modems Classification

The modems are classified on the basis of speed, i.e. defined by the amount of data that can be sent during a specific interval of time. This speed is usually measured in bits per second i.e. often referred to as bit/s or bps and sometimes we also use the bytes per second too i.e. B/s.

Coming on to the broadbands, the modems’ broadband is in Megabits. We all know technology is evolving in every sector and here’s also the same. Earlier, not on the basis of speed but on the basis of symbol rate, the modems are expressed in baud. Rather than bits/second or bytes/second, that time it was symbols per second.

Factors to be Considered

While buying a modem, a few factors need to be considered~

“Maximum Speed”

This is the first and foremost thing that needs to be taken care of while buying a modem, the Maximum Speed. So always go and check for the maximum speed as the only factor that is actually important while gaming is speed.

Of, course if you have two modems available, one with 1Gbps and the other one with around 400Mbps then obviously, it would be a wise decision to opt for the one that is offering you 1Gbps. There are many other modems that even can offer you a speed of more than 1Gbps.

“Number of Channels”

The second important thing to be taken into consideration while buying a modem is to check the number of channels in that particular modem. There are two types of channels offered by any of the modems- upstream channels and downstream channels.

So, there are modems that offer 16 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels while some of them are here that can provide you 32 downstream channels along with 8 upstream channels.

“DOCSIS Version”

So, when you’re buying a gaming modem, this is the third important factor that needs to be considered, i.e. DOCSIS version. The modems can offer you different DOCSIS versions. Generally, the versions that you can see most commonly are DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 modems.

Also, I would like to mention that DOCSIS 3.1 is way better than DOCSIS 3.0 version. And, when you’re looking for gaming purposes only, it’s highly recommended to go with the DOCSIS 3.1 version only in every aspect, be it about the network, stability, and the overall performance.


This is also something to be considered. Warranty matters a lot and gives you a surety that the item will be used. Some of the modems come with a warranty of 1 year while there are many that offer you a warranty of 2-year. So, try to go with the one that can offer you a higher time warranty.

Modems History

Earlier, when there were no modems in the industry, there were other devices that were used in place of the modems and this was around the 1920s.

Then in 1941, it was Allies who invented SIGSALY, this device was good enough for performing modulation but this was not a proper modem but considered as the early modem.

The 1950s was the time when there has seen a rapid evolution in computer technology and finally it leads to the launch of the Bell company. Then come along the high speeds and other radio technologies. And, also the modems too.

5 Best Modems for Gaming 2022

There are other factors too that should be considered while buying the gaming modem. Now I’ve already given you an overview of the possible factors and a brief thing about the modems.

Now, without wasting any further time, let’s just finally move on to the list of the best 5 modems for gaming as reviewed in 2022.

  1. Netgear Cable Modem
  2. Motorola Cable Modem
  3. Arris Surfboard Cable Modem
  4. CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor Modem

1.Netgear Cable Modem

Netgear Cable Modem is available on Amazon at a price value of $159.97, the launch price of the modem was $170 but ordering it now will give you a discount of 6% and you can save $10.02 instantly.

There are many variations that come along with this Netgear Cable Modem-

  • 300Mbps Max Download
  • 500Mbps Max Download
  • 1000Mbps Max Download
  • 2000Mbps Max Download
  • 2000Mbps Max Download w/Voice
  • 2500Mbps Max Download

The modem is quite good in looks and transfers the data at a rate of 300Megabits per second. The modem has no compatibility issues and is compatible with all the cable internet providers like Xfinity, COX, and Spectrum.

There are some of the internet providers that the modem is not compatible with and that includes Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, DSL, DirecTV, DISH.

With the Netgear Cable Modem, you can even save your rental fees. Here we’re talking about the model that is providing 1000Mbps CM1000. So, replace your cable modem with this one and save up to 168 dollars per year. So, not only on the overall performance parameters but also this modem is the best when it comes to financing too.

The Netgear Cable Modem is designed with an aim of offering extremely high speed and if you’re actually looking up for a plan around 1 Gigabit speed then this is the one. Without giving it a second thought, you can just buy the modem.

The Netgear is actually famous in the world of Electronics for a very long period of time and today also, the brand is focused on providing the high-end quality. The only focus is on Quality Assurance over all other factors.

