8 Best UPS For Computer With 5 Hours Backup In 2022

Looking for the best ups for computer with 5 hours backup? Read on to know more. It might be a lifesaver for your rig if you live somewhere susceptible to blackouts or power surges, and it also protects against minute variations in outlet power. The best ups for computer will ensure that your PC runs …

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5 Best Budget Laptops for Video Editing – Expert Pick

5 Best Budget Laptops for Video Editing

Looking for the best budget laptops for video editing? Then this article is for you. When it comes to buying a laptop, it’s way more difficult than buying a car. Why? Because while buying a car you can test drive it, but in the case of a laptop, you simply can’t. Laptops have become a …

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5 Best Laptops for AutoCAD (2022) – Compatible Models

5 Best Laptops for AutoCAD

Do you know the best Laptops for AutoCAD? If so, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read this guide thoroughly so you don’t miss anything! Are you from the profession of drafting, designing, operating, engineering, architecture, or electronics? If yes, then you would have a rendezvous with this ultimate software –AutoCAD. As the era of …

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How To Keep Your Passwords Safe: 12 Expert Tips

Do you wanna know How To Keep Your Passwords Safe? Let us read further to know more about it. You might have good security in your OS thanks to your anti-virus, but how much security do you have online? Even big sites with plenty of resources, like Facebook, aren’t safe from the risk of a …

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What is a TPM(Trusted Platform Module) And How It Works

Looking to know What is a TPM? Let us read further to know more about it. TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a computer chip (microcontroller) that can securely store artifacts used to authenticate the platform (your PC or laptop). These artifacts can include passwords, certificates, or encryption keys. A TPM can also be used to …

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5 Best 17- inch Laptop under $1000 in 2022

5 Best 17- inch Laptop under $1000

Looking for the best 17- inch laptop under $1000 to buy for yourself? Go through the blog below to get information regarding the same. Ever thought about which laptop will you buy, if you get an amount of $1000? Or you already have that budget and are planning to purchase one? Honestly, that’s the dilemma …

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