5 Best Smartwatches For Kids in 2021 (with & without GPS)


With this fastly converting smart world, each and every little thing is going smart. Watches are one of these smart devices in today’s time. Well! Yes, we are already aware how the watches are no more just the watches that tells the time rather they have converted to the smart watches just like all other things.

Smartwatches are one of the most happening gadgets in the 21st century. And, especially today’s generation kids, they need nothing but only these smartwatches. There are hundreds of smartwatches in the world of electronic gadgets.

And, what we usually do is always go for the latest version but then obviously, the latest version is expensive comparatively. So, we’ve come up with the 7 best smartwatches for kids reviewed in 2021. This guide will surely gonna help you choosing the one that is most convenient for your kids.

So, we all completely understand how convenient these smart watches are but when we can have our smartphones with us all the time, why to invest such huge amounts in these smartwatches? Here’s the answer to this also.

We’re here been stuck to the smartwatches for children. The way these smartwatches are useful for adults, that same way, are for the kids also. Well! If you want to keep your children away from the smartphones then smartwatches are the best alternate.

We all are aware how addictive the smartphones are, kids are fond of gaming and casual surfing these days and if they keep on doing this only, obviously it’s gonna affect them a lot especially, their studies.

Undoubtedly, the smartwatches are the ideal gadgets rather the smartphones. Also, smartwatches are updating nowadays, comes with the educational games in it, and of course, the GPS trackers, SOS buttons. You can keep track of your kids location, when they’re out, when they’re at school.

Not only this, there’s a two-way call functionality also and with that you can stay in contact but this feature is not available in all. For the kids above 5, the smartwatches has many other attractive features like fitness trackers, timers, and calendars.

These are the advantages or I must say the reason you can invest in the smartwatches but if some of you still feel like this is not the right thing for your kids then what  you can do is just not let them wear the watches to the school. And, one more thing if your child  is pretty young, doesn’t go out, and hence spend much of the time with you only, then of course, there’s no need for a smartwatch in the case.

This is the list of the best smartwatches for kids in 2021 that you can have a look over through. Without wasting any time, let’s just dive in to the ride.

  1. Karaforna Kids’ Game Smartwatch Phone
  2. Themoemoe Kids’ Smartwatch
  3. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch
  4. ProGrace Kids’ Smartwatch
  5. VTech Star Wars BB-8 Smartwatch

1.Karaforna Kids’ Game Smartwatch Phone

Karaforna, the best smartwatch for today’s kids. This smartwatch is on the top position in the list. Karaforna is ideal for the kids falling in between 4-10 years of age group. We can say, it’s like small packet big bang.

Karaforna has a total of 9 applications in it. Also, the smartwatch has the two-way call functionality too and using the feature you can call you child anytime and can stay in touch.

With the Karaforna kids’ game smartwatch, the kids can even share the snaps, and record their video & audio notes also. It contains a memory card and using this card, the kids can also have some music to their smartwatch.

Karaforna Highlights

  • Two-Way Calls- Using the feature, parents can call their child anytime and yes can stay in contact with your young child. The kids can easily make calls using the smartwatch. There’s one more functionality to the Karaforna that there are no specified contact names to it. It has names like Contact 1, Contac 2, and so on.
  • SOS Call- With Karaforna, there’s a kind of security also, SOS call. Clicking on the power button twice, it will automatically call to the SOS emergency. It has already saved many emergency numbers
  • Camera- With the smartwatch, it includes a camera and you can record anything you want to, you can click photos, record audio messages, and all that will get saved to the 1GB micro SD card in it.
  • Music Features- Top of all, Karaforna also have music to it. Yes, you can listen music with the smartwatch. All you need to do is just connect your smartwatch either to your phone or laptop, and transfer the songs.
  • Gaming- It has 7 already installed games in it. All these are the learning games that will promote your child’s mental level including hand-eye coordination and quick response.
  • Easy to Use- With the touch screen, it’s absolutely easy to use Karaforna. Along with all this, the smartwatch has alarm and calculator too.

2.Themoemoe Kids’ Smartwatch

This smartwatch is an absolute for you small naughty kids and you can easily keep track of your child when he’s at home and when not. Themoemoe has a GPS tracker that works really fine and keep you updated of your kids’ current location. Majorly used for the kids between 4-12 years old.

It’s easy to make calls using Themoemoe, you just need to save contacts to the smartwatch. Kids can snap themselves using the front camera installed in it. And then, here comes the sneaky function that enables the parents to actually hack in and get to know all about the whereabouts.

Themoemoe Highlights

  • GPS Tracker- To keep track of your kids, Themoemoe has an exceptional GPS tracker and using that, you can simply can track your kids’ current location. GPS Tracker is highly accurate and effective.
  • Two-Way Calls- Your kid can easily receive and make calls through this smartwatch and you can be in touch with your kids anytime, anywhere. And, there’s already a pre-installed phonebook in Themoemoe which you can modify during set up.
  • Camera- It has a camera in it and not only yours kids can record themselves but also the parents can access the camera using the app and this enables you to see where your kids are and what they’re doing exactly.
  • Do Not Disturb & SOS- Themoemoe enables you to set the smartwatch mode to Not Disturb when it’s school time and this function won’t let your kids to receive or make calls.
    During Emergency, user can use the SOS function and it calls to the selected numbers to help you out of the danger.