Key Features-

  • It can give a maximum speed of 1Gbps
  • The modem has 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels
  • Along with this, you’ll get a warranty of 1 year

2.Motorola Cable Modem

Motorola Cable Modem is available on Amazon at a price value of $149 in black color. The modem is so good in looks that you literally gonna fall for it. You know there are people who are more focused on looks than the features but at this price value, getting such good looks and amazing features is something to be grabbed.

Well! The modem has the wired connectivity and it’s representing the MB8600 series. It weighs only 31 grams.

Just like the above mentioned Netgear, this Motorola Cable Modem is also something we can say the money saver. Replacing your old modem with this one can save you around 168 dollars per year eliminating the overall rental fees.

However, the Motorola cable modem is actually compatible with almost all the internet providers except for the RCN. Also, let me tell you one more thing, as a matter of fact, there are no such modems that are compatible with the optical fibers, DSL, or satellite services.

Key Features-

  • You can easily pair this Motorola Cable Modem with any of the wifi routers, no compatibility issue here
  • The modem comes with the Proactive Network Security
  • Motorola cable modem also features the AQM i.e. the Active Queue Management
  • Supports both DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 versions

3.Arris Surfboard Cable Modem

Arris Surfboard Cable Modem is available on Amazon in white color and it will cost you around $100. This cable modem has DOCSIS version 3.0, there’s no doubt that version 3.1 is more powerful and stable when it comes to the performance but this also works good.

This cable modem is compatible with almost all the major internet providers including Cox, Xfinity, Spectrum, and many more like this only.

Coming on the the incompatibility of the Arris Surfboard, the modem cannot work with ATT, Verizon, DSL, optic fibers, and CenturyLink. Honestly, there are hardly such modems that are compatible with these internet providers.

If you’re looking up to get the plans around 600Mbps, then this modem is the best go with. Also, Arris Surfboard cable modem is one of the cheapest modem as of now. So, if you’re looking for something in budget without compromising with the performance, Arris Surfboard won’t disappoint you.

Key Features-

  • The cable modem has 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels
  • It comes with a 1Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Along with, you’ll get the warranty of 2 years

4.CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor Modem

CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor Modem is available on Amazon at a price value of $249.95 in silver-black color. This is the most expensive cable modem on the list.

With this cable modem, you’ll get the Auto ddetect network configurations and you don’t need to set the things manually putting so much of efforts and exercising your brain.

With the Prism TV Techncolor Modem, comes the 300Mbps 802.11n GUI that is like anything. The cable modem works fine with the VDSL, ADSL, ADSL2+, and Prism TV of, course.

This cable modem has WPS that is here to secure the WLAN setup successfully. The Prism TV Technicolor cable modem supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

However, this is the most expensive and premium cable modem on the list but the only drawback you will see is the maximum speed, i.e. just 300Mbps.

Key Features-

  • Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks
  • It has 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels
  • Along with the cable modem, it provides you a warranty of 1 year
  • Features DOCSIS 3.0 version

5.Linksys CM3024 High Speed DOCSIS 3.0 24×8 Cable Modem

The Linksys CM3024 cable modem is available on Amazon at a price value of $99.95 and this is the second cable modem that is comparatively low in price and we can say budget-friendly on this list of the 5 best cable modems for gaming as reviewed in 2022.

There are 3 variations-

  • 960Mbps (24x faster)
  • 686Mbps (16x faster)
  • 343Mbps (8x faster)

Linksys CM3024 is compatible with almost all the major internet providers in the US including Comcast, Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, and many more.

Just to let you know, the cable modem is not compatible with Verizon, CenturyLink, and AT&T. Also, Linksys CM3024 is just a cable modem nothing more than that. So, don’t think to use it as a WiFi router or anything like that.

Linksys CM3024 high speed cable modem supports the DOCSIS 3.0 version not the updated version, i.e. DOCSIS 3.1 version. With the Linksys, CM3024 you get 24 downstream and 8 upstream channels, this enhances the overall stability and ultimately boost the overall performance.

It’s quite easy to set up the modem. All you need is just to plug it in and you’re ready to go.

Key Features-

  • The cable modem comes with the Intel Puma 6 chipset
  • It has 24 downstream and 8 upstream channels
  • Supports DOCSIS 3.0 version
  • The maximum speed you can get from the modem is 300Mbps
  • Ideal for gaming, web surfing, media streaming, and many more

Summing Up

These are the 5 best cable modems for gaming. Many of them are a bit expensive while some are there that can easily be afforded by all. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the performance, not at all! We’ve tested many of the cable modems, analyze the performance, and then come up with these 5 best listed cable modems as reviewed in 2022.

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