3.VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Well! VTech Kidizoom is the one for those who are actually photogenic, fond of taking photos, or I would say the selfie addicted. VTech provides you the best camera in the list of these best smartwatches for kids in 2021.

Camera Quality is the best to mention and of course, VTech has much more to offer apart from the good camera quality and includes alarm, timer, and a calendar. For the children falling in between 4-9, VTech is the best smartwatch to go with.

VTech Kidizoom Highlights

  • Camera Quality- VTech is the best when it comes to the camera quality. This is especially designed for the ones who love taking pictures. There are many photo effects too. You can record audio notes, videos. Not only this, Kidizoom has an amazing feature of voice-changing for fun.
  • Storage- The storage capacity of the VTech is quite nice. However, it’s still recommended to store all your photographs and data to your laptop and for that VTech comes with an included USB cable.
  • Splash-Proof- There’s no need to get worried if it’s raining. The smartwatch is splash-proof so yes it can bear only splashes of water that doesn’t mean VTech is waterproof.
  • Gaming- There are 5 games that VTech Kidizoom has to attract your child. Along with this, there are 3 other activities and 3 action challenges. It also has an in-built motion sensor to it.

With so much of mind blowing features to it, VTech has no parental control and it’s actually bulky.

4.ProGrace Kids’ Smartwatch

ProGrace is actually graceful for boys. The smartwatch is suitable for the kids falling in between 4-12 years old. ProGrace is a complete package of features and functions encapsulated altogether.

ProGrace Kids’ Smartwatch has the tracker to record the number of steps taken in a day. You can even store your favorite music list to your smartwatch or can use the built-in FM radio that’s actually not used these days.

With this, you also get an earphone port and using that you can put-in your earphones and can hear the music anywhere, anytime. This is not the end, ProGrace offers you many games, rotatable camera, a flashlight with its amazing design- a bright strap with a touch screen dial.

ProGrace Highlights

  • Fitness Tracker- ProGrace comes with a built-in fitness tracker in it that keeps the count of steps you have made each day. It’s actually the best way to be conscious about the fitness and the calories per day.
  • Rotatable Camera- The camera’s quality is remarkable and it can rotate to 90 degrees and the kids can easily take selfies. All you need is the micro SD card to be installed in it and you’re ready to go with the beast.
  • Gaming- There are already 4 pre-installed games to the smartwatch and yes your little ones gonna enjoy a lot. So, you’ll have Whac-A-Mole, Welcome the God of Wealth, Ninja Run Online, and Brave Money.
  • Music Player- Installing the micro SD card to the ProGrace, you can upload the music list to the watch of your kids’ choice and they can enjoy the music using the ProGrace’s earphone port. Also, they have a choice to listen music on the loud speaker.


  • ProGrace can display the time in 24-hour format only. There is no option to set the time to 12-hout format. It’s something that can be ignored but children can find it difficult to analyse the time in 24-hour format.
  • Another drawback that you’ll face using ProGrace is it’s quite difficult to insert the memory. Well! For this we have gone through customer reviews and some of them find it difficult to remove the battery and then insert the SD card. Honestly, it’s not that big deal, it’s one time investment.
    Obviously, you don’t need to do it on daily basis.

5.VTech Star Wars BB-8

Here comes the smartwatch for the kids die hard fans of the Star Wars. This is the most suitable for the kids falling in between 5-9 years old. Giving your kids all the Star Wars feel, they even can battle against the Stormtroppers in the galaxy, LOL!

Decorated with the BB-8 themed wrist band, this is the all-in-one to have your kid a ride to the galaxy. Using this VTech Star Wars BB-8, your kid gonna feel just like a Jedi master using its amazing audio and video effects.

VTech Star Wars BB-8 Highlights

  • Camera Effects- VTech Star Wars BB-8 comes with wonderful star wars photo effects, let’s just see how your little fans utilize these effects and click innovative pictures.
    Without inserting the micro SD card, VTech Star Wars BB-8 can store 1,600 pictures and 11 one-minute videos.
  • Sound Effects- Not only the photos with star wars effects, here’s a motion sensor that triggers star wars thematic sound effects like lightsaber, spaceship, or a droid.
  • Space-Inspired Activities- There are 3 mini activities in this VTech Star Wars BB-8 that includes blasting the asteriods, escape the Stormtroopers, and race with BB-8.

These are the highlights of the Star Wars BB-8 and rest all the features are the same as of that includes in the other smartwatches listed in the best smartwatches for kids reviewed in 2021.

At last but not the least, I would like to say it’s actually one of the best ideas to invest in a smartwatch for your kids. It’s just one time investment and you’re advised to choose wisely the one that you feel is the most suited for your kid. Try to look for the one with all the latest features including GPS, SOS, Two-way calls, and if your child is older a bit, consider the fitness tracker too.

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